Oster 300 Blender Review: Powerful Budget Model

oster 300 blender reviewGone are the days when you had to spend time and energy in blending at the kitchen. Preparing a smoothie was an uphill task. The Oster Pure Blend 300 is here to relieve you of the additional tension and load of blending you can relax and use the Oster Pure Blend to complete the job.

With 700 watts power, equivalent to 450 blending watts, this blend is one of the best in the market. The unique feature of this blend is the Crush Pro 4 blade that comes with stainless steel 4-point designed pulverizes and chops each item in the blend with precision.

The primary function of a blend is to chop, mix, puree, and emulsify food products. A stationary blend comprises a container with a rotating metal blade at the bottom and is powered by an electric motor. The powerful models of the blender can crush ice and frozen food too. In your busy everyday schedule, the blend can save you valuable time and relieve you of the extra stress of manual blending.

Oster 300 Blender Review: Overview

Oster has been a leading name in the field of kitchen appliances. Oster Pure Blend 300 can give tough competition to contemporary blends in the market. Brought to you by the #1 blender brand, and you do not have to sacrifice quality for the sake of simplicity.

The Sleek Design

The glass jar comes with clear dimension marks so that you can maintain the volume of your smoothies, and the large capacity glass jar is dishwasher safe. Oster has manufactured the glass jar, keeping in view the time-crunch that you go through every day. Making the glass jar dishwasher friendly will only enhance its usability.

The glass jar material is tested for the thermal shock that enables you to pull it out of the dishwasher and blend a frosty cold beverage instantly. Being made of glass, the countertop blenders manufactured by Oster are better than the plastic or stainless-steel jars. Plastic jars are prone to get scratched and absorb the smell of blended food. You might prefer stainless steel jars for its trendy looks, but you lose the visibility of the food that you are blending.

With movable blades, the container comes with an O-ring or gasket between the body of the container and the and the base so that the glass jar can be sealed to avoid spilling of the materials to be blended.

The glass jar rests upon a strong yet trendy base that houses the motor used for running the blades. The Oster Pure Blend 300 comes with a brushed nickel finish base that houses the motor and control buttons. With its versatility and sleek look, Oster Pure Blend 300 can be your first choice.

The Working Technology

Oster Pure Blend 300 has 700 power watts that are equivalent to 450 blending watts. Out it simply, you can blend the ice in no time. The 4-point design stainless steel blades chop with precision whatever you intend to blend. With a dimension of 15.75 X 7.5 X 8.5 and lightweight, you can handle it easily. The cord length of 16” enables you to use the blender at your convenient place.

The durable metal-metal connection enables to allow you to blend up to 10000 times. The blending container is shaped in such a manner that it enables the blending material to circulate through the blades rather than spinning around. Unlike most other contemporary blends, Oster Pure Blend 300 offers eight different modes with varying speeds to blend different materials.

Even if you are planning to make a milkshake, Oster Pure Blend 300 is just perfect for your needs. Unlike other blends, here, the liquid helps to move the solids around the jar, thus bringing it in contact with the blades. A whirlpool effect is created that moves the solid materials from top to bottom, ensuring an even contact with the blade. Utilizing this innovative technology gives Oster Pure Blend 300 an edge over other blends.

Why Choose Oster Pure Blend 300?

Going through the design and working functionality, you can get an idea of the Oster Pure Blend 300. Being manufactured by the leader in the blending industry, Oster, you can expect the best technology. There are numerous reasons to choose Oster Pure Blend 300.

This blend comes with three years satisfaction guarantee, with assured durability and performance. Easy to clean is something you would prefer. Being dishwasher friendly, this blend can save some of your precious me. The latest technology does not allow the blended substance to cling to the jar and enables hustle-free cleaning.

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While exploring through a number of online shopping portal, I found Oster Pure Blend 300 being relatively inexpensive. I have known people using the Oster Pure Blend 300 for at least four times a week for more than two years no. The results are really satisfying, and you can get all the purees and pastes done with desired results.

Even if you spill the blending jar, do not expect it to crack. Oster Pure Blend 300 uses the best available material to improvise a quality product that can meet the basic needs of blending. Apart from grinding coffee spices, I have obtained unparalleled results while grinding ice and making smoothies.

Oster Pure Blend 300 Features

In a nutshell, the unique features of Oster Pure Blend 300 include:

  • Powerful 700-watt motor that provides 450 blending watts
  • Comes with 8-different speeds to meet your blending needs
  • 3-year satisfaction guarantee from Oster
  • 4-point design pulverized stainless steel chops with precision
  • Illuminated LED display shows the mode of blending and estimated time left
  • Dedicated button to crush ice
  • Comes with dedicated high and low blending speed buttons for easy access.

Oster 300 Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Going through the facilities of Oster Pure Blend 300, the drawbacks are minimal. With high blending watt, you can get the ice cubes fruits blended in no time. The scratch-proof glass jar enables you to see the blending material, and a classy look can increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Manufactured by the leader in the blending industry, you can be assured of the best results. Oster Pure Blend 300 comes with three years of satisfaction guarantee for hassle-free after-sales service. Versatility in usage, coupled with state-of-art technology, makes Oster Pure Blend 300 one of the best blends in the market.

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