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Vitamix 750 Review: Top Rated Professional Series Blender

vitamix 750 reviewIt’s only fair that the opening lines of my Vitamix 750 review should include its impressive 2.2 HP motor. Additionally, the 64-ounce container is extremely quiet.

This lustrous piece of beauty that weighs twelve and a half pounds can pulverize anything you throw its way, yet you won’t hear a peep.

The other blenders that have half its power outlet make more noise than Vitamix 750. Plus, if you need to free up some space you can store it under the kitchen’s cabinet.

This feasible and user-friendly blender once unpackaged supplies you with a self-explanatory cookbook and an instructional DVD. The durability it possesses is outstanding.

Never will you encounter any leakings or blades that grow rustier over time. They do not dull. There’s a 7-year warranty that covers everything. Even more so, all of it is super easy to clean.

It is BPA-free and has five pre-programmed settings. Let’s dig deeper.

Vitamix 750 Review: Overview

This blender is not only practical, but it is also very appealing to the eyes. It has a Low Profile blending pitcher that fits under kitchen cabinets.

In the F&B business professionals are often the owners of Vitamix blenders, in their eyes hardly anything else is up to the par.

With its five pre-programmed settings it will provide you with your desired result for recipes without fail.

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Doesn’t matter if that entails heating ingredients for the soup or merely blending smoothies, churning out frozen desserts or throwing in some ice.

You won’t be able to tell how long Vitamix 750 has been in the owner’s possessions just by looking at the blades.

They will appear brand-new and that is not susceptible to change over time.

Vitamix 750 is not to be thrown in the dishwasher. Even better, it has a programmed setting for cleaning.

Cleaning and Containers of Vitamix 750 Blender

All the owner needs to do is set the dial to a programmed setting for cleaning and press the start.

The blender will then proceed to clean without you breaking a sweat, except soaking the machine in warm water and some dish soap.

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 package embodies a standard 64 oz. wet blade Vitamix container. Available as well is 48 oz. and 32. Oz.

There’s a Santropene rubber lid resting tightly on the top of the jar. There are two flaps on either side of the lid that allows for easy removal after use.

The lid is equipped with a plug that is designed to fit the tamper, or if you want to add extra ingredients during blending.

All containers are of top-notch quality. The container can withstand high temperatures and is quite durable.

Low Profile blending pitcher

What’s great about this particular Low Profile blending pitcher is that tucking it under your kitchen counter works like a charm.

Another spectacular thing is that it has a wide pitcher base unlike the narrow base of the majority of typical pitchers.

Great Variety With The Vitamix 750

Whatever you may put in the pitcher, be it leafy and firm vegetables, seeded berries, nuts or soft fruits, the Vitamix 750 will perfectly smooth smoothies.

With variable speeds and pre-programmed settings, you can make breathtakingly delicious meals.

When it comes to pureeing, the tamper that comes with the blender will be a great help to effortlessly puree hard or raw vegetables.

Chopping can be performed using the pulsing mode. Nut milk is not a big deal for this blender.

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Have the munchies? No problem, delicious homemade ice cream is readily at your disposal in under a minute.

No need to add any liquids or oil, Vitamix 750 will deliver you excellent nut butter. All you have to do is use the variable speed dial and tamper.

Vitamix 750 also makes dough for cookies, bread, and pizza.

Herbs, grains, coffee beans can all be ground using this blender. Perfect fresh flour comes out of it.

Pre-programmed Settings

The control panel on this blender is analog and has a turning knob in the center and two switches.

The right one serves as an on/off switcher and the left one is a pulse function switcher. In between the two switches is a dial control knob.

When you turn the knob to the left it lets you choose the desired programmed setting: Hot soups, frozen desserts, puree, cleaning, and smoothies.

And when you turn the knob to the right, there are ten variable speeds to choose from to manually modify your recipes.

Each one of them has differing timing patterns and a different RPM speed.

Speed and Motor

The motor boasts 2.2 horsepower and with an output of 12 amps. It features a 6-foot-long power cord to reach for a grounded 120-volt outlet.

Vitamix 750 comes with just a 68-ounce container, but you can get the Vitamix 48 oz. generic container too. Also, just about all Vitamix generic containers fit into this blender.

This Vitamix blender, like every other, has a thermal protection system with a shutdown mechanism that’s automatic. It is activated once the motor is overloaded.

The blender base unit is rather hefty and that ensures the stability of the machine.

It also comes with an electric wire storage system that neatly keeps the unused cord underneath the base unit.

Vitamix 750 Review: Final thoughts

In summary, the Vitamix 750 blender is not merely eye candy, it is up to the mark through and through. The quality is undeniable and the parts will last through the decades even.

And the noiseless aspect of it simply cannot be ignored. Whether you are a fan of smoothies or soups, this appliance will deliver. Not only that, but it also can clean itself after the preparation of a meal.

Although seemingly intimidating, five pre-programmed settings make it very easy on the owners once you power through the basics. On a happier note, consistent results are a given.

Also, something I got to point out in my review of Vitamix 750, it’s one of the best looking blenders G-series has brought us by far. Besides, it’s a solidly built machine that does not make messes.

Ten variable speeds to choose from are no joke either. If given a chance, Vitamix 750 is sure to be your next favorite kitchen appliance.