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How to Clean Grill Pans

how to clean grill pansGrill pans are a great way to cook meat indoors. They give you that grill flavor without the hassle of dealing with the weather outside. However, if your pan is caked in grease and food particles after use, how do you clean it? Follow these simple steps below for how to clean a grill pan!

Cleaning your grill pan is something that you should do after each time you use it. Otherwise, the food bits will build up and result in an unpleasant smell when cooking your next meal. It’s also important to clean it before storing it for any period of time so that moisture doesn’t get into the crevices of the metal where rust can form.

Do you have a grill pan that needs to be cleaned? It can be hard sometimes to scrub the grime off of your grill pans, but there are some tips and tricks that will make it much easier. This post is going to teach how to clean the most common types of vegetable grill pans, how long they should take to clean, what tools you need for cleaning them, how often they should be cleaned, and how best to store them so they last longer.

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How to Clean Grill Pans

You can keep your cast iron grill pan looking new with these easy steps. Once you clean it, be sure to reseason after every use by removing any excess water and oil so the food doesn’t stick or burn on its surface!

Follow these tips to easily clean your grill pan!

Salt and Water

The best way to clean a cast-iron grill pan, here’s how you can use salt and water effectively for scrubbing purposes.

  1. Allow the pan to cool, but do not let it cool completely.
  2. Cover the surface of a pan with coarse kosher salt.
  3. Add hot water and stir until all of it dissolve into a paste-like texture.
  4. Use a sponge to scrub the salt around your pan, getting in between all of those ridges and even on top so that every inch gets cleaned.
  5. To remove any salt residue, rinse the pan with hot water.

If necessary repeat this step until there is no more debris or ickiness left in your sink!

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Salt without Water

If you want to keep your cast iron oven clean, but do not have access to or desire water. This method might be perfect!

  1. Sprinkle your pan with a little bit of coarse kosher salt to get the best results.
  2. Using a paper towel is an easy and effective way to rub away any stuck-on food.
  3. Add more salt as needed and continue to use the paper towel with it.
  4. Using a new paper towel, do one more wipe down and dump all residue and salt into the trash.

Soap and Water

You may be surprised to know that soap and water can actually clean your cast iron, but the right way. When used correctly these two ingredients will help you remove any rust or dirt on it without harming its seasoning which is why we recommend only using them when necessary.

  1. Place a small amount of non-abrasive soap or detergent in the middle and rub until bubbles form.
  2. Scrubbing down the pan with hot water and soap will leave it clean.
  3. Put hot water to rinse the grill pan.
  4. Using steel wool, a scrubber or sponge is an effective way to get rid of even more pesky food particles from your pots and pans!
  5. To remove any soap residue, rinse the skin with water.

Boiling Water

One way to clean your grill pan, if it has tall sides and contains large food particles is by following this process. It’s important that you note the technique will only work with pans like these since water cannot flow down into smaller gaps.

  1. Fill the bottom portion of the grill pan with about two to three inches of water and put it back on top.
  2. After a few minutes of boiling, the food will begin to float on top.
  3. If you want to be able to remove any stuck-on food, use a spatula and scrape it between the ridges.
  4. When the pan has cooled, dump water and residues down your drain.
  5. It is important to make sure you rinse out the empty pan with hot water after each use. This will keep your kitchen countertop clean and sanitized, preventing bacterial growth.
  6. You can use a dry paper towel to wipe away any remaining food particles, but be careful not to soak them with liquid.

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How to Clean Grill Pans – Final Thoughts

No matter what method you use, or how often your grill pan gets cleaned; when they are well preserved with care and love over time- the result will always be delicious food that guests come back to enjoy again!