How Does Vitamix Make Hot Soup? Find Out Now

how does vitamix make hot soupIf you have been shopping around for blenders, you have probably seen many blenders advertised that they make hot soup. But how exactly can any blender make hot soup when they can’t actually cook? I mean, how does your Vitamix make hot soup!

Your biggest concern is probably that this is false advertising, but that is not actually the case. Many blenders can indeed make hot soup, including your Vitamix blender. It is not about cooking so much as it is about heating.

Today we will learn how your Vitamix can make hot soup, what other kinds of hot things it can make, and how exactly you can go about doing it. Obviously, your Vitamix blender does not have a cooking mechanism, there is no heating element inside the blender, nor does it have a switch that activates a heat mode.

Nonetheless, just by spinning its blades, your Vitamix blender will easily heat up cold soup so that you can eat it directly. Let’s take a look at how.

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Can Your Vitamix Cook Meat?

cooked meatThe short answer is no. Your Vitamix blender can absolutely not cook meat, and nobody recommends that you try. No matter how clever you think you are, your Vitamix blender will not cook any meat.

If you are looking to add meat into your soup, you will need to cook it separately. This is not a recommendation, it is just reality. Additionally, you will need to cook your vegetables separately. For example, if you are adding potatoes into your soup, you will need to cook them first.

It is important that you understand the Vitamix blender is not going to cook your soup, it is simply going to heat it until it is hot. For this reason, you need to cook any ingredients before they get put into the blender. This includes vegetables, meat, and any other edible ingredient you intend to cook.

However, one of the great things about heating your soup in a Vitamix blender is that your soup ingredients will retain all of their nutrients because they are not being cooked. For raw vegetables, this is great and extremely healthy. This is why a lot of people who prefer eating only raw foods love Vitamix blenders.

As a general rule, stay aware that if you want to keep your live food enzymes completely intact, you only want to blend your soup for about 3 or 4 minutes. This is because the Vitamix blender will heat up by about 10 degrees per minute. Because of that, heating your food only for about 4 minutes will keep all the enzymes intact. It may be helpful to keep a kitchen thermometer with you if you want to get the temperature exactly right.

If you are not sure, the best food temperature for most raw foodists is about 40 degrees Celsius. If you make your food any hotter than that it is going to destroy all the precious enzymes you have been looking forward to eating.

How Does Vitamix Heat Soup?

OK, here we go. It is time to look at some science. You see, your Vitamix blender heats soup by using friction. You know that feeling when you rub your hands together and they get way too hot way too quickly? Well, imagine doing that 500 times a second. Your hands would get so hot that the skin would literally burn off!

This is what’s happening inside your Vitamix blender with the blades. Because the blades spin at over 500 times per second, it creates an intense amount of friction energy. So much energy can boil cold water in only 8 minutes. While that may seem like a long time, it is basically the same as trying to boil water on the stove.

As stated previously, the temperature inside your Vitamix blender will increase by about 10 degrees per minute. And so, when you place your cold soup inside the Vitamix blender and start to blend, it is being heated by 10 degrees each minute. It will only take about four or five minutes for your soup to reach full hotness.

There are only two steps you need to take for warming your soup. First, pour your soup in the blender. Second, turn the speed all the way up. After less than five minutes of blending, you will have piping hot soup that is ready to be eaten.

You can always add your pre-cooked ingredients in the middle of blending or before, depending on how blended you want your potatoes and other ingredients. If you are making chili or stew, you can definitely mix your pre-cooked meat along with the rest of your chili base. Just keep in mind that if you want large chunks, you will need to place them inside the blender afterward or they will be turned into mush.

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Notes on Heating Soup with Your Vitamix

vitamix 780First of all, you do not ever need to sharpen the blades on your Vitamix blender. It is completely unnecessary, especially since the blades are never sharp to begin with. Keep in mind that your Vitamix blades are already dull at the beginning. They are blunt and used to chop and pulverize rather than slice. Never try sharpening your blades.

Also, you never need to remove the blades for cleaning. The only reason to ever remove the blades from your Vitamix is if there was an accident where something like a metal spoon got inside your container and bent the blades and you need to replace them. Otherwise, it is important to leave the blades where they are.

It is also good to keep in mind that friction does take some time to work. This is why frozen treats and smoothies are still ice cold after being blended. A smoothie only takes about 30 seconds to complete, which is not enough time for the blender to heat using friction, and therefore your favorite beverages are always ice cold.

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