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How To Remove Vitamix Blade: Simple 5 Step Process

how to remove vitamix bladeVitamix blenders are built with strong blades helping you to process your food in minutes. But what do you do when you need to deep clean and you have to remove the blade assembly?

The first time my Vitamix blades got stuck when preparing a vegetable puree, I was afraid of opening it. I could not imagine what would happen if I damaged it or hurt myself while at it.

In this article, I will show you how to remove Vitamix blades. To find out, keep reading!

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Removing Vitamix Blade

Vitamix blades are ultra-sharp and strong, allowing you to blend hard ingredients. Vitamix discourages users from removing the blades unless when necessary. You have no option but to remove the blades for thorough cleaning and during blade replacement. Follow the manual provided and be careful not to hurt yourself.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on; how to remove a Vitamix blade assembly, read on!

How To Remove Vitamix Blade Assembly Step-By-Step

Warning: Vitamix blades are very sharp. Before removing the blade assembly, ensure that the Vitamix container is not attached to the motor base to reduce the risk of injury.

Always use a piece of cloth when handling the blades to prevent movement when loosening the retainer nut.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to remove Vitamix blade assembly;

Step 1: Unplug The Vitamix From The Power Source

Ensure that your blender is not connected to the power source to prevent any possibility of a running motor when handling the blades.

Step 2: Remove The Vitamix Container From The Motor Base

Grab the sides of your Vitamix container and twist it to the right until it becomes loose.

Lift the Vitamix container to detach it from the power base.

Step 3: Locate The Retainer Nut

Remove the lid from the container.

Place your Vitamix container on a flat countertop.

Look at the bottom of the container and locate the retainer nut. It’s round in shape and silver in color.

Step 4: Remove The Retainer Nut

Hold the container safely to restrict its movement.

Pick your Vitamix blending blade removal wrench. If you do not have one, pick an ordinary screwdriver.

Secure the wrench onto the retainer nut. Turn the retainer nut anticlockwise until it comes off the Vitamix blender container.

Ensure that you have a thick piece of cloth covering your hand to avoid any injuries.

Step 5: Remove The Retainer Blade

Turn your Vitamix container upside down.

Place the thick piece of cloth over the blade assembly and let the blade fall gently on the fabric.

Grasp the Vitamix blade securely and lift it out from the container.

Place the Vitamix container upright on a flat service while you clean your blade.

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Which Is The Best Tool For Removing A Vitamix Blade Assembly

Vitamix Blade Removal Wrench

As mentioned earlier in the article, the Vitamix blade removal wrench is the best tool to use when removing your Vitamix assembly.

It is designed to prevent your hands and the retainer nut from slipping when working.

It is long enough to reach the bottom of your Vitamix container hence keeping your hands safe from the sharp blades.

Additionally, if your blade is broken, the wrench helps prevent further damage to the blades and ensure that there are no sharp edges to interact with while removing the blade.

Most blending blade removal wrenches purchased from amazon are compatible with all Vitamix blender jars.

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How To Remove Vitamix Blade Without Wrench

remove vitamix blade without wrenchYes, you can remove your Vitamix blade assembly without the wrench. However, you have to take extra precautions not to injure your hands with the ultra-sharp blades.


If you are using a screwdriver, place it horizontally across one lob slot on the retainer. Remember to keep your fingers as far as possible from the blades.

The shafts should rest on the center drive spline while the tip rests past the screw driver’s prong junction. Turn the retainer nut anticlockwise.

Avoid using a lot of pressure when turning the retainer nut to avoid damaging or breaking your blender container or the blade assembly.

Remove The Blade Manually

Use a thick piece of cloth to reach for the retainer nut. The nut is large enough for you to grasp.

Using your first finger and your thumb, turn the retainer nut anticlockwise and remove it slowly.

Then turn your Vitamix container right side up and lift out the blade assembly safely using the thick piece of cloth.

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What Reasons Would Make Me Remove My Vitamix Blade?

Thorough Cleaning

The apparent reason that would make you remove the Vitamix blade assembly is when you need to do some thorough cleaning.

Vitamix blenders hide food particles between and beneath the blades. If left uncleaned, the food particles develop microorganisms that could cause food poisoning.

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Stuck Blades

When blending, food may get stuck between the blades in areas you may not reach. The blades consequently stop turning, and you cannot go ahead with your blending.

You will be forced to remove your Vitamix blade assembly to remove the stuck food and check out any other underlying condition.

Blade Replacement

Vitamix blades may wear out with time, and it may be hard for you to blend. Additionally, your blender may blow up because of using faulty blades.

You will need to remove the old blades and make a replacement with a new Vitamix blade assembly.

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Does The Vitamix Owner’s Manual Have A Blade Remove Guide?

Yes, Vitamix provides its consumers with a guide on removing the Vitamix blade assembly in the user manual.

Suppose you have lost or misplaced your user manual handbook; no need to panic. Vitamix online owner’s manual is readily available for viewing. You can also download it and print it.

How To Remove Vitamix Blade – Final Thoughts

Just like any other kitchen appliance, Vitamix blenders need proper maintenance. This means thorough cleaning and replacement of the blades if damaged.

Ensure that the blender is disconnected from the power socket before removing the Vitamix blade. Use the right tool to loosen the retainer nut and a thick piece of cloth to hold the blade.

Apply all the precaution measures I have indicated in this article to avoid hurting yourself with the ultra-sharp Vitamix blades.