Smoothies For IBS: A Healing Recipe

smoothies for ibsThere are a lot of different syndromes out there, many of them terrible and many of them incurable, but irritable bowel syndrome has to be one of the most annoying. To keep fighting your digestive problems, it is a good idea to start drinking smoothies for IBS.

Smoothies are more than just a health drink. A well-made smoothie contains all the best ingredients to combat your IBS, everything from superfoods and super seeds, to super vegetables. Because IBS makes life difficult for your digestive system, drinking a smoothie with lots of blended plant fiber is going to be much easier to digest.

If you have been eating unhealthily up until now, or just plain ignoring vegetables and plant fiber, you are going to be in for a real treat with IBS smoothies. Say goodbye to gas and bloating and say hello to a healthy lifestyle with delicious smoothies.

What Food Can Help with My IBS?

I am going to give you the recipe to my favorite IBS smoothie soon enough, but first, you should know that you can make your own smoothies based on the following healthy ingredients. All you need is a grocery store, a bit of creativity, and a high-quality blender.

You want to focus on healthy foods that are IBS friendly and contain lots of fiber. Lots of berries, lots of bananas, and lots of leafy greens. Let’s go through some crucial ingredients to making healthy IBS smoothies that are good for your stomach, your digestive system, and your overall wellbeing.

berries for ibsBerries: Not only are berries great for your IBS, but they are also good for your brain. Especially blueberries, which can help with eyesight and cognitive functions. Also, by using frozen berries in your smoothie, you don’t need to include any ice.

The best berries for your IBS smoothie are going to be blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. However, stay away from blackberries as they can actually agitate your irritable bowel syndrome. Also, you may want to buy organic and stay away from berries with pesticides, as your digestive system may not appreciate the chemicals.

Super Seeds: Seeds are a huge bonus in any smoothie. And there are a lot of seeds to choose from: chia seeds, flax seeds, or even hemp seeds. If you are feeling adventurous, throw in some pumpkin seeds for added flavor. Even if you don’t like the taste, all the other ingredients are going to disguise the raw flavor of the seeds.

The three best are chia seeds, flaxseed, and hemp seeds because of their huge fiber content. The amount of nutritional value in just one tablespoon of chia seeds is phenomenal. In the case of chia seeds and flaxseed, you can expect the improved formation of stool, which is really important for IBS sufferers.

Another great thing that seeds bring to your healthy smoothie is a full dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which allow the uncountable number of cells in your body to function at maximum performance.

It should be noted to keep your seeds refrigerated so they don’t spoil before you manage to use them. Be sure to always add at least a small scoop of seeds to any smoothie. You will never taste the difference, but boy will you feel it.

Non-Dairy: It is important to have some kind of liquid base in your smoothie. And while many people use milk in their smoothies, it is not possible for people suffering from IBS, and you know why. As a side note, stay away from soy milk or rice milk, as they can actually worsen your IBS symptoms.

Try using hemp milk, oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk as a liquid base in your smoothie. Feel free to experiment to find the optimum amount of milk vs veggies and fruit.

blueberry banana smoothieBananas: Everyone loves bananas. Even if you don’t love bananas, you may still enjoy a mix of kiwi and banana or strawberry and banana. There’s no way you don’t like chocolate and banana. But in any case, bananas are an excellent source of dietary fiber and will not agitate your IBS.

Also, bananas are great to give your smoothie the right texture. Feel free to add them in frozen so that your smoothie comes out chilled without needing ice.

Green Leaves: No, I’m not talking about the leaves of a tree. To make the most out of your healthy smoothie, try adding either kale, baby spinach, bok choy, cabbage, or Swiss Chard. All of these are almost too good for your digestive health. You may even notice a peculiar green color in your stool if you are not used to eating greens.

But don’t be alarmed. Leafy greens, and especially spinach, are not just good for your digestive system, but they also give you heaps of energy. You will be surprised how good you feel after drinking 16 ounces of blended spinach.

Blueberry Banana IBS Smoothie

The blueberry banana IBS smoothie encapsulates everything we just talked about. You’ve got your banana, your berries, your seeds, and your non-dairy milk base. The only thing missing is some leafy greens, but you can substitute the berries and go for a green smoothie with some kale or spinach instead.

The main thing to remember here is that there are a lot of good foods available that help IBS and they can all be blended together in a smoothie. Experiment, try different ingredients and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle with IBS smoothies.


  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Large Scoop, Roughly 25-35 Blueberries
  • 1 ¼ Cup of Soy Milk
  • 1 Cup of Vanilla Yogurt (Lactose Free)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of Oat Bran
  • 1 Tablespoon of Maple


Put everything inside a high-quality blender, then blend for between 30 and 60 seconds. This will give you a nice and even texture that you can guzzle down.

But I have two warnings for you. Warning #1: when you add berries to a smoothie, the smoothie will turn brown. Warning #2: you will immediately want to make another blueberry smoothie, so try doubling the ingredients and making a bigger batch!

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Jessica is a clinical dietitian who believes in the power of healthy eating for controlling weight. When she is not working with patients, you'll find her coming up with meal and diet plans based on scientific evidence. Jessica likes the outdoors, socializing, and making delicious smoothies.