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How To Make Celery Juice With Nutribullet: 9 Celery Benefits

how to make celery juice with nutribulletJuicing has become an increasingly popular trend as it’s a much easier way to consume fruits and vegetables in larger quantities daily. Blending up your favorite veggies is a lot easier and less time-consuming than you may think.

So today, I will go over one of the most well-known superfoods out there, and how to make celery juice with Nutribullet.

Celery is not the most exciting vegetable, or even the tastiest, but the health benefits cannot be ignored. If you drink celery juice regularly, you will start to get used to the taste over time. You may even grow to love it!

Benefits of celery juice

celery juice nutribulletThe vegetable under discussion today is celery. This superfood helps your body in so many ways, it’s almost inexcusable to not include it in your diet. Listed below are some of the benefits you can gain from having celery juice.

  • Celery is full of the antioxidants apigenin and luteolin. Apigenin is a flavonoid antioxidant known to kill cancer cells, while luteolin protects your inner skin cells and fights off the effects of UV damage on your skin.
  • Celery acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. The polyacetylene found in it reduces chronic joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. It also soothes your overall nerves.
  • Celery reduces toxicity levels in your body, boosts overall immunity, and slows down the growth and expansion of mutated, harmful cells.
  • Celery can help rehydrate your body, starting with replenishing the hydrochloric acids in your stomach. This helps in the process of breaking down and digesting food. It also revitalizes the gastric mucus that is found on your stomach lining, to prevent injuries to your organs’ internal skin.
  • Celery lowers your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels thanks to a compound found in it called 3-n-butylphthalide. It also lowers your blood pressure, relaxing your muscles while steadying the flow of both calcium and potassium inside your body.
  • Celery encourages the production of enzymes in your liver, which reduces fat build-up within. The more enzymes there are, the faster and more efficiently fats and toxins are flushed out of your system.
  • Celery is a good, natural solution to constipation, bloating, and puffiness. It helps your body retain water levels and can play the role of a mild laxative as well as a diuretic when needed.
  • Without increasing insulin levels, celery can also reduce your body’s overall glucose levels.
  • Finally, there are the good old-fashioned vitamins and minerals that you can find inside of celery. There is vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and folate. Celery is very high in nutrition and low in calories being a beneficial vegetable you don’t want to miss out on.

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When is it best to drink your celery juice?

The ideal time to enjoy a nice glass of refreshing and filling celery juice is first thing in the morning. Everyone wants to start their day off right, and the best way to do that is by starting it healthy.

The benefits of celery are best digested on an empty stomach, so your morning should start with nothing but celery. Have your proper breakfast 20 to 30 minutes after you’ve had your celery juice. Another time to have celery juice is in the afternoon or evening as a snack half an hour before one of your meals.

How much should you drink at once?

You don’t want to drink too much in one day, but you do want to get your fill of health benefits from your celery juice, so two glasses a day is the perfect amount to have. This is 16 ounces of celery juice every day.

If you think this is a bit much for you to keep up with at once, then break it into one glass a day until you’re comfortable with the routine and taste.

Why should you juice celery instead of eating it?

In order to reap maximum benefits, your celery consumption needs to be one head of celery every day. That means around 9 to 12 stalks of celery every single day. Rather than eating so many stalks, you can turn one head of celery into two proper servings of celery juice and have it twice a day. It’s easier and more convenient for many people who are not in the habit of light snacking.

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Who does celery benefit most?

Celery is best for people who have a high level of protein consumption. It’s also good for people with weaker digestive tracts and fewer stomach acids than they should have.

Otherwise, if you’re simply looking for a healthy addition to your daily routine, then celery is a wonderful choice. Though not the first option many people choose as a drink, there are a handful of benefits in each serving and it’s no hassle making it on the daily.

Celery juice recipe

celery juice benefits and recipesNow that you know the benefits of celery juice, it’s time to learn how to make celery juice with your Nutribullet blender. The best part is, there is nothing complicated at all! With water, celery, and your Nutribullet on hand, you can make this juice as much as you want, as many times as you want!


  • ¾ cups of raw celery (washed)
  • ½ cup of water

And that’s all you need!


Step 1: First, wash your celery and place it into the blender. It’s optional to chop up the celery beforehand, to make blending easier with smaller parts. Pour the water over the celery.

Step 2: Blend the juice in 30 to 60-second intervals until it is smooth.

Step 3: Strain your celery mixture through a strainer until it is completely smooth and has no more chunks. You can press the back of a tablespoon on top of thicker chunks left behind on the strainer and throw out the left-over residue.

Step 4: You should now have enough celery juice for one serving, which you can enjoy immediately for the best and optimal benefits.

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How to make celery juice with NutriBullet: final thoughts

And with that, you’re done! You now have an easy-going recipe that requires little to no effort, can be done on a daily basis, and puts your Nutribullet blender to good use. You get all of the benefits of celery juiced into one refreshing morning drink you can have every day.