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Oster Dual Action Blender Review: Powerful Blender Under $100

oster dual action blender reviewThe Oster Dual Action Blender is a fantastic piece of technology that allows you to make all the smoothies and shakes of your dreams. It looks great, it’s built using quality components, and it fits perfectly on anybody’s countertop. If you have been looking for a great dual blender under $100, this is definitely a worthy option.

This blender features special blade technology that draws all your ingredients directly into the jar, allowing for uninterrupted blending. There will be no clogging thanks to the reverse blade technology. This means that all your blends are going to be remarkably smooth. In this Oster Dual Action Blender review, you’ll see that this is one of the best blenders for making smoothies and shakes.

The blender also includes seven speeds. With so many options, your horizons in the kitchen are going to expand exponentially. You’ll be able to do more in less time thanks to the Dual Action Blender from Oster.

Oster Dual Action Blender Review: Overview

For such a small and affordable blender, we have a lot to talk about today in this review. The Dual Action Blender from Oster is professional, it has a whole bunch of settings, it’s built with impressive technology and stable components, and you can even purchase this great blender in either red or silver.

Plus, you get so much more than just a blender. This is going to be a way of life in your kitchen. Green smoothies for breakfast, protein shakes for lunch, and frozen margaritas for dinner time. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of this blender.

Dual Action

The best part about this Oster blender is its dual-action. It’s not just a standard countertop blender, it’s also a personal blender. It comes included with two different containers. You can use the large container to make a full 6 cups of your favorite smoothie or shake, and you can use the secondary cup for small servings.

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This allows you to have full versatility in how much you make. With the portable travel cup, you can blend a single serving and drink it immediately. You can also take it with you in the car, for a run, or just around the house while cleaning. And with the larger container, you can make enough to serve an entire gathering of friends.

Reverse Blade Technology

The reverse blade technology is unique to this Oster Dual Action blender. Basically, the technology works by automatically shifting the direction of the flow so that your ingredients don’t clog beneath the blades. This is great if you are blending lots of ice and frozen ingredients, as things like ice cubes or frozen chunks of strawberry can become clogged under the blades.

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With this awesome technology, you get smoother and quicker blends. You also get more consistency when making your beverages. This means you will always have the best blend possible. Silky smooth green smoothies, perfectly icy frozen desserts, and thick and creamy milkshakes.

Unique Speed Settings

oster dual action powerful blenderEvery good blender comes with speed settings, and the Dual Action Blender is no exception. It includes seven unique speeds so that you can adjust the texture and consistency of your blend. This is critical for making chunky sauces, thick salsas, thin juices, and creamy smoothies.

Not only do you have seven unique speeds, but this Oster blender also comes with a pair of programmed settings for the most common beverages. The two settings are for frozen drinks and for food chopping. Simply add your ingredients into the container and select one of these programs and the blender does all the work for you.

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It’s great for chopping onions and other vegetables in preparation for cooking, and it’s great for getting the exact same texture of smoothie with every blend. It even has a special pulse feature that works to save the motor and the blade from extra damage. You can switch between high pulse and low pulse depending on the recipe.

Dishwasher Safe

Some blenders have self-cleaning features, which are super useful for automated cleaning. But the Oster Dual Action Blender is not one of them. You can definitely give it a very powerful rinse by adding water and soap into the blender and then blending on the highest speed. However, if you are dealing with sticky recipes, lots of food residue, or nut butter, you are going to want to wash the glass jar in the dishwasher.

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But don’t worry, it is totally safe to put in the dishwasher. You can put the main container and the travel jar in the dishwasher simultaneously. You can also wash the lids this way. Even though it can’t clean itself that well, you still don’t have to get your hands dirty. Just remember to wash immediately after use unless you want lots of sticky residue on the inside of the containers.

Oster Dual Action Blender Review: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, for under $100 this is a very reasonable blender. It’s designed especially for those people who love making shakes and smoothies. It comes included with a large Boroclass glass jar for you to make huge batches, and it also comes with a 20-oz Blend-N-Go cup for quick smoothies on the go. That makes it a great blender for families and for single people.

The Oster Dual Action blender also features four powerful blades that can crush ice and frozen vegetables, it has two precision blades that are used for processing food, and the reverse motor technology works to prevent any clogging that would otherwise occur. It’s a little surprising that you get all these advanced features at such an incredibly low price.

Even the fact that you get 2 separate jars, each of them very high in quality, is kind of astounding. And when it comes to speed, this blender gives you 7 speeds and two pre-programmed blending cycles so that you can make your favorite smoothies quicker and easier. And if you weren’t already satisfied, the blender comes with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.