Vitamix 200 Review: Top Rated Professional Series Blender

vitamix 200 reviewToday I had a blast of doing a review for one of the best blenders for serious chefs – the Vitamix Professional Series 200.

It’s easy to just go and buy any kitchen blender if you have no particular reason to use it every day, but in case you need a better-equipped blender for more complex meals, then this blender is just the right tool for you.

Also, you’ll find out in this Vitamix 200 review just why it is so amazing. Namely, it has 9 different speed levels, so if you are an experienced chef, you will know the right speed to use for every meal.

The Vitamix Professional Series 200 will benefit your cooking abilities while making it much easier to clean the mess afterwards since this blender has uniquely easy cleaning capability.

Vitamix 200 Review: Overview

The test results have proven that the Series 200 has very convenient features such as large batches blade that will cut through any type of food you put in the blender.

The nine-speed system is very applicable since this is exactly what makes this blender an expert-level chef food slicing machine.

The system is designed in a way that will allow you to program it by your own preference.

For that cause, this blender is not for intermediate chefs that enjoy having pre-programmed controls, but for the experienced cooks that enjoy being able to personalize their blender by adding a little human factor to the machine.

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You will be able to easily adjust to the speed system in a matter of days, while afterwards the fun and more convenient cooking await.

On the other hand, one more reason why this is a serious kitchen machine is the strength of its motor.

Being powered by a 2.2 horsepower motor allows the Vitamix Professional Series 200 to slice through whole pieces of fruits, meat and other food types that are generally hard to slice quickly.

This feature will save you more time when cooking while also providing you with a much more efficient slicing.

The Jar Type and Specifications

As it comes to the jar of the blender, this important component was also designed with patience and for better convenience in use.

Since this is generally a food slicer kitchen tool, it has a considerable jar size while it can fit up to half a gallon of liquid.

The jar just had to be this big since there are large blades that need to fit in and also support enough food at the same time.

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Although this Vitamix blender’s main purpose is food slicing, because of its large jar and a strong motor that drives the blades, you would also easily be able to make smoothies or fruit juices in this blender.

The only problem when doing so is that unfortunately blenders are usually intended for food slices, but if there is a blender that can behave almost like a juicer when cutting fruit slices, this is the one.

The Vitamix Professional Series 200 offers you a chance to fit all the food components you wish to slice at the same time, therefore saving yourself from the trouble of filling the jar multiple times.

A Versatile Piece of Art for your Kitchen

This blender is surely one of the most specific food blenders on the market exactly because of its versatility in use.

While this may be very helpful for some people if you are a beginner then maybe this blender is a little too much for you at the start.

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For that purpose, there is a learning curve you can adjust to for making it easier to learn how to perfectly adjust the speed to fit your cooking needs.

The technology used in the production of the Vitamix Professional Series 200 is very high-end so you will have no malfunctioning issues and you can just relax and enjoy using the help of this great cooking-assistant long term.

In the end, if you are not that confident in purchasing such a fancy kitchen machine, you can rest assured that even if something breaks in the mechanism, you still get the 7-year warranty of the product.

Use it in an Easy and Relaxed Manner

Even if you are not that much-experienced chef, the blender comes completely equipped for any cooking application you have for it.

It even comes with the cooking manual with some of the best chef’s meals that are easily prepared by using the slicing abilities of the Vitamix Professional Series 200.

Adding the learning curve to it and even an intermediate cook can make astonishing meals with a little help from this food blender.

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The tamper allows you to cut through any type of food, from the frozen specialities and fruits to meat products and hard nut texture.

This will save you from having to buy and replace additional equipment and attachments for the blade to be able to slice different types of food as you would normally have to do with any regular blender.

Stainless-steel laser-precise cut blades will do the job for you in a matter of seconds.

Vitamix 200 Review: Final Thoughts

In case you are still wondering if the purchase of the Vitamix Professional Series 200 will do the job for you while cooking – rest assured since the features of this blender allow no faults in the way it cuts food.

The strong motor combined with the 64-ounce jar and nine-speed system with adjustable settings will surely help you prepare the food of your dreams for you and your family.

The learning curve and the cooking manual will also help that your food looks like from the chef magazine when it is finished.

It is reasonable if some people will still question the nine-speed system for their preference of slicing in an old-fashioned way, but try to look on the Vitamix Professional Series 200 as just what it is – a professional high-end blender with flawless slicing ability that can be personalized to fit the requirements of every cook.

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