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Nutribullet Alternative: 3 Top Rated Models

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Bella Rocket | Best Overall Choice: Ninja BL456

nutribullet alternativeIf you’re a NutriBullet loyalist, you’ll know that this handy little gadget is all about power and performance in a small package. But with more and more brands making their way into the bullet blender market, you can also consider NutriBullet alternatives that won’t put a dent in your budget yet deliver the same goods.

But why would you consider an alternative to an already established brand? Perhaps there are newer models that offer more versatility or come at better price points. Maybe you want something that is even more compactly sized than the NutriBullet. Or maybe you’re in the market for a highly portable unit.

All this is available when you look at the options. So, to help you find something that will cater to your needs best, let me walk you through my recommendations for the three best NutriBullet alternatives.

Top Rated Nutribullet Alternative Of 2020

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Best Overall Ninja BL456

Best Overall

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Best Budget Bella Rocket Blender

Best Budget

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Ninja BL456: Best Overall

ninja bl456Closely contending the NutriBullet, the Ninja BL456 is a force to reckon with. Based on the same principles of user-friendliness as NutriBullet, this Ninja model will do everything for you (and some more) that NutriBullet can.

Fast and Reliable Machine

The BL456 is a sturdy blender that works by the standard Push-and-Blend mechanism of bullet blenders. There are no buttons or dials to contend with and operation requires pulsing the unit to get the results you want. The pulsing feature also lets you work with ice and frozen foods more successfully.

However, the one oversight seems to be the absence of an On/Off button which means that you have to keep holding the jar down for the entire duration of the blend. Now this may not be a big deal when blending protein shakes, but for longer blends, a hands-free option would be more welcome.

Power Profile

What is pleasantly surprising though is the amount of power this personal blender packs. Despite its compact stature, the BL456 yields an impressive 900 watts of power which is something expected of a traditional countertop blender.

The 900-watt motor gives the blender enough pulverizing power to break down large pieces of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. To complete this awesome package, you get two cups with your purchase, each with a sip and seal lid.

The unit is ideal for small kitchens, although by comparison it tends to be bulkier than most bullet blenders. Still, it is compact enough to store on countertop without any issue or stow away in a kitchen cabinet.

Bella Rocket: Budget Pick

bella rocketThe price for this blender is a serious steal as you not only get a personal blender but one that comes as a 12-piece set.

Great Price Point

The Bella Rocket comes with a 700-watt motor putting it in between the NutriBullet at 600 watts and the Ninja BL456 at 900 watts. That’s not bad at all for a blender that costs a fraction of the other two models.

This machine is great for blending smoothies and shakes bullet style and fares decently well when handling kale, frozen berries, and ice. Although it is recommended to chop frozen foods into smaller pieces before placing them in the blender. Its capacity is also on par with the BL456 with its larger containers able to handle 24-oz blends.

With its ability to chop, grind, or blend, you can save space in your kitchen by investing in just one device and not several others.

Comprehensive Accessory Package

The total package that comes with the Bella Rocket is a big one. Along with the power base, the blending blade, and the grinding blade you also get two tall blending cups and one small grinding cup. Plus, there are 2 shaker tops, 2 resealable lids and 2 lip rings to make it quite a comprehensive collection of accessories.

The base is available in 12 fun colors to match your style and kitchen décor. So, if you need a small-sized, budget blender for making daily smoothies, the Bella Rocket offers useful features that you will like.

Oster MyBlend

oster my blendThe Oster MyBlend is the best personal blender you can find by way of simplicity and it’s pretty affordable too.

On-The-Go Design

An entry-level blender, this is a simple and compact machine for making smoothies and shakes right in the sport bottle. Its bottle is designed for convenient carrying once you’re done blending your drink.

Making a great shake or smoothie is as simple as loading the bottle with ingredients, twisting on the blades, and placing the container on the base. Simply press down and voila! You have your on-the-go drink ready.

This basic blender is ideal for drinks using soft ingredients as its low power motor limits what you can put in it. If you prefer having frozen drinks instead, then you should look for something with a little more power.

Instant Results

The 250-watt motor on this unit is miles away from being the strongest, but it will get your shake or smoothie ready without fuss. Also, the 20-oz capacity may be somewhat limited, but you can get MyBlend bottles available separately and keep a few on you for when you want more than one serving. The bottle is made from BPA-free material and safe to blend in and drink from. The resalable lid makes it easy to carry the bottle with you.

One excellent feature that the MyBlend offers is the inclusion of an overheat protection feature which shuts the motor off when placed under too much stress. Since the motor is already a weaker one, this feature prevents it from damaging too soon.

NutriBullet Alternative: A Complete Buying Guide

Bullet blenders such as the NutriBullet are favored because of their compact size, ease-of-use, and the convenience of portability. So, if you’re looking to replace your NutriBullet with a different model or brand, keep the following few things in mind:


Power requirements for bullet blenders can vary significantly based on what you plan on blending. If your requirements are fairly basic, then smaller models with less power such as the Oster MyBlend will do just fine. But if you wish to do more than just blend, then look for higher-powered alternatives such as the Ninja BL456 for a greater variety of functions.

Blender Footprint

The idea behind bullet blenders such as the NutriBullet is a simple operation and compact storage. This means that most blenders in this category are designed to have a small footprint.

Now, there are models that are way more compact than the NutriBullet, so if you’re trying to save on space, then consider these options. Just take a look at the Oster MyBlend and you’ll know what I mean. Or, if you go the way of higher wattage, and more functions then you can end up with a model like Ninja BL456 which though still a bullet blender, is bigger than many other similar models.

That said, there are even larger models than follow the bullet style of inversion blending but size-wise are comparable to traditional countertop blenders. So, you should carefully consider your space availability (or restriction) before getting a different blender.

Number of Accessories Included

NutriBullet blenders are known for coming with an impressive set of accessories, so when you look for an alternative, you should also look at what’s included with the package. To make the most of portability, your replacement blender should give you two to three cup options, an equal number of accompanying lids, varying lid types, and the option to purchase accessories separately should you wish to expand your appurtenances.

The Bella Rocket, in this regard, is an excellent option as it contains one of the most inclusive accessory packages available.

When looking at drinking cups, don’t forget to check the size and design to see if they’ll be easy to carry, put in a bag, or place in your car’s cup holder. When blending cups with a larger capacity come with a handle, it becomes so much easier to carry them. The NutriBullet offers one such option with its party mug and its innovations like this that have kept this classic blender in the running for so long.

NutriBullet Alternative: Final Thoughts

ninja bl456 is my top pickAlthough NutriBullet remains one of the most popular personal blender models ever, the brand now faces some serious competition from other similar blenders.

Among today’s choices for suitable NutriBullet alternatives, the BL456 comes out as the best overall alternative. With its superior motor power, strong performance, and similar price point, this Ninja model is a popular contender among personal blenders.

Your best NutriBullet alternative on a budget is the Bella Rocket which excels in efficiency and affordability. Its versatile performance and compact design make it a useful device to have for on-the-go smoothies.

Another excellent choice for smoothie drinkers on-the-go, the Oster MyBlend is one of the easiest to operate machines and offers decent value for its price. This simple blender delivers on all fronts of speed, user-friendliness, space efficiency, and portability making it an acceptable yet way more affordable NutriBullet alternative.