Veggie Bullet Review: Budget Food Processor And Spiralizer

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Staying true to the NutriBullet philosophy of manufacturing speedy, automatic and simple-to-use machines, the Veggie Bullet also follows suit. This mini food processor of sorts by the NutriBullet line of products enjoys mixed feedback according to Veggie Bullet reviews. I say “mini food processor of sorts” for a reason. Basically, the Veggie Bullet offers three … Read more

Nutribullet Rx Review: Powerful N17-1001 Blender

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If you’re looking to get a high-powered smoothie maker, then you’ve come to the right place. This NutriBullet RX review puts this bullet blender into a league of its own, making it one of the most powerful blenders in the market. Rocking a power-packed, 1700-watt, 2.3 HP motor on this unit, the RX seeks a … Read more

Nutribullet Reviews: Which Model Is The Best In 2021?

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Best Overall NutriBullet Rx Powerful 1700W Motor Convenient & Portable Buy Now Learn More Best Price Magic Bullet Cheap Price #1 Selling Blender Buy Now Learn More If there’s one brand that gives personal blenders a run for their money, it’s NutriBullet. Known for its powerful blending, small sizes, and versatile functionality, NutriBullet reviews show … Read more

Nutribullet Pro 900 Review: Powerful & Versatile Blender

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One step up from the original NutriBullet (600) blender, the NutriBullet Pro 900 is equipped with more power and larger capacity cups than its original counterpart. The results have kept users happy giving them excellently blended smoothies, perfect purees, frosty iced drinks and shakes along with nut butter, cold dips, and sauces. Going by blender … Read more

Nutribullet Prime 1000 Watt Review: Powerful Blender, Low Price

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NutriBullet Prime 1000 is part of a fairly comprehensive line of blenders by the company, that all blend of course, but are differently sized and powered. At first glance, many of the models appear curiously similar, but as you move ahead to take a closer look at their specs, you can better gauge their motor … Read more

Best Nutribullet Alternatives: 3 Top Rated Models

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Best Overall Ninja BL456 Powerful 900W Motor Convenient & Portable Buy Now Learn More Best Price Oster MyBlend Easy to Use Cheap Price Buy Now Learn More If you’re a NutriBullet loyalist, you’ll know that this handy little gadget is all about power and performance in a small package. But with more and more brands … Read more

Magic Bullet Review 2021: The Personal NutriBullet

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If you take personal blenders, then the Magic Bullet blender is a trendsetter in this category. Made famous by numerous infomercials, this grand daddy of mini blenders has managed to hold its own in the ever-growing market of personal blenders. Primarily designed as a blender for preparing smoothies, Magic Bullet can do quite a bit … Read more

Cheapest Nutribullet: 3 Top Rated Models

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Cheapest Magic Bullet Cheap Price #1 Selling Blender Buy Now Learn More Next Cheapest NutriBullet 600 Powerful 600W Motor Convenient & Portable Buy Now Learn More For a brand as well established as NutriBullet, there is no dearth of models to choose from and their upgrades keep coming. But of course, with upgrades come a … Read more

Baby Bullet Review: Magic Baby Bullet Baby Care System

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The Baby Bullet Blender hails from the same family of impressive blenders that brought you the original Magic Bullet. The company is known for making different versions of their original blender with Baby Bullet set to take on all the challenges of preparing home-made, fresh meals for your baby. For parents whose baby is ready … Read more