Miallegro Immersion Blender Review: Powerful 5 Speed Blender

miallegro immersion blender reviewThe Miallegro 9090G MiTutto is an affordable and professional immersion hand blender that works to dramatically improve your effectiveness in the kitchen. This tiny little blender works using 550 watts of power. It is extremely reliable, it has five speeds, and it comes with a turbo button.

If you are looking for a quality immersion blender at a low price, this unit is going to be great for you. It helps with all kinds of blending, mixing, grinding, whisking, and even frothing. Plus, this product comes with loads of attachments and accessories. It is able to do all the different kitchen jobs by simply attaching the proper extension.

This unit is stylish, it comes with a long cord so that you can be mobile in your kitchen, and it even has a 15-month warranty. You will have a difficult time finding another immersion blender for under $50 that works as well as this one. It’s easy to clean, all the pieces are dishwasher safe, and you can store it out of the way because it is so small and lightweight.

Miallegro Immersion Blender Review: Overview

We have a lot to go over today in regard to the Miallegro Immersion Blender. Immersion blenders are extremely unique, mostly in that you operate them by hand, they don’t require any kind of special knowledge, and you can use it for a wide variety of tasks.

For anyone who does a lot of baking and preparation of ingredients, immersion blenders are extremely handy. You can use it to froth and whip, to blend ingredients, to grind dry grains, and to chop vegetables. Simply place the immersion blender into the container and start blending. You are in total control.

Powerful & Professional

You might think that at such a low price, this blender doesn’t offer professional quality. But that is simply not the case. The Miallegro immersion blender has extremely professional functions. It works great. Not only is it excellent for blending and mixing your ingredients, but you can use it to chop apart all your vegetables and fruit for different recipes.

With 550 watts of power, you will amaze your friends by how quickly you can turn raw ingredients into a smoothie or a shake simply by inserting the immersion blender into your glass. In fact, you can make entire meals in an instant just by blending your fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, and yogurt into a scrumptious serving of healthy food!

There is really no limit to what you can do with this powerful blender. You can chop garlic, you can slice tomatoes, and you can grind spices. And the best part is that you don’t leave behind a disgusting mess. This blender comes included with an enclosed chopping attachment that you can use for dicing onions in mere seconds. No more tears and no more messes.

Better Blending, Easier Cleaning

One of the big advantages of using an immersion blender is the lack of a mess, easy cleaning, and the total control. Rather than having to be confined to a stationary blender with a large container, you can use your immersion blender inside any dish. This makes it excellent for whisking, stirring, and for blending. This particular unit even comes with a whisk attachment so that you don’t need to hurt your arms while whisking.

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When it comes to cleaning, it has never been easier. Simply put the attachments into the dishwasher and forget about it. Everything here is dishwasher safe. The entire blender weighs only about two and a half pounds, making it light in your hands. It is also small enough that you can keep it stored in a drawer, out of sight and out of mind.

And don’t forget how easy it is to use this blender! The controls are all on the base of the tool, you remain in absolute control over the blending speed and motions, and it fits ergonomically in your hand!

Variable Speeds

Even an immersion blender needs variable speeds. The Miallegro immersion blender comes with exactly 5 different speed settings. This allows you to blend your smoothie, soup, or other creation to your ideal texture. No more guessing and no more out-of-control blades that spin too quickly or don’t spin quickly enough.

The blender also comes with a turbo button. This will spin your blades at an unreal speed to make almost instantaneous work of the thickest and stickiest mixtures. Even the hardest ingredients don’t stand a chance when you use the turbo feature. If you want to grind coffee beans, spices, or nuts, you can easily do it with the intense speed of the blender.

As a side note, the blender actually looks pretty nifty too. It has a compact design, it’s decorated in attractive colors, and it looks modern. This is definitely a small kitchen tool you can be proud of using. It also has seriously advanced technology and is far more capable than other immersion blenders.

Miallegro Immersion Blender Review: Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Miallegro Immersion Blender shouldn’t be a huge surprise. This is one fantastic blender, and if I have to leave you with one piece of advice it would be to purchase this machine! It can seriously help all your cooking and preparation in the kitchen. It has all the necessary accessories and attachments, it’s elegant, and it is effective.

Surprisingly, this hand blender has 550 watts of power, making it more powerful than many personal blenders. It has five variable speeds so that you can control the texture of your blend, and it has a turbo button for when you need to do quick mixing. The tool is very easy to store and put away, you can clean it in just a few minutes, and you can put it in the dishwasher.

Anyone looking for an excellent hand blender at a low price needs to consider this tool. If you are constantly baking and cooking, this hand blender is going to be your best friend in the kitchen.

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