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How to use a Ninja Blender for Juicing: Simple 5 Step Guide

ninja blender for juicingA Ninja blender is a great tool for making fresh, healthy juices at home. You can use your Ninja blender for juicing, and it will save you from having to buy an expensive juicer.

Blenders are often used for making juices, and they can be a great alternative to juicers because they don’t require much work or preparation. You can make juice in your Ninja blender without too many issues and a few extra steps.

Most people think Ninja blenders are just used for crushing ice and making smoothies, but Ninja blenders can also be used to make juice. In this blog post, we will show you the steps from start to finish on how to make juice in your Ninja blender.

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Juicing in a Ninja Blender: Preparation

Before you start, you need to gather all of the equipment you need to make juice in a Ninja blender. You will need the following items:

  • Ninja Blender
  • Cutting board & knife for chopping fruit and vegetables
  • Small bowl or container to catch the juice when you strain it
  • Fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth/nut milk bag
  • Rubber or silicone spatula

How to use a Ninja Blender for Juicing: The Process

Now you are ready to start juicing. First, cut up all of your fruit and vegetables into small pieces so they fit nicely inside your Ninja blender cup. You can also use whole fruits if you want but depending on how big they are it might be harder to blend them properly.

Once everything is chopped, place it all in the Ninja blender cup, slowly adding some water until well blended together. Depending on what type of juice recipe you’re making this step may vary slightly from juice to juice. Soft vegetables and fruit that contain a lot of water can be blended without adding any water, and hard vegetables and fruit will need water.

Once your mixture is well blended, you will need to strain it into a small bowl or container in order to separate the pulp from the juice. You can do this by using either a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth/nut milk bag over another medium-sized bowl if needed.

If you want very clear juice without any pulp then you should line your strainer with paper towels so that only the juice goes through leaving all of the pulp behind. This step is optional depending on how much fiber you want in your final product but if none is left at all it can alter the taste significantly by removing too much healthy fiber content.

Use a rubber spatula or other utensil to gently press down on the vegetables inside of the strainer forcing out more liquid until no more comes out. Then pour what’s left into a glass and enjoy! You’ve now made fresh juice that tastes great without having to use an expensive juicer machine!

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Ninja Blender Juice Recipe

ninja blender green juice recipeThis recipe is refreshing and is the perfect drink to start your day. And yes, this recipe can be made in your Ninja blender!


  • ½ lemon, peeled
  • ½ cucumber, cut into chunks
  • a handful of fresh spinach leaves
  • ½ green apple, cut into chunks
  • 1 cup water


Place all ingredients in the Ninja blender cup and add half of the water.

Blend until everything is well combined. Pour through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth/nut milk bag over another medium-sized bowl to separate the pulp from the juice.

Transfer the juice mixture into a glass and enjoy! You can also garnish the chilled drink with mint leaves before serving for added flavor & presentation value. This recipe makes two glasses worth so adjust amounts accordingly depending on how many servings you are looking to make.

The remaining pulp can be used for soups, baked goods, sauces, etc., so don’t throw it away. Store any leftover juice covered in the fridge for up to 48 hours. This recipe makes about 16 ounces of fresh fruit & vegetable juice that can be stored in your fridge for later use. It’s also easy on the wallet which is always nice.

Now you know how to make juices using a Ninja blender at home – no need to purchase expensive juicer machines anymore.

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What’s the Difference Between Juices and Smoothies?

Although these two drinks are often confused with one another there is a distinct difference between them.

Smoothies contain whole fruits and vegetables that have been blended together to make a thick beverage while juices usually only include the liquid from those ingredients minus any excess pulp.

Juices can be made in blenders too but specifically designed juicer machines will leave you with more juice and less pulp than what’s possible if using a blender.

The end result depends on personal preference but we recommend trying both smoothies & juices for yourself so you can tell the difference for yourself.

The Benefits of Using a Blender for Juicing

There are several benefits of using your blender over juicer machines depending on what you’re looking for in your final beverage product.

You can make fresh juice without having to purchase any expensive equipment and it’s likely that you already have most, if not all, of the necessary ingredients at home so it won’t cost much more than just buying pre-made juices from the store or supermarket.

Blender recipes usually yield less pulp vs juicers which means you get more liquid with each batch but lack some fiber content since juicing extracts pure juice while blending leaves behind small parts of fruit & vegetables as pulp – this will vary between different types/brands of blenders though so do your own research.

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How to use a Ninja Blender for Juicing: Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Now that you know how to make juice in a Ninja blender at home, I’m sure your life is about to be changed forever.

The entire juicing process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, depending on how many servings you are making.

You’ll never buy juice again once you realize what real fruit and vegetable juices taste like, not watered down or full of sugar like store-bought ones are.

Cheers for healthy living & juicing recipes made easy with the help of your trusted Ninja blender!

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