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Vitamix Pro 300 Review: Top-Rated Professional Series Blender

vitamix pro 300 reviewWhether or not you are a blending machines enthusiast there comes a moment when you are tired or not in the mood to cook.

At that point, it is very convenient to have a versatile modern blender that will help you prepare a nice and healthy dish instead of relying on fast food, and in this Vitamix Pro 300 review, I will show you why.

With this amazing blender, it is not important if you have no experience using these machines, the manual and recipe book will help you learn your way around.

The design is stylish, container fits a considerable amount of ingredients while it will not make you storage issues since the Pro 300 fits in every kitchen place you can find for it.

These and many more performance-related features will certainly change your heart from the perspective of kitchen blenders, so let’s see what is so great about it.

Vitamix Pro 300 Review: Overview

What you can see by looking at the outside of the blender is that it is significantly improved in shape considering its predecessors.

The container size coming with the blender is 64-oz while the low profile of the container making it less bulky and it’s capacity unchanged.

The Vitamix Pro 300 has very easy to use commands, so even beginners will be able to use the blender’s full capabilities in a matter of minutes.

The materials used in the making of this blender are very high-quality, the container is made of fine BPA-free copolyester, the blades are made of stainless steel and are 4-inches large and the body is made of fine plastic and other materials.

It has a powerful motor, several blending options, easy cleaning process and a few additional options to stop it from overheating or damaging the motor no matter how long you use it consistently.

Switch Controls on the Pro 300

The Vitamix Pro 300 features a physical switch system for controls, giving you the chance to manually set the blending speed of the machine by choosing one of the given options.

The variable speed scale consists of 10 different blending options from very slow to very fast depending on the ingredients you are using.

There is also a physical power button located on the control panel, as well as the pulse control.

All these controls are perfectly designed to be easy for anyone to use, and as much as the digital controls are interesting and modern, for this particular blender, they did a nice job with the switches and control panel.

Productivity and Performance

As I already stated, the blender is powered by a 2.2 horsepower peak motor that is supplying the blade assembly with enough strength to cut through all kinds of food.

Blades are very well designed and quality made, having 4 inches in length, and made out of the high-quality steel that will never disappoint in performance.

Because of these characteristics, the Vitamix Pro 300 can produce a great mixture in a matter of minutes, no matter what type of food you are blending.

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You will be able to make smoothies, nut milk, drinks, hot soups and all kinds of desserts.

With the help of the user manual and recipe book that comes in both written and DVD forms, there is no question if you can make high-quality dishes with this machine.

And in the end, after you have finished your meal, simply turn on the self-cleaning option and your cooking is done.

Your children will also love it for the smoothie texture of fruit juices while you will love how it only takes a minute to reach the desired texture.

Versatility and Durability

When it comes to applying this Vitamix machine on a regular day basis, you will have no trouble process almost everything.

This is because of extremely sharp blades and strong motor, but also because of the low profile of the blade assembly and the container.

You will be able to observe the blending process since the lids and container are completely clear to allow you to easily decide when your mixture is of the desired form.

The materials used in the production of the blender are extremely durable, components can be adjusted and taken on and off.

Not only is the body of the blender durable, but also the container itself and it’s removable top.

Moreover, in the case of an accident or if your blender was damaged from the start, there is a 7-year warranty applied on this machine so you will not have to worry or buy a new blender for a long time.

The Convenience of Using the Pro 300

The Vitamix Pro 300 is a very versatile machine that does an amazing job in terms of convenience for the user.

Although the motor is very powerful, the machine is not very loud, moreover, it is one of the most silent blenders out there.

It is best to use for family purposes considering that the blade position and size are perfectly set to produce a high capacity of juices, smoothies or other mixtures.

Cleaning afterward is quite easy with the self – clean option while the components can be removed to make it perfectly fit any dishwasher.

Vitamix Pro 300 Review: Final Thoughts

As this review comes to an end I hope that now you will have a clear vision of why the Vitamix 300 is a perfect choice for every family and household.

It features great capacity for a reduced size blender, making it perfect to fit any spot you choose for it.

It comes with no pre-programmed options but with a wide choice of variable blending speed, pulse option for even better texture, and physical on/off button.

Blades are made a little bigger than it was the case with previous models, so you will not have to wonder if a certain food type will be nicely blended – the Pro 300 will do an amazing job with any ingredients of your choice.

The low profile container will prove as a great innovation for sure and overall by choosing this blender, you will get a highly versatile blending machine capable of changing your entire way of cooking and eating.