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Vitamix 780 Review: Top Rated Professional Grade Blender

vitamix 780 reviewAre you in pursuit of a high-end blender with all the modern features installed?

In case you are looking for something new with a modern touch but also with the trusted tradition and results, search no more and take a look into this amazing Vitamix 780 Review that I had the pleasure of doing for you.

The Vitamix 780 is a new addition to the Vitamix family of blenders, this time modernized more than ever to give you a unique sensation of using a hi-tech blending machine.

This blender can offer practically everything you need for a good blending – automatic blending settings with 5 different programs that are handled with by the touchscreen control panel for easier control.

It offers a very considerable jar capacity for its convenient size and also the new cooling and thermal protection systems.

If that is not already enough, let me show you the rest of my research to convince you that this blender is the future of blending, extracting and pulsating kitchen tasks.

Vitamix 780 Review: Overview

The new amazing blender in the Vitamix family has continued carrying the legacy of the famous company with its recognizable design.

What differentiates the design of this blender from the previous Vitamix blenders is the large touchscreen control panel.

While this is a big change for all the Vitamix fans that are used to its classic manual control panel that is easy to use, the touch screen panel is in fact also very convenient and reliable so the results will never disappoint you.

You won’t have to worry if the panel will get soaked or broken since it is made out of fine hardened glass and it can only be operated by the hand.

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This feature will allow you to easily adjust the blending speed while it will also allow you to adjust blending programs by your needs, pulse if necessary and turn on the automatic blending with the start/stop button.

We all know how much the Vitamix users enjoyed the classic manual panel but by giving the new touch–screen panel a try, you will surely see for yourself that this method is convenient for use as well.

The blending actions cannot be triggered with anything but the touch so you can rest assured that the outcome will be as you have imagined and it, in all honesty, looks very nice on the machine.

For those that worry if the full touch screen control panel will malfunction in a way that will stop you from turning the blender off, there is a physical on/off button on the back of the Vitamix 780.

There is also a user manual to help you figure out the new control panel, with the few recipes to encourage your cooking adventures.

Versatility and Blending Programs

Now, let’s focus on the most important feature of any blender – the blending programs of the Vitamix 780 and its application for various food types.

This blender is equipped with 5 previously installed blending programs to fit the needs of every user.

The programs installed are Smoothie, Puree, Frozen desserts, hot soup and Cleaning with the addition of the Pulse option for better layering of the ingredients.

The progress bar will help you get a clear vision of when the process is coming close to the end.

Certainly, with the LED lighting, the Vitamix 780 and its controls are very entertaining and convenient to use even if you are used to old fashioned manual controls.

With this blender, you will be able to make delicious meals for the whole family, thanks to its versatility and blending programs that offer a wide range of dishes possible to prepare with the help of Vitamix 780.

Performance Details

When it comes to information regarding the performance of Vitamix 780, there are quite a few things to outline.

The blender is powered by a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor that is quieter than the previous versions and will amazingly do the job.

The blades are made of fine quality blade assembly materials and processed to be extremely sharp.

Thanks to this, the Vitamix 780 will easily cut through anything you need or put in it.

There are no limits on how much you can use the blender without switching it off since you will be able to prepare even the complicated meals or even prepare multiple types of food one after another.

This is thanks to the thermal protection that the Vitamix 780 has previously installed.

This feature, along with the internal cooling feature will protect the blender from overheating after consistent usage and will preserve the inner components such as blade assembly and the motor.

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At the end of the day, after you are finished using it, the Vitamix 780 offers a cleaning option to save you from cleaning all the parts manually.

The jar is of 64 oz low profile and fit for everyday use because of its considerable capacity for its size.

All these features combined will provide every user with satisfying results and most importantly – great and tasty meals.

Vitamix 780 Review: Final Thoughts

As the finishing touch, let me go over some of the best features of Vitamix 780 again.

Overall, the Vitamix 780 offers a perfect mixture of modern features and traditional build quality that the Vitamix has always had.

Extremely sharp blades and strong motor make a perfect combination for fast and effective blending of any food type.

The touchscreen control panel is a new modern addition and works perfectly while being protected with hardened glass, so you can easily control the device without any worries.

The LED lighting and overall design will be a great looking addition for your kitchen and you will have no issues finding the right place for it since it is of very convenient size.

Pre-installed programs for blending and extracting will give you a choice of the method you wish to use for the blending of your food and it will flawlessly give you the best and delicious results.