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The Benefits of Copper Tea Kettles

benefits of copper tea kettleCopper tea kettles may seem a bit old school and old-fashioned for kitchens of this generation but they have different merits in their category as well. You may think that people who love antique pieces and want to gather them go for copper tea kettles only.

Well, that fact is true. Copper tea kettles come in different antique looks and styles that add diversity to your kitchen and increase the aesthetic. But, it’s obvious to mention that copper tea kettles are extremely heat absorbing, and brewing something in copper tea kettles is pretty easy.

When you’re in a hurry, you quickly want to have a cup of tea and in this situation, copper tea kettles come in handy. In this article, we’re going to tell you what are the benefits of copper tea kettles and why you should choose them.

Different types of tea kettles and which one to choose

When it comes to tea kettle types, there are mainly two types of tea kettle available, Electric kettles and stovetop kettles. Now, you can break stovetop kettles into 3 different categories. Those are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper kettle

Each of these is superior in different ways and they have different advantages. Electric kettles are made for this generation. People all over the world are using electric kettles as they are less time-consuming, easy to operate and clean, and they come compact.

Apart from electric kettles, those who want the old feeling back for tea, go for stovetop kettles. These kettles are a bit different from electric kettles and these are the technology of the ancient era.

Now, stainless steel kettles are the common type. But these tea kettles are pretty simple and straightforward. Cleaning them is easy too! On the other hand, cast iron kettles are not a smart choice for this time as they have corrosion issues. Besides, cleaning the cast iron kettles is not easy.

Lastly, the antique pieces are the copper tea kettles. These kettles are made for those who love old designs and antiques. At this point, if you ask you should go for copper tea kettles or not, our answer would be “if you love the antique design and you want the perfect taste of your tea every day, you can go for the best copper tea kettle”.

Why you should go for copper tea kettles?

There are different reasons that may encourage you to go for copper tea kettles. Let’s discuss the main advantages of copper tea kettles in this section.

Energy and time saving

When we’re talking about stovetop kettles, the first thing you want to do is save energy and time. Your time is valuable and reducing the energy cost is a plus point. Well, copper is a material that tends to be a great heat conductor. It heats up so fast and easily. If you compare your vintage copper tea kettle and a cast iron tea kettle, the copper tea kettle heats up 2X faster.

It’s an energy-saving point also. You can brew and boil anything with your copper tea kettle and the energy cost is pretty less. This is the biggest merit of copper tea kettles.

Old school design and style

It’s obvious to mention that copper tea kettles, their construction, their appearance, their style are different from all other tea kettle types. Old dutch copper tea kettles are famous for their nice and simple yet ancient design.

When you’re an antique lover and you love to show around everything, you must go for a copper tea kettle. It’ll add an extra flavor to your kitchen and it’ll increase the aesthetics. Serving tea with copper tea kettles is almost like an honor for antique lovers.


While cast-iron kettles are not a smart choice for rust issues, a copper tea kettle is designed to last longer as it doesn’t rust. Coppers are rust-free materials and they last pretty long. If you go for a high-end premium-grade copper tea kettle, it’ll last more than 20 years at least.

The built quality of copper material is awesome and the construction is great too!

Ease of use and cleaning

Copper kettles are pretty easy to use. You just need to pour your ingredients and wait for the whistle. The lid of copper tea kettles is designed to be safe all the time. The handles of copper kettles give enough grip when you’re serving or you’re taking it out of the stove.

Cleaning a copper tea kettle isn’t that hard. Cleaning the inside requires a simple water rinse. You can use wipe and clean for copper kettles as well.

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Drawbacks of copper tea kettle

While having a lot of advantages, there are simple drawbacks of copper tea kettles that can be your headache over time. Let’s take a look at those.

Tarnish facts

Copper tea kettle tarnishes over time and use. It requires high maintenance. Solve the tarnishing issue, you need to clean it on a regular basis and polish the outside of your copper tea kettle to hold its shiny appearance. Some people don’t want to bear the hesitation of polishing the kettle regularly.

Soft metal

Copper is kind of soft and the material easily gets a dent or a scratch if you don’t use it carefully. So, you need to take good care of your copper kettle.


If you’re intending to buy a copper kettle that comes up with solid building material, it’ll cost a little more. The price is a bit high for premium solid copper tea kettles.

The Benefits of Copper Tea Kettles: Final Thoughts

So, these are the benefits of copper tea kettles. Now you know, why you should go for copper tea kettles. If you’re intending to buy one for yourself, you can get on undoubtedly. But you have to make sure that you’ll take good care of that piece of art.

But overall, copper kettles are pretty good and they can meet your requirements from all sides.