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How to Do the Smoothie Challenge: 7 Fun Steps

how to do the smoothie challengeYou might remember the smoothie challenge from a few years ago that was extremely popular. Well, it’s making a comeback! With the world going absolutely bananas for smoothies, more and more people are partaking in the smoothie challenge. But what exactly is the smoothie challenge?

The smoothie challenge should not be confused with one of the many healthy smoothie challenges. There are lots of diet challenges, in which people only drink a green smoothie for one week or only drink detox smoothies for 10 days. There are tons of different smoothie challenges when it comes to health.

But THE smoothie challenge is far more interesting, more fun, and way more entertaining. The original smoothie challenge has nothing to do with health and is more of a competition between you and a friend or a partner.

The smoothie challenge is great for anyone interested in starting a journey with smoothies, someone who is new to smoothies and is interested in experimenting, or even just for anyone who wants to spend a hilarious afternoon drinking smoothies with a friend. The rules are simple, and the game is completely based on luck. But the best part is you can do it in your own home with just a handful of different ingredients!

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How to Do the Smoothie Challenge

The smoothie challenge is pretty simple. You and a friend compete to drink their smoothie first. It’s that simple. You and a friend both create unique smoothies and whoever drinks theirs first wins the challenge. The biggest twist is that you may not like what you’re drinking. Your ingredients are going to be totally random, and some of them will be less than appealing.

By following these simple steps, you and a friend can do the smoothie challenge at home without even going to the grocery store. You can definitely use anything you find in your house so long as your fridge is relatively well-stocked with fruits and vegetables.

Doing the Smoothie Challenge

Step 1: Find a partner to play with. You can play with your neighbor, you can play with your kids, and you can even play with your dog if you are really desperate. While the smoothie challenge is designed for two people, you can also play in a group. This is a very fun way to spend an evening with friends.

If playing with more than two people, the rules are the same but things get a little more hectic. There will be way more ingredients. If playing with four or five people, you may need to take a trip to the grocery store first.

Step 2: You need to find 10 ingredients that you would normally add to a smoothie. These ingredients are supposed to be delicious. I’m talking about strawberries, pineapple juice, almonds, milk, cherries, banana, honey, sweetener, and other common ingredients that are generally accepted to be good inside a smoothie.

Note that if you are playing with more than two people, you should find an extra five ingredients per person. So, if you are playing with three people, try to locate 15 ingredients. The ingredients don’t need to be wild either. You can use flaxseed, chia seeds, ordinary milk, water, coconut water, etc.

Step 3: Now find 10 ingredients that are not ideal for a smoothie. They should be 10 things that you would never add to a smoothie because they would make it disgusting. You can add literally anything so long as it is edible.

Some fun suggestions are hot sauce, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, leftover soup, pickle juice, raw onion, salt, pepper, etc. So long as it would taste horrible in a smoothie, it can be added.

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Step 4: Now that you have found all your ingredients, you need to write them down on individual pieces of paper. You will later be drawing these pieces of paper, so make sure your writing is legible. Don’t miss any of the ingredients!

Once all the ingredients are written on pieces of paper, stick them all in a hat or something similar so that you can do a random draw.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the random draw. Each player regardless of how many you have is going to pull a random piece of paper from the hat. Everybody should take turns pulling out pieces of paper until the entire hat is empty.

For this reason, it doesn’t actually matter if you have approximately five ingredients that are good and bad per player, so long as there is a relatively even number of ingredients. And you don’t want too many ingredients, as even too many yummy ingredients will taste terrible when blended.

Step 6: Now it’s time to make your smoothies. Assuming you only have one blender, this might take a little bit of time. Each player is going to deposit their random ingredients into the blender in whichever order they prefer. With the blender loaded, the player can then blend their smoothie until it reaches the proper texture.

If blending the smoothies individually, it is recommended that each player puts their drink into the refrigerator and waits until all the smoothies are ready. Even though this is the smoothie challenge, it is still pretty gross to drink a warm smoothie. This is especially true if it’s full of hot sauce and pepper.

Step 7: The final step is to drink your smoothies. Every player should start at the same time and guzzle their smoothie as quickly as possible. This is the exact same thing as chugging a beer at a college party. Except this is much better for your health and much better for your body!

As you can imagine, the first person to finish their smoothie wins. It is important that everyone blends their smoothies enough to turn the ingredients into liquid, a juicer blender is ideal for this. If smoothies are not properly blended and there are too many large chunks, the challenge is not fair. Everyone should have a full glass of liquid to chug.

And that’s it. Whoever finishes their smoothie first is the winner. You can now switch the ingredients up and try again, or you can quit the game forever.