Cocoa Butter Substitute: 10 Delicious Alternatives

cocoa butter substitute

Health-conscious chocolate lovers are searching high and low for a cocoa butter substitute that won’t break the bank. Cocoa butter provides an elegant, rich flavor that is hard to replicate with other fats and oils, but fortunately, there are several alternatives for when you need it. There are a few ingredients that can be used … Read more

Lemon Pepper Substitute: 5 Delicious Alternatives

lemon pepper substitute

Lemon pepper seasoning is a popular condiment used to add flavor to food. It is made up of lemon zest, black pepper, and salt. Lemon pepper is versatile and can be used on a variety of meats and vegetables. This seasoning is usually sold in a shaker or can at most grocery stores. If a … Read more

Substitute For Okra: 7 Versatile Alternatives

substitute for okra

Okra is an unusual vegetable that can be used in many different types of dishes. It has a unique shape and texture, so it might seem like you’re out of luck if you don’t happen to have any lying around. But luckily for you, there are plenty of substitutes for okra that can provide the … Read more

Lecithin Substitute: 7 Great Alternatives

lecithin substitute

Lecithin is an additive used in various products, including baked goods and margarine. It’s also a common ingredient found in many recipes for making chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered mixes. It is commonly made from soybeans and if you are actively trying to reduce your soy intake or you have just run out of lecithin, … Read more

Bean Sprout Substitutes: 10 Delicious Alternatives

bean sprout substitute

Bean sprouts add a crunchy texture and fresh flavor to many dishes. However, if you don’t have any on hand or they’re out of season, here are some substitutes that will work in most recipes. It can be difficult to find a substitute for bean sprouts that will work in every recipe. They have a … Read more

Mahlab Substitute: 5 Delicious Alternatives

mahlab substitute

Mahlab is an aromatic spice that is mostly used in Greek and Middle Eastern cooking. It’s made from ground-up cherry pits, which are typically thrown away after the fruit has been eaten. Mahlab can be used to make everything from marinades to meat rubs and gravies and is also used in baking. If you need … Read more

Soy Flour Substitute: 10 Delicious & Healthy Alternatives

soy flour substitute

Traditional wheat flour is the most common ingredient in baked goods, but if you don’t like or can’t tolerate wheat, an alternative is needed. Soy flour is often used as an alternative, but what is a good soy flour substitute? This post explores some of the many delicious and healthy soy flour alternatives available to … Read more

Substitute for Orange Juice: 11 Best Alternatives

substitute for orange juice

What do you substitute for orange juice when you are out of it? It’s always annoying when you run out of orange juice when you need it for a recipe. This is a common problem that many people have. It can be tough to find a substitute for orange juice, but this post will help … Read more

Substitute for Chia Seeds: 10 Delicious Alternatives

substitute for chia seeds

Many people use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs in baking recipes. Chia seeds are also good sources of nutrition and fiber, which makes them great candidates for smoothies and other healthy meals. But what happens when you need a substitute for chia seeds? Chia seeds are a good addition to many recipes, but … Read more

Substitute For Avocado In Smoothies: A Few Ideas

can you eat avocado skin

Avocados are one of the favorite foods of health enthusiasts everywhere. If you love good food, healthy food, and wholesome fruit and vegetables, you definitely love avocado. Avocado is great slathered on whole-grain toast, turned into pudding, scrambled into eggs, or even mixed into your guacamole! Specifically, avocados are great for smoothies. Everyone loves using … Read more

Substitute For Yogurt In Smoothies: Dairy-Free And Vegan Ideas

substitute for yogurt in smoothies featured

Who doesn’t like a rich and creamy smoothie? I know I do! Filled with a kaleidoscope of flavors, it’s the perfect meal to start the day. Grab your favorite fruits, a handful of leafy greens, add some yogurt, toss them all in the blender, and in less than a minute you can have a tasty … Read more