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Vitamix A2300 Review: Professional Grade Ascent Blender

vitamix a2300 reviewThere are many great next-generation Vitamix blenders with hi-tech controls and modern designs, but today I will be doing a Vitamix A2300 review as one of the best classic Vitamix next-generation models.

As much as it’s interesting using a touch screen display to control your blender and its operations, the Vitamix also put some focus on preserving the traditional manual controls we all love.

They did it in an amazing way to make such a modern and stylish design but keep the beloved manual switches that the customers are used to.

And now, for the modern components, this blender has everything you could need for home use – powerful next-gen motor, fine material extremely sharp blade assembly, the digital timer feature, adjustable pulsating.

In this review, I will strive to introduce you to all of these and much more incredible features of this awesome and affordable kitchen blender.

Vitamix A2300 Review: Overview

Besides the great new features, let’s just stay focused on the manual controls for a bit while longer.

As many of the loyal customers have stated, the preferred manual control option in the Vitamix A2300 blender offers you a chance to choose the desired texture of ingredients by choosing speed controls.

This is simply done by using a switch to choose from 1 to 10 on the blending speed scale.

The power button is also located on the manual control panel as well as the pulse option.

Now this will definitely make it worth your while for using this blender since the pulse option is easily controlled by toggling the physical switch on the control panel.

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This way, as a result, you will always get the texture you desired.

As much as the controls are very convenient and easy to use, the control panel is not one of the modern additions to the blender that I mentioned.

One of the best new options added to modernize this blender is the digital timer.

This is a very nice new option considering that this blender is designed to be affordable and perfect for every home kitchen while this option is in most cases installed on very professional blenders used in restaurants.

Now you won’t have to worry if you will make a timing mistake while blending – simply set the time recommended for your meal, and start the digital timer that will inform you when your meal is ready on the display.

The Vitamix a2300 will do the rest for you. Moreover, in case you get busy and forget about the blending process, the digital timer will shut down the motor after 6 minutes and 30 seconds from the moment the timer was set.

And that is just the start.

Modern Features of the Vitamix A2300

To make a perfect balance between the modern and classic blenders, the designers of the Vitamix A2300 installed more interesting equipment in this great blending machine.

One of the most interesting ones is the wireless connectivity feature that will allow you to install new additional features on your blender.

Unfortunately, currently, there are no updates available while they will definitely appear in the following years.

The jar installment component has also been improved, now enabling the user to mount different jar sizes on the blender for more convenience when choosing the amount of ingredients.

The jar coming with the blender is of considerable size and completely safe to use in a dishwasher for easier cleaning.

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The assembly of the blender was also designed in a great way so you can disconnect the components and clean them using the dishwasher as well.

This feature will also benefit accessing the hard-to-reach areas for better cleaning.

When it comes to design, there is not much to say besides that it is very modern and classy to fit every kitchen, as expected from the modern Vitamix blender.

In case that any of the listed features of the blender malfunction, there is a 10-year warranty included so you will have no problem solving the issue.

Powering and Performance

As in most of the modern Vitamix products, this blender is powered by a trusted 2.2 horsepower motor that is strong enough to blend and process any type of food.

Also, the blade assembly of this blender consists of several extremely sharp blades made from the best materials to act in combination with the motor to provide the customer with great blending power and the ability to process all kinds of food.

Add the speed controls and the pulse option to that and you get an impressive blender for its category able to produce smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and almost anything you have on your mind.

You will be able to track the production of your mixture since there is a new modern clear lid for better control and for the visibility (the previous rubber ones were often criticized).

The motor used in this model is an improved version of the previous 2.2 horsepower motor that is slightly less noisy while offering a higher power limit since the previous one was said to have the 2 horsepower peak and the new one has 2.2 peak.

Vitamix A2300 Review: Final Thoughts

A Vitamix blender is not like any other random blender you can find – it comes with years of tradition, great results in satisfying the customers and offers something for everyone.

This particular model, the Vitamix A2300 is a very refreshing blending solution for home, carrying the features characteristic for more expensive and high-end blenders.

One of its most valuable options is certainly the digital timer, a rare feature in this category of blenders.

Manual controls have been applied again, on the satisfaction of many Vitamix clients and offer a wide choice of speed controls to best fit every food type.

The pulse option is very reliable and convenient for all textures, while the strong motor with sharp blades will make sure that your mixture is nicely processed.

Having in mind the rest of the great additional features and a long-lasting warranty, if you are looking for a classic modern blender from the trusted manufacturer, make sure you put this one to your shortlist.