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How to Clean Nutribullet Blades: 5 Simple Steps

how to clean nutribullet bladesIn this article, I will be explaining how to clean NutriBullet blades. Many people use a NutriBullet in their everyday life, but how often do they clean the blades? We all want our blades to be as sharp and fresh as possible, but how often should they be cleaned?

The blades on a NutriBullet are important as they are responsible for what you create in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have the best ingredients, if the blade isn’t well maintained the blender will struggle to blend correctly.

If you’re not sure how to clean your blades, don’t worry! Here are 5 easy steps that will help you keep your blade looking and working like new.

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How to Clean NutriBullet Blades

Cleaning your NutriBullet blades may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite simple. Here are five easy steps to ensure that your blades are cleaned properly.

Remove the Blade from the Container

The first step is removing the blade from its container by twisting counterclockwise which can be done with wet hands if needed for ease of removal. Remove the blade by holding the stem and twisting the cup in a counterclockwise direction.

Rinse off Blade Under Running Water

The next step is to rinse your NutriBullet blades under running water making sure that all food particles are removed from them. Use warm water and a sponge to gently scrub off any food particles from the blades.

Wash the Blade with Soap and Water

Make sure that you are using a gentle soap or cleaner. You do not want to use anything too abrasive, because it will wear down your blade over time. If you believe there are some stuck-on food particles after cleaning, feel free to put the blade under running water for 30-60 seconds before continuing.

Just add a few drops of soap into warm water then swirl around your NutriBullet blades until all parts are covered with bubbles. Be sure not to submerge the base as this may cause damage or harm when cleaning.

Next, rinse out all soap residue from both your blender container and its lid/blade combination by running hot tap water over them once more making sure no soap remains.

Dry your Blades Immediately After Washing them

Don’t let your blades sit wet, instead dry them immediately with a towel to prevent rusting and calcium buildup which can happen if left uncleaned for too long. Dry off any excess moisture by gently shaking off extra drops of water from the edge of the blade.

Place the blade back into the container by twisting it clockwise until tight. This will ensure it can dry completely overnight before being used again in your NutriBullet machine, and that everything is lined up correctly for when you blend in future blends.

Store Until Next Use

After cleaning, always store your blades on top of a paper towel or dishcloth so they can air dry while not being used. By doing this, you are ensuring that no moisture remains at all on either side of your blender blades. This stops mold from growing onto the blades which could ruin them.

Repeat this process every time you use your NutriBullet to make sure that your blades stay as sharp and clean as possible.

Don’t forget, you can always purchase replacement parts for all of the different types of blades on Amazon. This is a great way to save money if you’re experiencing any issues with broken or worn-down blades.

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Can I Clean NutriBullet Blades in the Dishwasher?

is the nutribullet dishwasher safeYes, the extractor blade can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, but be careful to keep it away from the heat. We don’t want to overheat the blade which could cause damage, so be sure that it is only placed on top of the dishwasher rack and not in direct contact with any heated surfaces.

It’s important to dry everything thoroughly to prevent rust and calcium build-up from occurring on the blade which can cause it to dull. Make sure that nothing is left wet, as this may lead to bacteria growth and mold over time if not dried correctly.

Take care not to use your dishwasher’s sanitize cycle as this could damage the extractor blade or warp the plastic.

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Should I Remove the Gasket (Rubber Seal) for Cleaning?

You should not remove the gasket (rubber seal) from the blade. If you choose to remove it, you may not be able to reattach it correctly and will break the gasket rubber strip or cause damage to your container as a result.

If you remove the gasket and then reattach it, the gasket will stretch. The gasket helps to form a tight seal between the blade and container which is an important part of creating a proper blend.

If your gasket has become loose or stretched out, your container may start to leak. This is a sign that the gasket has become worn and needs to be replaced immediately as it will not hold the blade in place properly anymore.

Can I Replace my Gasket (Rubber Seal)?

The official advice from NutriBullet is you can’t replace the gasket. If the gasket falls out or becomes loose, you need to purchase a new extractor blade for your NutriBullet.

If you search for replacement parts for your NutriBullet, you will come across replacement gaskets. These are not official NutriBullet products, so use them at your own risk. They will likely void your warranty if you use them.

If your NutriBullet is out of its warranty period, then you can try these gaskets. I have replaced a gasket myself in my NutriBullet and everything worked out fine.

When Should I Replace my Blades?

Replacing your current blades with new ones will depend on how often you use your blender as well as what materials are being blended together. If there is food stuck in between the ridges of the blade from time to time, this usually means that it’s time for replacement because the material may also start building up over time.

Some people only need replacements every few years while others may find themselves replacing them every few months. The official guidance from NutriBullet is that you should replace your NutriBullet blade every 6 months, or if the gasket becomes loose.

How to Clean NutriBullet Blades – Final Thoughts

With a little bit of time and effort, you can keep your blades as clean as the day you bought them. This article has given 5 simple steps for how to clean NutriBullet blades – make sure to follow them to keep your blades in top shape.

Now that you know how to clean your NutriBullet blades, you don’t have an excuse to avoid cleaning them. It doesn’t take much time at all, so get in the habit of doing it after every use. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an old or new blade; these tips will help keep your blender working like new without much hassle.