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Vitamix A2500 Review: Professional Grade Ascent Blender

vitamix a2500 reviewToday I had the pleasure of doing a Vitamix A2500 Review as the improved model based on its predecessor, the Vitamix A2300.

This member of the Vitamix modern Ascend family of blenders is supposed to be one of the most feature-rich blenders that do not come with the full touch – screen display.

Instead, this blender has a standard but improved manual control panel characteristic for models of Vitamix, and quite similar to the previous model.

When it comes to usage and performance, it is certainly one of the most interesting and easy to use blenders on the market and its specifications will support that theory.

It has a whole list of items that are crucial for a good household blender and even features some very professional specs to make you feel like a real chef in the restaurant kitchen.

Vitamix A2500 Review: Overview

The Vitamix A2500 is a versatile, durable and modern designed blender bringing a lot of improvements that the previous models didn’t have, so let’s now focus on some of its amazing features.

From looking at it on the outside you can notice that Vitamix has done a truly great job with this one.

There is a forever-lasting argument between Vitamix users whether the company should have continued with the manual controls we are all used to, or follow the trend of the rest digital blenders with touch screen options and much more.

The solution for this model is quite appealing for everyone since the blender carries the modern hi-tech design while not failing the old–fashioned customers by installing the manual controls for blending programs and speed.

What most people often overlook is that the digital controls can make it less precise for blending exactly as the user imagined.

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On the other hand, the controls on Vitamix A2500 are very reliable and easy to use, offering you three selective blending programs and a 10-speed option scale for determining the exact blending speed desired.

Besides that, the blender is very powerful with sharp blades and also some high – end technologies that we will discuss later on in this review.

Controls and Pre-Installed Programs of the A2500

As previously stated, the manual controls are very accurate and convenient for everyday use.

By toggling the speed scale switch you can choose from 1 to 10 blending speed which proved quite effective even for the beginners to use.

Besides that, there are 3 optional blending programs that you can also choose on the control panel – smoothie, hot soup, and frozen desserts.

These options combined with the speed switch can significantly help you process any food type in a manner no different then what you get in the restaurant.

Previous models did not feature this great addition, so now the blending is even more precise.

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Effective and Powerful Motor

As much as it is important to have many blending options, there is not much you can do with a blender that isn’t powerful enough.

That is why the Vitamix A2500 has a 2.2 peak horsepower motor to provide massive blade rotation speed.

On top of that, the blades used in this blender are high – quality stainless steel blades characteristic for the Ascend series for the best possible application.

You can try and process all kinds of fruits, vegetables, even meat products and most of the food types that come to mind and with the little help of the included user manual, everyone can be a great chef and prepare amazing meals with this machine.

Originally coming with the big 64 – oz container that will fit a great number of ingredients, the jar and the top of the blender have great visibility so you can overlook your blending process.

Clear lids are also the addition to this model and will help the users without significant experience to see if the texture is of the right form.

High-Tech Features of the A2500

As mentioned, we slowly come to possibly the most interesting part of the review – the modern hi-tech features of the blender.

Moreover, the Vitamix A2500 has one amazing trick up its sleeve – the digital timer option.

Now, this can be a giant improvement made to the Ascend series since not much of today’s kitchen blenders have this option.

It consists of two timer options for easier blending that are each very convenient to have.

The first one is the counting of the remaining blending time in case the speed controls are used.

What is so great about this option is that there will no longer be necessary to stand close to blender and overlook the process – the timer will do that job for you and finish the process in the desired timing.

The other option is to set the timer manually and after it counts down, the blender will turn off the motor. If it happens so that you mistakenly made the blender work for longer than it is necessary after 6 and a half minutes of blending the machine will shut down automatically.

Needless to say that this is the biggest and more convenient improvement, the blender also has wireless connectivity options, modern durable switches, and a very convenient pulse option.

The pulse can also be selected from the control panel and it offers the user a chance to additionally improve the texture.

A Sophisticated Touch to Blending

When it comes to user convenience, Vitamix has always been one step ahead to improve their products.

This time that improvement is very clear since this blender is certainly one of the most quietly – working models currently on the market.

And why is this so important you ask? It’s because it allows you to use it anytime and anywhere without making a loud noise or waking up your whole family in the morning.

For the speed, the A2500 did surprisingly well and proved that it is also in the category of very fast working blenders for maximum versatility and user convenience.

By merely looking at it, you would never guess how much versatility and options this blender can offer while with its simple and stylish modern design it will fit practically everywhere in your house, and your family will love it for everything it does.

Vitamix A2500 Review: Final Thoughts

It is highly important to know exactly what you get from the product you are purchasing, especially when it comes to food processing items, so let’s go over some of its main advantages again.

The Vitamix A2500 gives you everything you could ask from the kitchen blender – the digital timer as one of the biggest improvements is certainly the best addition to precise and relaxed cooking.

You will never have to worry or overlook the whole process for timing again.

High – end blade assembly is a blending masterpiece by itself and is powered by a strong 2.2 horsepower motor that will certainly give you the best result.

Clear lids and jar are great for the better vision while the controls with speed and program settings are simple, reliable and secure for everyday use.

In the end, what more could you expect from the blender of its category – with the 10-year warranty it will definitely serve you and your whole family great in many years to come.