How To Blend Without A Blender: 7 Simple Steps

how to blend without a blender

Imagine a scenario where you overhear a conversation on the newest homemade smoothie recipe; you crave for it, but then, you do not have a blender. What will you do? Blenders are only a technological invention created to make work easier. Therefore, you can definitely make a smoothie even without a blender. If you are … Read more

How To Ninja Blend Your Way To Ketosis

ninja blender ketosis

Eating foods with high quantities of fat is generally believed to lead to an increase in weight, although that may not necessarily be true. Namely, the concept of ketogenic diets tells a different story, as it mainly relies on eating high-fat foods while avoiding carbs in big circles. It’s a bit more complex than it … Read more

10 Coffee Brewing Tips: Make Barista Style Coffee At Home

difference between beans and instant

Many people spend significant time and money getting that daily gourmet coffee fix. However, what if you could enjoy a beautifully-crafted brew in your own home? If you want to make your own top-quality coffee at home, you can. Here are our best tips curated by experts to help you enjoy the finest brew possible … Read more

Blendtec Tomato Soup Recipes: Quick And Easy

blendtec tomato soup recipes featured

Everybody loves a good bowl of tomato soup, no matter what season it is. Tomato soup is creamy, it is crispy, and it is good either hot or cold. You really can’t go wrong when making your own tomato soup recipe at home. There are tons of different variations for tomato soup recipes, but today … Read more