Vitamix 500 Vs 5200: Powerful Blender Comparison

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Vitamix 500

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  • Large Capacity
  • Pulse Feature

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Vitamix 5200

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  • Most Popular Model
  • Simple Operation

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In today’s busy life, the presence of blender is essential. Be it fruit juice or to blend your milkshake, blenders are part-and-parcel of the modern-day kitchen. There is no alternative to blenders when you choose to grind semi-solid ingredients like vegetables or leafy greens into smoothies or to blend ice, cream, and milk to make your favorite milkshake.

Vitamix is one of the pioneers in the blender manufacturing industry. A blender works on the principle electric to mechanical energy conversion. Generally, an electric-powered motor turns the blades present in the blending jar. The blending jar contains both air and the semi-solid or liquid ingredient. The vortex causes a vacuum at the center of the jar that pulls the content towards the middle and prepares your delicious milkshake or the healthy smoothies. The effect of this vortex is more likely that of a tornado.

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There are various models of blenders available, and you might have a nightmare to choose when the comparison is Vitamix 500 vs. 5200. The Vitamix 5200 was initially launched, and after the huge success, the blending standards were raised to a new level with the introduction of pro-program blend cycles in the Vitamix 500.

Vitamix 500 Vs 5200: Comparison

Vitamix 500

vitamix 500 blender


  • The size and shape are ideal for blending medium to large batches
  • Comes with variable speed control
  • Easy to clean


  • Is pretty expensive
  • Is not user friendly

Vitamix 5200

vitamix 5200 blender


  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blade
  • Powerful than most of the available blenders
  • Comes with a filler plug in the lid that makes easier to add ingredients


  • Although it comes with a seven-year warranty, the cost is high
  • Bit bulky and heavy to handle

Vitamix 500 Review

The introduction of the Vitamix 500 in the blending industry has been a revelation. Vitamix 500 bridges the gap perfectly between home blender and professional blender. This high-quality blender can do more than just blending.

Basic Features

To start with, Vitamix 500 has a dedicated three-program setting that provides you with convenience making smoothies, hot soup, or frozen desserts. The easy to use variable speed control setup and pulse feature facilitate you hustle free blending.

The 64 Oz blending jar is made from BPA free Eastman Tritan polyester. The airplane grade stainless steel blender blades are rust-free and easy to clean. The radial cooling fan helps to keep the blender motor cool.

Why Choose the Vitamix 500?

With seven-year warranty and the facility to add ingredients while keeping the blender on makes Vitamix 500 a perfect mix of professional blender for your home use.

Being amazingly versatile among the available blenders in the market, you can blend, chop, grind, and churn as per your need. You can even scramble an egg or also cook vegetables using the friction of the blender blades.

Vitamix 5200 Review

The Vitamix 5200 blender comes with a powerful motor and can blend almost anything. You can make hot soup without the stove with Vitamix 5200.

Basic Features

The Vitamix 5200 comes with variable speed control, which is easy to adjust to achieve a variety of textures. You are in complete control as the knob can be rotated as per your requirement of blending.

The most astounding feature of the Vitamix 5200 is the preparation of hot soup. The airplane-grade stainless steel blades of the blending container rotate with such high speed that it creates enough friction to make cold ingredients streaming hot is just about six minutes. This perfect mix of professional and home blender can be an asset at your kitchen.

Why Choose the Vitamix 5200?

Do you want to serve your guests with fruit sorbet or want to enjoy ice cream with your family? The Vitamix 5200 is here to fulfill your wishes. Just add frozen ingredients to your blender and experience the delicious desserts. With a seven-year warranty, the Vitamix 5200 package comes with a DVD explaining all the working features in detail so that you can utilize the blender to its fullest.

Each of the Vitamix 5200 blenders comes with a tamper that is designed to help in the processing of thick and suborn blends that are not available among other blenders in the market.

Vitamix 500 Vs 5200: Main Differences

Both the Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 500 are a competitor of each other with respect to design, features, and usage. The most striking difference is in the functionality of these two standout blender models.

#1: The Metal vs. PVC

The Vitamix 500 comes with a metal base, whereas the bottom of the Vitamix 5200 is of PVC. Being made of metal, the shiny brushed stainless-steel finish makes it easy to clean as the shiny surface does not allow clinging of the blending material.

Vitamix 5200 is available in white, black, red, or platinum, and you can add colors to your kitchen with Vitamix 5200.

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#2: The Variable Speed Dial

Vitamix 500 comes with a speed dial that lest you choose from three dedicated preset blending styles-soup, dessert, and a smoothie. There is also a dedicated power switch at the base of Vitamix 500.

On the contrary, in Vitamix 5200, there is a dedicated start/stop switch on the right side, and the left side has a high/low switch instead of the dedicated blending styles, unlike in Vitamix 500.

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#3: The Pulse Feature

The Vitamix 5200 already had the pulse feature whereby turning the high/low button quickly; you are actually pulsing and having total control over the blending speed. While the Vitamix 500 has a dedicated pulse button.

#4: The Cost

If you are planning to invest in a blender, it is better to go for the one with the latest features. The Vitamix 500 can cost you around $500, while the price of the Vitamix 5200 is under $400, and the price varies on the color of the product.

Vitamix 500 Vs 5200: Final Thoughts

As you have read along with the comparison of Vitamix 500 vs. Vitamix 5200, it is evident that feature-wise, the Vitamix 500 is slightly ahead of its nearest competitor, the Vitamix 5200.

Vitamix 500 is a perfect combination of professional and home blender with a dedicated variable speed dial that has preset specialized blending style. The pulse button present in Vitamix 500 makes it more controllable in terms of blending speed. Cost-wise, the Vitamix 500 is a bit high but again going through the comparison Vitamix 500 vs. Vitamix 5200, you can shell out a few more for the better product with better features,

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