Vitamix 5300 Vs 300: Which Powerful Blender Is The Best?

Best Overall

Vitamix 300

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  • Powerful 2.2HP Motor
  • Wet & Dry Blending

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Best Price

Vitamix 5300

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  • Large Capacity
  • Simple Operation

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Deciding on selecting the best full-size high-capacity blender can be difficult for many reasons. Whether you are new to blenders and juicing the world, or simply want to avoid making a mistake by choosing the best possible long-term solution, choosing Vitamix is certainly a great option.

In this Vitamix 5300 VS Pro 300 review I will strive to inform you of the differences and benefits of each blender, to make the choice easier for you. Being low-profiled blenders with considerable blending power, both these blenders offer great results with every food type.

You will no longer need to worry if high-density ingredients will get stuck under the blades or malfunction while blending. The effectiveness of the blending process is the core purpose of these two products, so let’s see the other great features of the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 300.

Vitamix 5300 Vs 300: Comparison

Vitamix 5300

vitamix 5300 blender


  • Low-Profile as an upgrade in comparison to previous models
  • High-capacity 64-oz container
  • Improved motor capabilities


  • Might be noisier than the Next-generation models
  • Has no pre-set functions

Vitamix 300

vitamix 300 blender


  • Improved airflow for higher safety
  • Is up to 40% quieter than previous models
  • Has an extremely powerful motor


  • Comes without pre-installed blending programs
  • Has no digital display

Vitamix 5300 Review

The Vitamix 5300 is among the best Standard-series models, being an upgrade to the famous Vitamix 5200.

Design improvements

This blender offers a classic manual control panel with physical switches as expected from the Vitamix blender from the Standard series.

It certainly was not made to be the best-looking blender on the market, but to provide a lower profile construction.

This aspect is characteristic of newer models, so it represents one of the greatest advantages of this blender. At the time of its release, this was unique for the 5300.

Besides the low-profile, the height of the fully-assembled blender is reduced in comparison to previous models, so with its compact measures, it provides amazing capacity.

Not to mention how much it is easy for storage than other models of the Standard series.

Functionality Aspects Of The 5300

As it may not offer high-end modern features, this blender can do most essential blending functions.

On the center of the console, there is a switch that is used for selection of the variable speed since the 5300 offers 10 variable speed choices.

Furthermore, it has a built-in pulse option as well as a very convenient and needed self – cleaning program.

The pulse option will certainly help with chunky ingredients and gaining of a better texture, while the cleaning option is a great addition to the rest of the convenient features this blender has to offer.

There will be no more need for the user to disassemble the blender and do the cleaning manually – with Vitamix 5300, the self – cleaning feature will do this job for you in a matter of minutes.

Vitamix Pro 300 Review

It is clear that the Vitamix Next-generation models are improved and superior to the Standard models in many ways.

The best confirmation of this theory is the fact that the Vitamix Pro 300 can offer all the crucial features of a professional blender.

Performance Details

When it comes to blending power, this blender has outstanding performances as most of the next-generation models have.

The powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motor is improved in comparison to standard series motors and offers up to 30% faster processing for smoothies and juices.

This feature proved as very useful considering that the blending process has ever been faster.

The blades are stainless steel made and are wider than the previous versions. This results in great power distribution from the motor and easier slicing of harder ingredients.

While this blender comes with no pre-set blending programs, you will be able to watch over the blending process since the lids and the container are clear to offer a more personalized touch to blending.

One of the best features of the Pro 300 is a very silent motor that will enable you to easily prepare morning smoothies without making too much noise for your family.

Usability And Controls

The controls on the Pro 300 are completely manual to ensure full customer using satisfaction.

There are manual switches for the variable speed settings, pulse option as well as the power switch.

The control panel is very scan-able and easy to use, so even beginners will have no trouble to quickly adapt to the blending advantages that this blender has to offer.

It is very easy to operate since the blender is not bulky and its size is very compact, while it will fit enough ingredients in the container for the needs of the whole family.

Having an improved cooling system is another advantage of this model since thanks to that addition you will be able to blend longer and safer.

Vitamix 5300 Vs 300: Main Differences

In all honesty, both blenders lack preset functions to fit in the category of highly-professional blenders, but both feature very reliable and convenient functions.

Let’s now see the differences in features of these blenders that will make your blending routines so much easier:

Functional Differences

While both blenders are a great choice to buy and feature extremely powerful motors, the Vitamix Pro 300 can offer slightly more effective and faster blending than the Vitamix 5300.

This is due to the upgrades made in the next-generation Vitamix motors.

Moreover, the overheating problems are entirely fixed with the next-gen motors that have better air flowing and cooling systems, so you will never have to worry about such issues.

The 5300 is also very reliable but lacks those improvements applied to newer generations of Vitamix blenders.

The better air circulation of the Pro 300 also results in up to 40% less noise when blending than the 5300 and older models.

Although it would be fair to say that considering its power, the 5300 is far from producing unbearably loud noises.

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Other Significant Differences

Although there are not that much visual and control differences between these two models, there are quite a few in terms of user convenience and instructions.

The 5300 has a better-determined power switch so you will always know if the switch position is on or off.

On the Pro 300 model, however, the range of the switch is shortened so sometimes it is difficult to determine the switch position.

On the other hand, the 5300 comes unequipped in terms of cookbooks with recipes and instructions.

While there is a user manual added to the package, the Pro 300 features DVD instructions as well as a chef book with many recipes that you will be able to prepare with Pro 300.

Vitamix 5300 Vs 300: Final Thoughts

Sometimes when comparing the two blenders of the same manufacturer and size and aspects, it is difficult to say which one is generally better.

Nevertheless, I will say that overall the Vitamix Pro 300 comes in as an improved and modern version of the Vitamix 5300 so it is a slightly better choice for buyers.

It will certainly make less noise and filter air better than the 5300, but the 5300 is also quite a high – quality contender.

Having a modern blender such as Pro 300 will benefit you in simple but effective improvements in terms of power and functionality in comparison to Standard generation models.

Even so, you will not make a mistake if you decide to go with 5300 as well since it also features all essential blending functions, so neither of those two models will disappoint you in action.

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