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How To Make A Protein Shake – 3 Healthy & Delicious Recipes

how to make a protein shakeYou’ve probably heard or read about protein shakes. But do you know whether protein shakes are recommended for everyone? And do you know how to make a protein shake yourself?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about protein shakes so that you can decide if they are right for your situation.

I will also show you 3 delicious protein shake recipes so you can get started on your protein shake journey.

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What Is A Protein Shake?

First, of course, you want to know: what is a protein shake? You may have heard this term before, and you might have even tried one. But what is protein?

Protein is an important nutrient and a building block of your body that gives you energy. Should everyone drink protein shakes then?

We asked the sports dietitian Linda Swart of the Nutrition and Sports Advice Bureau: “The diet of most people already contains enough protein. Think of the daily intake of cheese, meat, and dairy. Drinking a protein shake can then ensure that you get too much protein.

Too much protein is not directly harmful unless you have kidney problems, but it does provide extra calories.”

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Athletes & Body Builders Are The Perfect Target Group

So who are protein shakes useful for? Intensive athletes in particular benefit from protein shakes. Then you are talking about athletes who train several times a week or even a day, where muscle recovery and building are important for progress. People who train twice a week have sufficient recovery time, so a shake is less useful.

Suppose you want to lose weight, is it a good idea to regularly take protein shakes? A protein shake can help with weight management or weight loss, but that depends on what you eat and how much you exercise. You must make sure that your diet is complete.

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Whey, Casein, Or Soy

which protein powder for shakesMake your sport intensive and you want to supplement your protein content after a training session with the help of a protein shake. So what’s the best thing to buy?

A protein shake comes in powder form as well as in ready-to-use bottles and cans. It depends on your goal which kind you choose and what ingredients it consists of. The most common protein shakes are whey, casein or soy-based. Some proteins are absorbed faster than others. Whey with leucine (amino acid) is recommended for intensive exercise.

Does a protein shake really contribute to faster muscle recovery and better sporting performance? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

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Make Sure To Vary Your Protein Shakes

Preparing a Whey protein shake is not that difficult. You add the desired amount of protein powder to a mixing cup and then add water or milk. Pure Whey proteins are easily soluble and with that, you have a protein shake within a few seconds with which you stimulate the muscle-building of your body.

Still, it can sometimes be nice to vary your protein shakes. That is why we have listed several variants of the normal protein shakes, below.

Protein Powder With Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese itself already contains a lot of protein and contains a lot of calcium and thus strengthens the bones. Buy a container with natural cottage cheese and add the right amount of protein powder.

By buying whey powder that has already been flavored, you make a simple but healthy and tasty variant of your normal protein shakes.

Variations With Fresh Fruit

how to make fruit protein shakesIn addition to the recommended amount of protein, it is also important to get enough other nutrients. For example, consider vitamins and fiber. A balanced diet is therefore important.

By adding fresh fruit to your protein shake, you contribute to this balanced diet. Some examples are listed below:


The basis for this protein shake is 220ml of semi-skimmed or low-fat yogurt. Add 4 teaspoons of muesli, a tablespoon of raisins (preferably soaked raisins) and an apple cut into pieces. Finish with a pinch of cinnamon if desired. Don’t forget to add the egg whites.

The amount depends on the amount you need at that time of the day, but we recommend adding no more than 40 grams of Whey protein to get the best out of the shake.


This power smoothie starts with about 180 ml of skim milk. Add 3 ice cubes and a kiwi cut into small pieces. Then finish it off with a pinch of cinnamon and about 35 grams of vanilla protein powder. Make sure you put this smoothie through the blender.


The banana shake starts with 200 ml of skimmed milk, after which you add a banana in pieces. It is also possible to add half a cup of orange juice to also add some orange flavor. Finally, add the protein powder to add your needed protein. This shake also must go through the blender again to make it drinkable.

Make Your Own Protein Shakes

You don’t need much to make a simple protein shake. Below we give three recipes, from simple and fast to complex and time-consuming. Depending on your goal, choose milk (contains more casein, so slow proteins) or water as a solvent. The brand of the protein powder and the amount of ingredients is completely up to you. Protein powder is available at most health food stores. Even a plant-based and vegan version. And now: shake it!

Protein Shake 1 – The well-known favorite

Preparation time: 2 minutes. 100 grams of quark with 0 percent fat + 1 banana + 1 large spoon of peanut butter. An easy and tasty way to get some extra protein. Especially a good tip for people who don’t exercise a lot. Throw it in the blender and add some water for the right consistency.

Protein Shake 2 – The fast powerhouse

Preparation time: 2 minutes.  30 grams protein powder with (for example) strawberry flavor + 200 ml water. Just shake and voilà! Ideal for immediately after exercise.

Protein Shake 3 – The recovering sleeper

Preparation time: 10 minutes. 35 grams of protein powder with (for example) strawberry flavor + 200 ml milk + 1 handful of spinach + 220 grams of frozen blueberries. Have you had a hard workout and need slow proteins? Grab the blender and give this a try.

Please note: the above quantities are an average. So always check the product description for the right amount.

How To Make A Protein Shake – Final Thoughts

So now you know what a protein shake is and how it can help you to recover after a workout. If you are not an athlete and do not work out, there may not be any need for you to take protein shakes. They will not do you any harm, but if your body does not need all that protein then it will just use the extra calories and store them as fat.