Vitamix S30 Review: Top Rated Professional Grade Blender

vitamix s30 reviewSince I enjoy reading about and using blenders to make healthy and delicious foods, I would like to share with you my research about one prestigious member of the premium, market-leading Vitamix family.

As we all know, Vitamix has a renowned name when it comes to blenders and blending technology, so I will introduce you to the Vitamix S30 blender – blender that caught my attention.

The Vitamix S30 is the first of Vitamix personal blender S-Series and it is intended for making smaller servings for smaller families of two or three.

In that light, if you look for premium quality and smart design with space-saving accessories providing a synergy of being compact and versatile, this is the blender for you.

Additionally, Vitamix S30 comes with 2 containers, one 20-ounce portable and one 40-ounce compact, resourceful 790-watt motor and one set of powerful blades. It has 10 variable speed controls along with a pulse function and is backed up by fantastic 5-year-warranty.

So, let’s continue further and look at what is under the hood.

Vitamix S30 Review: Overview

First of all, I will emphasize that the Vitamix S30 looks exceptional – not only that it has solid-built components, but it feels that it can easily outlast the mentioned 5-year-warranty.

Next, this blender comes with a well-built base that fits fantastic on all kitchen surfaces. Nonetheless, the same is true for its detachable blade unit, which posses a metal drive system to provide long-lasting efficiency and laser-cut, stainless-steel blades.

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The Vitamix S30 weighs 5.6kg and it comes with a 1.22m power cable which ensures that you can position it wherever you want and easily fit it in with the rest of the kitchen’s elements.

Moreover, it comes in a myriad of different colors that look great on its elegantly designed shape and curves. Suffice to say, you can choose among never-aging classics of Black or White, or you can go with Brushed Stainless, Red, Cream, Daybreak Blue, Cranberry and Sour Apple Green – to add a more sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

Speed control and thermal protection system

Do not be fooled, nevertheless, by its size and,on-paper weaker, 790-watt power motor. I assure you, it can handle even the tougher tasks and provide you great blending mixture as other, more powerful and more expensive, higher-end blenders.

The Vitamix S30 doesn’t have preset modes, but it still offers a lot of comforts and user-friendly way to use it. You should start with lower speeds (1-2) so the blades can grab the ingredients and then feel free to crank it up to maximum speeds (9-10).

Also, the motor unit has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system with automatic turn-off protection which prevents the motor base from burning or overheating.

Moving to the powerful, stainless-steel blade unit that can deliver incredibly vigorous blows that can chop, shred and extract any foods into the fine matter with a smooth texture.

Suffice to say, expect to have tasty purees, a variety of kinds of nut butter and refreshing smoothies in a matter of seconds as this blender is designed to be consistent and to fit anywhere.

Blend-go and complete seal feature

I mentioned that this appliance comes with 2 containers. Well, first of them is the 20-ounce, BPA-ree, portable cup which makes full use of the powerful motor base.

Therefore, it is designed so that it enables the blades to create an internal vortex, where ingredients are constantly exposed to the blades again and again. This ensures that the blend will be perfectly sleek and all of the ingredients will be blended evenly.

Furthermore, this container is completely sealed once the blade is screwed on. That means that while blending, you can take the container from the base and firmly shake it to move the ingredients into the blades.

So, this is a great feature because you don’t have to watch out for the size of ingredients and waste time chopping them into smaller pieces.

Anyhow, it is important to note that the 20-ounce container has double-wall insulation. When compared to single-walled containers, it keeps the liquid cold two times longer.

Therefore, along with its on-to-go lid, it makes it great for taking your smoothies or healthy meals with you. Nonetheless, Vitamix included a loop to this container, so you can easily attach it to bags which is great for all those who live busy lives – like students and workers or for those who travel a lot.

So, you can feel free to just blend and go.

Dishwasher-safe cleaning

It is no surprise that Vitamix took care to equip the S30 with another great feature. It shows me that they are consistent with the idea of making the S30 ideal for personal use and time-saving in every way.

Namely, all of the S30’s equipment – containers, blade base, lids, and seals are all completely dishwasher-safe.

Furthermore, this means that instead of manual cleaning the parts you can safely put it into the dishwasher while enjoying your smoothies.

Finally, regarding the motor base, you can wipe it with slightly moistened cloth. Also, the motor base is designed so that any potential spillings or leakage from containers during blending, cannot damage the internal electronics.

Vitamix S30 Review: Final Thoughts

The Vitamix S30 is a fantastic choice if you are always on the move or seeking a blender that can fit in smaller homes or condos. Also, its size makes it easy to take it with you for your leisure or business trips, so you can enjoy the abundance of your favorite recipes wherever you are.

All of its features follow one simple idea – ease of use, mobility, and versatility. Therefore, you won’t waste time with this blender – you can wash it easily, make your delights fast and ready to take away.

Furthermore, combine that with a premium feel and high-quality design that always comes from Vitamix, and you’ll have a device that people will talk about.

Finally, this investment will make your life healthier and save your time by great means in every way possible, because Vitamix S30 is, obviously, diligently built with that idea.

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