Vitamix 5300 Vs 6300: Powerful Blender Comparison

Best Overall

Vitamix 6300

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  • Powerful 2HP Motor
  • Pulse Feature

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Best Price

Vitamix 5300

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  • Large Capacity
  • Simple Operation

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Are you searching for a perfect household blender with the capability to serve both you and your family?

Today I will try to make the search easier for you, so check this Vitamix 5300 VS 6300 review as both blenders are representatives of great family blenders of their generations.

These blenders are very similar in some aspects, but they also feature operational differences that make them specific.

The great things that they have in common are the low – profile base units which reduce their space consumption and the high – capacity containers. These features make them great for several people to use and they do not consume much storage space either.

While there would be no mistake to go ahead and purchase one of these, hopefully, after reading this review the choice will be much easier for you to make.

Vitamix 5300 Vs 6300: Comparison

Vitamix 5300

vitamix 5300 blender


  • Low-profile base and container for more convenience
  • 10 variable speed choices
  • Self–cleaning system


  • Has no pre-programmed functions
  • Lack of security systems in case the motor gets overheated

Vitamix 6300

vitamix 6300 blender


  • High-capacity blender enough for the needs of the whole family
  • Comes with 3 pre-programmed blending functions
  • Very durable construction


  • May have overheating issues if used for a long period without pause
  • May not be that affordable for everyone

Vitamix 5300 Review

Coming from the Standard Series of Vitamix models, the Vitamix 5300 is a powerful family blender made to last and serve the user long – term.

Controls and Settings

When it comes to using this blender, it is quite simple to understand so beginners will have no trouble with it.

All of the controls are manual, so operating this blender is merely one touch away for all functions.

The control speed switch is large and easy to recognize. By scrolling the center switch you will be able to choose between 10 variable speed controls.

This feature makes the 5300 so versatile – you can use the lower speed to create perfect sauces and smoothies, and while blending tougher ingredients, you can increase the speed as the process continues.

By blending in this manner, the texture will be better and the pulse option can help when it comes to blending larger components.

Unfortunately, this blender comes with no preset settings but offers a self – cleaning option which can significantly help with removing the leftovers underneath the blades.

Power and Usability

The Vitamix 5300 is the greatest representative of Standard series models, so it is powered by 2.2 peak horsepower motor with metal couplings to the blade assembly.

This feature makes up for the lack of preset functions since with motor this powerful you will easily process all kinds of food by selecting the right speed.

Besides being so effective, this blender is also very convenient for use considering its low profile for less space consumption and rubber extensions to prevent from sliding on the surface.

The 64 – oz container will certainly fit all the ingredients needed for family use and when it comes to juices and smoothies you won’t have to repeat the process since the jar fits up to 8 regular cups.

Vitamix 6300 Review

The Vitamix 6300 is a next-generation series model that all convenient features of a modern blender for family needs.

Programs and Functions

Being a member of a next-generation Vitamix lineup means that this blender comes with pre-installed features that will make your blending much more convenient.

There are three different pre-programmed functions on this model – for smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts.

All functions are triggered by selecting them in a manual control panel by sliding the center switch to the left. On the right side, there are 10 variable speed settings to make a perfect combination with the preset features.

There is also a start/stop button as well as the power button on the base so it is easy to navigate this blender’s controls.

It is very versatile in use and has a high – capacity container making it a great choice for a family blender.

Although the preset functions are a great addition and offer more versatility, it is important to make a pause in blending to prevent the motor from overheating.

Convenience in Use

The size of this blender is a good fit for every kitchen considering how much capacity it has to offer.

The dimensions are slightly less than with models of previous generations, and you can choose between older and taller Vitamix containers and the newer one with a wider base.

It also offers a pulse feature that works perfectly in combination with 2.0 peak horsepower motor that this blending machine has.

The blades are thicker than those included in previous generations and the materials used in the production of this model are very durable.

Even the plastic parts of this blender are made of premium – quality plastic so you can rest assured that this blender will serve you and your family for many years.

The Vitamix 6300 offers you the best modern quality blender features for your money and performs at a very high level.

Cleaning of the blender is easy since all that it takes is you to pour some water and dish soap and run in for 30 seconds on a higher speed.

The Differences Between Vitamix 5300 And 6300

Although these to blenders are from different generations of models, they both fit the same category so it is natural that they share some important features.

Functionality differences

What makes these two blenders different in a functional way is that the 5300 lacks pre-set programs that the newer model 6300 has.

The 6300 has three pre-programmed functions while the 5300 does not have any.

Speed settings are similar both offering 10 different speed choices, and the control panel on 6300 is more modern than on 5300.

When it comes to blending power, the 5300 has slightly stronger motor to compete with the lack of programed features.

Other functions on these blenders are similar, while the materials used in the production of 6300 are characteristic for newer generations of Vitamix models, so that is a big advantage.

Design and Other Differences

When it comes to design, the 6300 is newer and therefore features new technology in materials used, but the 5300 is very quality made as well.

While the containers are of the same capacity, the 6300 features a wider and more conveniently shaped container making it less bulky than the one on the 5300.

Both are quality made, but the general appearance of the 5300 is kind of larger and consumes more space than the 6300.

In all aspects, both blenders are very well designed and functional to fit the needs of an average user.

They offer a variety of convenient features so it is a very tough contest although the 6300 has advantages of newer technology applied.

Vitamix 5300 vs 6300: Final Thoughts

When you have a hard time deciding which blender to purchase for the causes we have today, it is more of a pleasant dilemma than a hard one.

Both blenders offer high power and capacity as well as the lower profile base, but overall the 6300 wins in more categories of comparison.

It is a newer model often considered as a successor to the 5300 so for that reason and the preset programs offering more functionality, this blender wins.

Finally, there is no argument allowing you to say that 5300 is not a great blender since it has some advantages as well such as slightly more powerful motor and more affordable prices.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which blender of these two suits your needs the most and hopefully after reading this review, you will have a clearer picture of why they are some of the best Vitamix products.

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