Smoothie Vs Shake: What’s the Difference?

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There are many recipes around to help you increase the amount of healthy food you eat. Smoothies and protein shakes are 2 of the most common. Both are deliciously refreshing drinks that are easy to make at home and found in most cafes and restaurants. People often confuse shakes with smoothies because they contain fruits and … Read more

Why Is My Smoothie Foamy? 3 Simple Tips

why is my smoothie foamy

Smoothies are delicious and fun drinks that everyone loves having once in a while. They’re also healthier alternatives to other beverages such as coffee and tea. The thing is, like all other recipes and self-made foods, you won’t get smoothies perfect on the first try. There is bound to be trial and error when you’re … Read more

Best Liquid For Smoothies: 10 Delicious Smoothie Bases

best liquid for smoothies

I was always afraid of adding liquids other than water or milk to my smoothies. Most of you could still be struggling with this option. I discovered that there are plenty of alternatives to play with when it comes to the choice of the best liquid for smoothies. Wondering which liquids I have in store … Read more

Can You Freeze Smoothies: 2 Simple & Quick Methods

can you freeze smoothies

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways you can give yourself a nutritional boost throughout the day. They are a blend of fruits and/or vegetables made into an easy-to-drink beverage. They give you vitamins and minerals in their richest state for your benefit and delight. Smoothies are typically morning beverages, perfect for breakfast or an … Read more

How To Make A Smoothie Thicker: 7 Simple Ideas

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Smoothies are a delightful snack and beverage you can have at any time of day. Smoothies fill you up and are a healthier choice over other beverages. Lots of people tend to prefer to have their smoothies thicker, smoother, and richer in texture, though not everyone knows how exactly to make them this way. A … Read more

How Many Calories Does a Banana Smoothie Have?

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It is hard to think of something tastier than a cold banana smoothie. You can make a banana smoothie with literally anything, from chocolate to strawberries, and it will always be delicious. You can have a banana smoothie as a healthy breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or as a healthy treat after your workout. When … Read more

How to Do the Smoothie Challenge: 7 Fun Steps

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You might remember the smoothie challenge from a few years ago that was extremely popular. Well, it’s making a comeback! With the world going absolutely bananas for smoothies, more and more people are partaking in the smoothie challenge. But what exactly is the smoothie challenge? The smoothie challenge should not be confused with one of … Read more

Should I Add Protein Powder to My Smoothie?

should i add protein powder to my smoothie featured

Are you a smoothie fanatic? If you love smoothies and drink them on a regular basis, you have probably asked yourself the question, should I add protein powder to my smoothie? And the truth is that it definitely can’t hurt. However, there are a few important things to know about protein and smoothies. If you … Read more

Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight? Ultimate Guide [2021]

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Adding consumption of smoothies into your everyday routine leads to a better and healthier way of life. Smoothies are similar to juices, but just as different because of their creamy texture and they have more nutrients. If you drink or are intending to start drinking smoothies, a question such as ‘Do smoothies lose nutrients overnight?’ … Read more

Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects: The Good And The Bad

how to make a green smoothie

Blenders have become more and more affordable in recent years. A lot of people are taking advantage of this fact, and they are using their versatile blenders to make some fantastic drinks for themselves and their families. One of the things that most people are enjoying making with their blenders is green smoothies. A lot … Read more

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients?

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Vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. They are sweet, easy to make, and you can make them at your home if you have a blender. This fact has increased the need for personal blenders and juicers. However, there is one question that has been … Read more

Does Blending Destroy Fiber: 5 Blending Myths Busted

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Owning a blender and using it is one of the best ways of living healthily. However, there are many myths and questions surrounding blending that people are not sure of.  One such question is “does blending destroy fiber?”. Today, I will address this and some of the most asked questions about blending and blenders. Does … Read more