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Oster Vs Ninja: Is The Pro 1200 Better Than The BL610?

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Oster Pro 1200

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  • Powerful 1200W Motor
  • Durable Design

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Ninja BL610

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  • Large Capacity
  • Cheap Price

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With time and need, the necessity of humankind has also changed or rather evolved. Blenders have become the primary need of today’s households. Be it the milkshake or blending the vegetable smoothies, the blender has no alternative. Be it grinding the semi-solid ingredients or blending the liquids to prepare your desired dessert; you have to rely on blenders.

Now the biggest decision is to decide which blender to choose. The obvious comparison arises between Oster vs. Ninja. Both Oster and Ninja are well-known manufacturers in the blender industry, and you need to read along to find out the details. On completion of reading this content, you will be able to decide whether to go with the Ninja BL610 or the Oster Pro 1200 blender.

Review of The Oster Pro 1200

oster pro 1200 blenderOster is an established manufacturing brand of blenders. Originally an American brand, Oster has been manufacturing blenders to meet household needs. Amongst different models, the Oster Pro 1200 comes with a very powerful motor that can produce seamless torque for better blending.

Basic Features

To start with, the stunning feature of Oster Pro 1200 is its dual direction blade technology for extra blending power to chop and grind the ingredients. The extra-wide 3.5-inch blade allows the blending ingredients to flow down into the blade for smoother, easier, and faster blending.

The control panel has smart setting technology and has 7 speeds, including 3 pre-programmed settings for best blending experience.

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Why Choose The Oster Pro 1200?

The features are enough for you to select Oster Pro 1200 when you have decided to get a blender for your kitchen. The 6-cup blending jar is dishwasher safe, and the boro class glass jar withstands thermal shock.

The blending blades are almost 50% larger than the other blenders available in the market, which provides faster and smoother blending. The Oster Pro 1200 comes with a ten-year warranty and coupled with the pulse feature for blending speed controlling; this blender is the one you can choose.

Review of The Ninja BL610

ninja bl610 blenderThe Ninja BL610 has a robust 1000-watt power motor that definitely takes this blender to a level of operational efficiency that is several leaps ahead than any of the blenders in this price range. It is more value for your money, and you get a powerhouse if blending speed that continues seamlessly to give you better blending results.

Basic Features

The 72-ounce professional blender jar is perfect if you intend to lend large batches of smoothies, cream shakes, and delicious margaritas for your family. The 6-blade assembly allows you to crush ice faster and blend it better than any other blender in this price range.

The control panel comes with three-speed limits along with three pre-set programs for frozen smoothies, chopping the ingredients, and for preparing milkshakes.

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Why Choose The Ninja BL610?

Ninja BL610 comes with a cumbersome lid and pitcher locking system for the blending jar, making it spill-proof when you intend to blend some liquid or prepare your favorite milkshake. The blender jar is made from BPA free polycarbonate that has lesser chances of cracking if you drop it accidentally. Lightweight and easy to carry makes Ninja BL610 portable and is easy to handle.

Oster Vs Ninja: Main Differences

Both the blenders are a competitor of each other in terms of their design and features. The Oster Pro 1200 is relatively new among the blenders, but its striking features have helped to carve a niche in the blender industry.

#1: The Blending Blade

The dual direction blade technology in the Oster Pro 1200 makes it a standout performer amongst the blenders in this price range. The both-sided movement of the blades makes it easy to chop the hard and fibrous ingredients like vegetables or frozen fruits.

The Ninja BL610 comes with the 6-blade assembly that might help you to crush ice faster.

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#2: The Hot Vs. Cold Blending

The Oster Pro 1200 is a multipurpose blender that can serve as a blender and also blend hot ingredients with ease. The boro class glass blending jar is shock-proof and is dishwasher friendly too.

The Ninja BL610 is not suitable for blending hot liquids, and the blending container is made up of BPA free polycarbonate, which is not shock-proof.

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#3: The Control Panel

Smart setting technology and seven speeds, including three preprogrammed settings, are available in the Oster Pro 1200 for the best blending experience.

On the contrary, the Ninja BL610 is equipped with three speeds in high, medium, and low for the pulse function.

#4: The Smoothie Cap and Price

You can get a 24 Oz smoothie cap with the Oster Pro 1200 without an extra cost. You can blend your smoothie and carry it to your work. You need around $90 to get the Oster Pro 1200.

If you plan to buy the Ninja BL610, you have to invest separately to get the smoothie cap, and the price is around $80.

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Oster vs. Ninja: Final Thoughts

Once you have gone through this, the comparison of Oster Pro 1200 vs. Ninja BL610 portrays the Oster Pro 1200 is ahead than its closest competitor, the Ninja BL610 in features and functionality.

Not only with dedicated pre-programmed blending speeds, but you can also get a 24 oz smoothie cap with Oster without an extra cost, which is unavailable with Ninja BL610.

Cost-wise, Oster Pro 1200 is marginally high, but you can invest a bit more for the better product.

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