Veggie Bullet Review: Budget Food Processor And Spiralizer

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veggie bullet reviewStaying true to the NutriBullet philosophy of manufacturing speedy, automatic and simple-to-use machines, the Veggie Bullet also follows suit. This mini food processor of sorts by the NutriBullet line of products enjoys mixed feedback according to Veggie Bullet reviews.

I say “mini food processor of sorts” for a reason. Basically, the Veggie Bullet offers three main functions including spiralizing, shredding and slicing. While these do fall in line with food processing tasks, a full-fledged food processor can do so much more.

Instead, the Veggie Bullet specializes in these three areas and caters to an audience who uses these functions extensively in their daily meal prep. Now, this could be anyone from the health-conscious trying to eat more fruits and vegetables for a better diet to vegans and vegetarians looking for an easy solution to help them in their daily meal preparation.

The point is, this machine is best suited for people who want to make light of the task of preparing fruits and vegetables for all their meals.

Veggie Bullet Review: Overview

The Veggie Bullet serves as a multi-task food preparation unit that takes the hard work out of preparing fruits and vegetables manually. Instead, when used correctly, it can be your ideal substitute for the knife and chopping board.

This makes it a helpful timesaver in the kitchen that can also replace multiple appliances with one single unit.


Although not a full-scale food processor, the Veggie Bullet will serve you well in three specific areas. Its areas of expertise include spiralizing, shredding and slicing food ingredients.

  • Spiralizing is where the Veggie Bullet really shines. The standard packaging comes with one standard blade which works well to prepare medium-thick noodles using squash, zucchini, and the like. You can also use the spiralizer to work with harder vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.
  • Shredding vegetables becomes a cinch with the Veggie Bullet. The unit comes with a two-in-one metal blade that doubles as a shredder and slicer by flipping over. To shred, use the side that says, “For Shredding” and you’re good to go.
  • Slicing can be done with the flip side of the same blade and will have the words “For Slicing” inscribed on it. The slicing option works very well with hard vegetables, hard cheeses, and cooked or cured meats but you may have to size the ingredients to fit the chute.

Both functions of shredding and slicing can be initiated by putting the blade in place and using the chute part of the unit to start shredding or slicing.

As a safety feature, the unit won’t turn on unless all parts are assembled correctly, and all attachments are in place.

Once in operation, the unit will turn off after one minute of continuous use to avoid overheating the motor.

Attachments and Cleanup

There are two different assemblies that come with the Veggie Bullet. The first is the spiralizer assembly with an outer and inner basket, the blade and a lid.

The second is the slicer/shredder assembly with a shooter, base plate, reversible blade, and a lid.

The cleanup process is also simple for the Veggie Bullet but may be time-consuming given the various parts and attachments.

The good thing is that all parts and attachments, except the base, are dishwasher safe so everything that’s been used can go straight into the dishwasher without hassle.

The Downside

Unlike other NutriBullet products that enjoy immense popularity among users, the Veggie Bullet can only boast moderate appeal.

Some concerns that Veggie Bullet reviews have voiced include the unit being bulky and having too many parts. This makes it a hassle to store in kitchens with limited space.

Performance-wise, certain design elements make using the Veggie Bullet bothersome. For instance, users note that there is a gap between the lid and the slicer/shredder blade causing food to get stuck there and sit on top of the blade. Ingredients may also get stuck in the chute requiring manual intervention.

The spout through which food shoots down is also not the easiest to clean given its downward hook.

So, Is the Veggie Bullet for You?

Given its somewhat limited food processing functions, you may well wonder if the Veggie Bullet is really worth the investment for you.

Well, Veggie Bullet reviews show that users who use the machine for a lot of spiralizing functions are the ones who are very happy with their purchase. It serves as an excellent spiralizer, being one of the fastest of its kind.

While the standard packaging only comes with one spiralizing blade, you can opt for the upgrade kit and get a few others with your purchase.

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The Veggie Bullet accessory or upgrade kit brings with it a number of special blades such as the Ribbon blade, Angel Hair blade, Udon blade and the Tornado spiral blade which will give you a fair variety to choose from. These blades will let you prepare your veggie noodles in as many different ways as you like.

And while the upgrade kit will give you more versatility in spiralizing your veggies, the Veggie Bullet will still not be able to chop, mix, blend, knead, whisk or whip your foods for you.

If you purchase it from the official website, you can also a blender kit with the unit. This includes a small blender cup that isn’t large enough to make smoothies but is an excellent way to prepare salsas, sauces, and hummus.

Veggie Bullet Review: Final Thoughts

The Veggie Bullet is a creative idea, but user reviews show mixed opinions on its performance.

The spiralizer is the highlight of this product as cranking a manual spiralizer can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The slicing and shredding functions are welcome additions if you don’t already have a food processor, but performance may be limited since there are no multiple speeds to choose from.

Anyone who has a specific need for preparing veggies quickly and in a larger quantity will definitely appreciate the Veggie Bullet. But if you’re looking for more functions than the Veggie Bullet offers, then it may be worth your while to invest in a full-on food processor.

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Nutribullet Rx Review: Powerful N17-1001 Blender

nutribullet rx

nutribullet rx reviewIf you’re looking to get a high-powered smoothie maker, then you’ve come to the right place. This NutriBullet RX review puts this bullet blender into a league of its own, making it one of the most powerful blenders in the market.

Rocking a power-packed, 1700-watt, 2.3 HP motor on this unit, the RX seeks a departure from earlier NutriBullet models that peaked around 600 and 900 watts respectively. The tremendous blending potential of the NutriBullet RX will give you full control over how much to blend and mix your ingredients.

Plus, the RX brings versatility in the NutriBullet brand to a whole new level. This particular NutriBullet blender can not only blend cold foods but also pump heat into the soups and sauces it blends.

NutriBullet RX Review: Overview

The NutriBullet RX upgrades quite a few of its features from earlier models in terms of power output, design elements, and smart technology.

Alongside its more powerful motor, this blender also improves its blade design, adds in smart features, and comes with a number of different sized containers to cater to all sizes of blends.

1700-Watt Motor

The NutriBullet RX takes a colossal leap with its immense motor power. Whereas earlier NutriBullet models featured 600 and 900 watts respectively, the RX powers up to take this up a giant notch.

The 1700-watt motor will take any given ingredient and blend it like never before. Now you can look forward to getting the silkiest of smoothies, the creamiest of purees, and effortless frozen desserts.

Pairing the 1700 watts is rotating speeds of between 25,000 and 30,000 RPMs making the RX one of the most versatile blenders available.

This makes the RX an ideal candidate for tough jobs like crushing ice, breaking up stubborn greens, pulverizing frozen fruit, and devouring seeds completely. However, you do have to add in water or some type of liquid to frozen ingredients since the blender doesn’t have a pulse feature, tamper or another mechanism to move the mixture should ingredients become stuck.

Containers and Blade

With a larger and more powerful motor comes larger containers to do all your blending in. The NutriBullet RX comes with a 1-liter blending pitcher that is large enough to handle a fair quantity of ingredients simultaneously.

Then, there is an oversized 45-oz cup for preparing larger batches. You can either make large batches for multiple days or multiple people.

Finally, there is a short 30-oz cup for readying smaller concoctions. Both cups screw directly onto the base and accompany a comfort lip that makes it easy to drink straight out of the cup.

The blades on this unit have also undergone a makeover from the earlier NutriBullet versions. Instead of four, flat blades of the previous models, the RX has four blades, two of which are angled upwards, tapering to a sharp point.

Also included are a pair of blade removers that allow you to take out the extractor blade safely for cleaning. It’s highly recommended to use the hand tightening tool for a secure fit or else you may end up with a sticky mess.

Hands-Free Smart Technology

The NutriBullet RX also departs from earlier NutriBullet models by using a smart system. Smart technology takes the guesswork out of the blending by autonomously operating the system at optimal speed.

The high torque power base houses this smart technology where controls activate the blender’s heat cycle and soup mode. Smart technology means that it is equipped with preprogrammed settings with the most effective RPM and blending time, so practically running on autopilot.

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As soon as you place the filled container on the base, it senses the pitcher/cup and automates the blend cycle for one minute.

This feature also eliminates the need for On/Off buttons which some users like but may not be for everyone. The one thing, however, that most users miss not having is a Pulse feature in this model.

On the flip side, the absence of an On/Off switch means that should something become stuck during blending, you’ll need to take the cup off base while it’s running.  And you’ll need to shake it before reinserting.

SouperBlast Feature

The NutriBullet RX works as a one-stop-shop if you want to have hot soup for dinner. The blender has a 7-minute soup cycle that turns freshly blended veggies and spices into hot, steaming soup.

The SouperBlast pitcher comes with a two-vented lid to let pressure and heat escape while preparing soup. As an added feature, the spout on the pitcher makes for easy pouring without creating a mess.

Because it can handle both hot and cold ingredients successfully, you can easily compare it to a full-sized blender.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Although functionally more advanced than its predecessors, the RX boasts a fairly simple design. There is only one button to deal with so you can’t really go wrong.

The blender’s sleek bullet shape is easy to clean with no dials or buttons to clean around. All parts except the extractor blades and base are dishwasher safe making clean up simple.

On a side note, it’s worth mentioning that the RX is bulkier in size when compared to an average smoothie maker which can make it hard to store.

NutriBullet RX Review: Final Thoughts

The Nutribullet RX is a prime example of a sensible upgrade to its previous versions. It is a top-notch hot and cold ingredient bullet blender that doesn’t fail to impress.

This model scores well across the board with its powerful performance when crafting smoothly blended results, with easy operability and user-friendly layout.

The array of assortments that comes with this purchase makes it one of the most versatile machines to have in your kitchen. And while the unit could be a little more compact, it carries out its blending tasks unarguably well.

Overall, the NutriBullet RX is a well-engineered machine that includes some useful features found in high-end blenders. And if you have any kind of budget reservations, you may well have found a blender up to the task of taking on big brand names such as Blendtec and Vitamix but at a lower price point.

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Nutribullet Pro 900 Review: Powerful & Versatile Blender

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nutribullet pro 900 reviewOne step up from the original NutriBullet (600) blender, the NutriBullet Pro 900 is equipped with more power and larger capacity cups than its original counterpart. The results have kept users happy giving them excellently blended smoothies, perfect purees, frosty iced drinks and shakes along with nut butter, cold dips, and sauces.

Going by blender standards, these functions are pretty impressive as some of them even foray into the food processing arena. However, since most NutriBullet models are capable of doing all this and even some more, why does the NutriBullet Pro 900 stand out?

This is the question I am here to answer. The popularity of the NutriBullet Pro 900 has stood the test of time well despite launching newer and more advanced models. Today’s in-depth review of this popular model will tell you exactly what you can hope to get with The NutriBullet 900 Pro.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Review: Overview

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a compact machine that has a small footprint. This makes it popular among users with limited space in the kitchen or others who want to take it with them when traveling.

It’s also an ideal fit for people who are short on time. The blender quickly pulverizes ingredients including leafy greens without leaving any awkward lumps or chunks. If you want to prepare sauces or dressings, then the Pro 900 can help you with that too.


The Pro 900 is really easy to operate given the absence of any pre-set functions, buttons or dials. All you do is put your ingredients into the blender cup making sure to never go beyond the MAX FILL line. Simply screw the blade assembly onto the cup and click into place in the unit’s base.

Press down on the cup to start blending and stop when you reach the desired consistency. For the pulse function just press and release the cup alternately.

Even though the Pro 900 can blend, mix, chop, puree and perform a number of other functions, the working mechanism remains the same. What will vary, however, is the duration of the blending.

For instance, if you want to prepare a protein shake, you will need to hold the blender cup down for 8-10 seconds only. But if you wish to grind coffee beans instead, you’ll need to work with a few 10-second bursts with a pause in between to get a good grind.

For longer blending tasks, do not run the motor continuously for more than one minute at a time as this can present overheating issues.

Cups and Attachments

The Pro 900 features 2 cup sizes including a large 32-ounce cup and a 24-ounce cup. This can vary based on the package you get with some versions of the Pro 900 such as the 9-piece set including one 24-oz and one 32-oz cup. The 13-piece set is shipped with two 32-oz cups whereas the 15-piece set includes one 32-oz and two 24-oz cups.

But no matter which package you get, the good thing is that the cup mouths share the same circumference which makes it super easy to screw any lid onto any cup.

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The cups with the Pro 900 are nicely sized to allow preparing individual or multiple servings of smoothies. The 32-ounce container, in particular, works very well to allow adequate cycling of tightly packed ingredients and blending everything thoroughly. This gives you the result of getting silkily blended smoothies with no unwanted chunks.

Also included is one set of 6-pronged blades and different lids for taking your smoothie along. All pieces fit well together along with the blade attachment. In true bullet blender style, the blade attachment serves as a lid to the containers when in use.

Clean up

All parts of the NutriBullet Pro 900 are dishwasher safe with the exception of the blade assembly and the base. To clean the blade assembly, it is recommended to rinse the blade or wash with warm water and mild soap and brush immediately after use. This practice prevents the buildup of food residue around the blade and preserves its integrity.

The base should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The NutriBullet Line

The Pro 900 falls earlier on in the NutriBullet line with only the original NutriBullet preceding it. Other models like the NutriBullet Prime, NutriBullet Balance, NutriBullet Rx, NutriBullet Max, NutriBullet Lean, and NutriBullet Select were all launched afterward.

Each model presents its own set of pros and cons and serves specific needs. The later models all have more powerful motors ranging between 1000 and 1700 watts with some as the Balance holding the charm of technology that comes with it.

And of course, with higher motor power and more bells and whistles, the price tag on the product also expands. These models are more suited for individuals looking for specialized blending functions or for extras such as healthy eating guides and apps to sync with their devices.

However, most people in the blender market look for an easy-to-use appliance that will quickly whip up a smoothie for them as they run out the door.  This is where the Pro 900 wins given its ease-of-use and lack of additional features. Users like its simplicity and functionality that is just the right balance to deliver the daily goodness of smoothies without breaking the bank.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Review: Final Thoughts

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a versatile machine, that handles most ingredients well. Powered by its 900-watt motor paired with a reasonable price tag, you get really good value for your money.

This is a personal blender that lives up nicely to its reputation. For a modest price tag, the Pro 900 blends smoothies just as well as the more expensive models. It yields the right amount of motor power paired with a bunch of handy accessories and backs its performance with a one-year warranty.

The 900 also wins in delivering a compact-sized unit whereas some of the later models are considerably larger.

In the end, it is the best price-to-performance ratio among the NutriBullet line that makes the Pro 900 a personal favorite among users.

Nutribullet Prime 1000 Watt Review: Powerful Blender, Low Price

nutribullet prime 1000 watt

nutribullet prime 1000 watt reviewNutriBullet Prime 1000 is part of a fairly comprehensive line of blenders by the company, that all blend of course, but are differently sized and powered. At first glance, many of the models appear curiously similar, but as you move ahead to take a closer look at their specs, you can better gauge their motor power and capacities to decide which one will suit you best.

Today I will be looking at NutriBullet Prime 1000 that falls somewhere in the middle in terms of motor power and blender capacity. Also classified as a personal blender, the Prime 1000 essentially follows the same aesthetics and design components as other NutriBullet models. So, what makes it a better choice for users than other NutriBullets? Here’s my take on the Prime 1000.

NutriBullet Prime 1000 Watt Review: Overview

Staying true to NutriBullet aesthetics, The Prime 1000 also features a simple, compact design with no controls. Although designed specifically as a smoothie maker, it can do a lot more and become your assistant in the kitchen to facilitate various cooking processes.

You can puree, pulverize, blend, mix, grind, and mill soft and tough ingredients with this powerful blender.

Motor Power and Operation

The NutriBullet Prime has a 1000-watt motor that offers plenty of power to blend most veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds without issue. It gives users just the right option to blend green smoothies and protein drinks into solid “meal replacements” where weight watchers and other health aficionados can get their fill from these heartily-sized drinks.

The working mechanism of the NutriBullet Prime remains in sync with other NutriBullet models with a basic on/off twist design. Simply place your ingredients in the cup and screw on the blade. Place your cup atop the base unit, twist to lock in place and press.

The unit performs with a powerful spin of 25,000 RPM which enables users to quickly concoct their recipes in a few seconds. You may, however, need to remove the cup and “shake” it to get all the ingredients to blend properly.

The powerful, cyclonic 25,000 RPM can generate a fair bit of heat, so manufacturers recommend using frozen fruit or ice to keep temperatures under control. For optimal performance, it’s also important to use a sufficient amount of liquid in the container, taking care not to exceed the maximum capacity line as marked.

On a side note, it is not recommended to process hot liquids or foods in the Prime.

The one feature that manufacturers have added to the Prime is a 60-second, auto-off timed option. The pre-programmed, 1-minute blending cycle stops the motor automatically when the cycle is done.

Also, the manufacturers have added suction cups to the bottom of the blender to keep it steady as the motor runs. When done using, the suction cups will keep the unit affixed to the counter with no worries of accidentally spilling your freshly prepared drink.


NutriBullet blenders can range in capacity from cups as small as 18 ounces to 32 ounces. The NutriBullet Prime ships with 3 different cups.

The first is a 28-ounce, stainless-steel, to-go insulated cup engineered to keep drinks cold for up to 8 hours. Then there are two Colossal 32-ounce cups with one featuring a handle.

The Colossal cups can hold up to .95 liters which makes for storing an extra-large smoothie easily. So, you can easily go from carrying your smoothie with the insulated cup to storing it in the fridge for later use with the Colossal cups.

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All cups come with a wide mouth design that makes it easy to pour/put ingredients into the NutriBullet without any risk of spills or messes. At the same time, the wide base also allows the motor to blend ingredients more thoroughly.

Interestingly, the cups are universal and interchangeable with other NutriBullet models such as the NutriBullet 600 and 900 Pro giving you a lot of leeway if you already have any of these models. They are, however, not compatible with other models like the NutriBullet Rx.

Clean up

Clean up of the NutriBullet Prime 1000 is fairly basic with all parts other than the blade assembly and the base fit for dishwashing. The blade assembly should be rinsed or brushed with soap right after use. This ensures that no food residue remains or builds up around the blade.

The base, on the other hand, can be wiped with a damp cloth.

NutriBullet’s Nutrient Extraction

NutriBullet’s nutrient extraction process makes these blenders a favorite among health aficionados. With a little help from their extremely powerful motors, NutriBullet Prime and other similar models from the company can break down the fibrous parts of plants and release healthful vitamins and minerals within. The massive RPM performance of these blenders completely pulverizes dietary fiber, seeds, pulp and skins into an easy-to-consume, smooth texture that delivers nutrients in a digestible and absorbable form to the body.

In this way, NutriBullet Prime does way more than simple juicing and blending. It brings you the goodness of whole foods in a delicious smoothie that you can take along or enjoy later on in the day.

NutriBullet Prime 1000 Watt Review: Final Thoughts

The NutriBullet Prime 1000 borrows all the popular features from its predecessor models and pairs it up with a more powerful motor to give users a blender they can use to prepare true meal replacement smoothies.

The 32-ounce cups serve well to prepare adequately-sized smoothies that do eliminate the need to have a meal afterwards. Despite its relatively compact size when compared to other similar blenders, the NutriBullet prime can keep up well with the competition when performing basic blending needs. And given its basic design elements of no pre-settings or controls, the Nutribullet Prime still gets the job done nicely.

Overall, the NutriBullet prime is a well-priced unit for its features. It is a portable product that can take quite a load making it a favorite with many users.

Magic Bullet Review 2020: The Personal NutriBullet

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magic bullet review nutribulletIf you take personal blenders, then the Magic Bullet blender is a trendsetter in this category. Made famous by numerous infomercials, this grand daddy of mini blenders has managed to hold its own in the ever-growing market of personal blenders.

Primarily designed as a blender for preparing smoothies, Magic Bullet can do quite a bit more than just that. It’s an excellent machine for handling soft ingredients and leafy greens, though it might struggle somewhat with tougher or frozen ingredients. Precutting tougher ingredients before placing them in the cup can help.

You can easily put it to the test to make smoothies, frozen drinks, crushing ice, pureeing fruits, mixing batters, chopping fresh herbs, whipping cream and even grinding coffee. Like I said before, it comes off as a stellar performer when handling softer ingredients but you could probably look at some other blenders if you tend to work with tougher ingredients more.

Magic Bullet Review: Overview

A compact yet effective blender, Magic Bullet comes with an easily operable, simple design that anyone can use conveniently. Designed for personal use and not necessarily batch making, this small blender ensures that you get your fill of delicious smoothies every time you want to have one.


Magic Bullet is an easy-to-use blender that comes without any of the bells and whistles associated with other blender models. Instead, the manufacturers have kept things simple by keeping this appliance free of any buttons or dials.

All you have to do to work your blender is to put the ingredients into the cup, screw the blade on, and then screw it into the base. To start blending, simply press the cup down.

If you go by the manual, you’ll see that the manufacturers outline three additional operating techniques. Alongside regular blending, you can also pulse, shake, and tap your Magic Bullet.

Pulse ingredients by pushing the cup down on the base and releasing it quickly. Use this function for chopping up ingredients or getting rid of any remaining chunks in smoothies.

The “shake” technique requires simply shaking the cup while the blade assembly is on to move ingredients around and ensure that everything reaches the blade.

To “tap”, lift the cup out of the base and tap against the counter to dislodge any ingredients that may be stuck on the sides of the container. Do so gently since the cup is made of plastic and may crack if handled too harshly.

Parts and Functions

The standard 11-piece Magic Bullet comes with one cross blade used for typical blending functions such as preparing smoothies and chopping ingredients. The 4-pronged, stainless-steel blade is also suitable for pureeing, grinding meats, and shaving ice.

If you’re looking for more functions, then a slightly larger 15-piece set comes with an additional flat blade that lets you grind and chop dry ingredients. You can easily process coffee beans, dried fruit, and nuts with this option. The flat blade has two stainless-steel prongs making it useful for whipping cream or butter as well.

Also included with the purchase are 3 cups. There is a short, 12-ounce cup, a tall 18-ounce cup and a party mug also at 18 ounces which comes with a handle for easy holding.

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Given the relatively small cup capacities, it’s not possible to make multiple servings at once, but you can make different smoothies and store them in each of the cups for later.

There are also two shaker/steamer tops that can be used to sprinkle either finely ground spices through the top with the smaller holes or to shake coarser ingredients through the top with the larger holes. You can also use the top with the larger holes to steam foods in the microwave.

Two resealable lids and one flip-top to-go lid are also included. The resealable options work well to store your smoothies in the refrigerator should you make them in advance. And you can also use them to cover your smoothie if you want to carry it with you in a backpack.

The flip-top to-go lid is great for drinking straight out of the cup.


Magic Bullet comes powered with a 200-watt motor which is adequate for preparing purees and smoothies. But it will fall short for anything that requires more power than that.

Being a smaller motor also presents the possibility of the blender overheating quickly. To avoid this just make sure to not overload it.

There is a 4-foot long cord with this machine that allows you to place it almost anywhere on your kitchen counter comfortably.

Safety considerations for Magic Bullet are fairly standard where manufacturers warn you to never get the base or the power cord wet. Also, make sure to never touch any moving parts and avoid running the motor for more than one minute at a time.

Another standard feature is the 1-year limited warranty that covers machine malfunctions but not user wear and tear. Should you need any parts to be replaced, you will have to cover shipping charges for those.


Cleaning up Magic Bullet after use is just as easy as operating the unit. Since all parts except the power base are dishwasher safe, place used parts in the dishwasher.

It is recommended, however, to give cups and blades a good rinse to remove any residue stuck on them. If you clean the blade by hand, you can also improve its longevity.

The power base should only be cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Magic Bullet Review: Final Thoughts

Magic Bullet offers an excellent option to people looking for a cost-effective blender with a small footprint. The very reasonable price tag and small dimensions of this unit offer good value for the money, making it instantly suitable for people with smaller kitchens, students living in dorms, or busy bees always on the go.

Anyone looking for a simple machine to assist with healthy eating practices will also benefit from Magic Bullet as will people new to blending who don’t want to make a considerable investment.

A winner for making customized, individual recipes, Magic Bullet makes blending easy with its cup system for storage and carrying. Its dishwasher-safe attachments make cleaning a breeze and multiple functions let you do everything you need to do on a budget.

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Baby Bullet Review: Magic Baby Bullet Baby Care System

baby bullet baby care system thumbnail

baby bullet reviewThe Baby Bullet Blender hails from the same family of impressive blenders that brought you the original Magic Bullet. The company is known for making different versions of their original blender with Baby Bullet set to take on all the challenges of preparing home-made, fresh meals for your baby.

For parents whose baby is ready to step up to solid foods, the big question that comes up is whether to make their own baby food or opt for store-bought varieties. Of course, home-prepared food gives you complete control over what goes into your baby’s tummy with no concern for added sugars or preservatives, but it can be a time-consuming process.

However, as you’ll find out in this Baby Bullet review, you can cut that time considerably when preparing DIY baby food at home. Plus, the blender comes with a set of six individual storage containers so that storing (and even freezing) batches of baby food becomes a cinch.

Baby Bullet Review: Overview

Baby Bullet is an easy-to-use appliance that does all the work for you when preparing and storing homemade baby food. It operates as a puree-only blender that can produce a variety of different consistencies for your growing baby. Starting with precisely pureed, soft first-stage foods to chunkier consistencies of meatballs and spaghetti, Baby Bullet can handle it all.

The one thing you will have to do is bake, steam, or boil your veggies, fruits and meats in advance and cool them before popping them into the Baby Bullet.

Design and Operation

One of the first things you may notice when using Baby Bullet is that it comes with a wide mouth of the blender bowl. This is a smart design element as it makes scooping your pre-cut foods from another container into the bullet a mess-free step. There is very little chance of spills and messes.

Operating Baby Bullet is also a one-step procedure. Simply secure the lid in place and screw the blender bowl into the power base. This appliance remains minimal without any confusing buttons or settings. Push down on the blender bowl to start the motor and twist the bullet out to stop.

The blending operation lets you get the consistency you desire whether it’s a fine puree or a chunkier blend. Baby Bullet does so with dual blades for handling different types of foods. Plus, there is a grain blade that helps create smooth cereals without leaving bits of grain or pasta in the final product.

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While the puree function is straightforward by holding the blender bowl down, you can use the pulse function to create chunkier foods.

The 200-watt motor on this machine can run up to one minute without pause making pureeing softer foods a quick process.

Pour out your baby food from the blender bowl straight into the storage containers to refrigerate or into the freezer tray to freeze.


Cleaning up Baby Bullet is also as easy as the set-up and operation. The wide shape of the blender bowl and storage containers makes them really easy to rinse and wash.

Some users may feel that pre-cooking the foods adds another step to the meal prep process. While that may be so, it also helps make your Baby Bullet easier to clean. As far as work is concerned, stove-top steaming is often easier to manage with fewer parts to clean than traditional all-in-one baby food makers.

Cooking foods separately also means that since Baby Bullet doesn’t have a steam tank, there is no need to worry about descaling or mineral deposits in the unit. For other models that come with cooking features, it’s not always possible to access the tank which can give mold and bacteria lots of places to hide.

If any food does get stuck/spilt on the power base, it’s easy to wipe it off with a damp cloth, making sure to have unplugged the unit first.

On the flip side, it is not recommended to place the plastic parts in the dishwasher. This means that the blender bowls and containers should be hand washed in hot, soapy water instead.


You are already getting two sizes of blender bows when you buy Baby Bullet. There is the bigger 4-cup batch bowl which lets you prepare food for the whole week and then a smaller version that nicely accommodates a smaller, 2-ounce serving for the day.

So, while it’s not that difficult to store or use up the smaller batch of prepared food, what do you do with a larger batch?

Well, this is where Baby Bullet shines over the competition by including six single-serving containers with reusable date markers. The storage cups let you keep prepared food in the refrigerator with a date-dial component that keeps you on track. Place the cups in the included tip-proof tray for easy and secure storage.

In addition, there is also an easy-pop batch tray that comes with its own lid for use in the freezer. The silicon-based tray lets you freeze single servings of baby food and just pop them out when ready for use. With this tray, you can store up to 12 ounces of puree or any other type of baby food.

Also included are a spatula for scooping and handling foods as well as a user manual and cookbook to get you started.

Baby Bullet Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean product with minimal health or safety concerns, then you really need not look any further than Baby Bullet.

This mini blender will do the work for you by creating consistently smooth purees minus the fuss of multiple parts to manage, or steam tanks to clean. It does, however, include everything you need to prepare nutritious purees and delicious mashes for your baby.

With its ease of convenient usability and clean up, Baby Bullet proves itself to be a hassle-free appliance that will take you successfully through your journey of making homemade baby food. Everything from meal prep to storage solutions comes included with this handy purchase.

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