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Grinding Wheat Berries in a Vitamix Blender: How Easy Is It?

grinding wheat berries in a vitamix blenderThis article discusses grinding wheat berries in a Vitamix blender. Many people are looking for ways to be more sustainable and live healthier lives, so grinding your own flour is an excellent way to do this.

Grinding wheat berries is easy when you have the right equipment. A Vitamix blender can grind whole grains like wheat berries, rice, cornmeal, oats, rye… pretty much any grain that will fit through the opening of the container.

Grinding wheat berries in a Vitamix blender is easy and quick. There are more nutritional benefits to grinding your own flour as well. In this post, I will cover how to grind wheat berries in a Vitamix blender from start to finish.

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What are Wheat Berries?

Wheat berries are whole grains of wheat. They have a hard exterior and they still contain all parts, including bran, germ, and endosperm as well as the nutrients found in those sections.

What Kinds of Wheat Berries Do You Get?

Wheat berries can be white or red. They also come in different forms, depending on the variety of wheat plants they are harvested from. For example, hard red winter wheat has a milder flavor than soft red winter wheat because it is less processed. Soft white wheat berries have a very light taste compared to other varieties.

Where Do Wheat Berries Come From?

Wheat berries can be grown all over the world but are most common in North America and Australia. These countries account for nearly half of global production each year with about 28% coming from Canada alone!

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What are the Benefits of Grinding your own Flour?

benefits of grinding your own wheatGrinding your own flour gives you more freedom to control the ingredients in your food. You get to decide how much salt goes into it and what other types of flours or grains are included.

This allows for a lot of creativity when cooking, which is one reason why many people grind their own wheat berries each time they bake bread or pizza dough!

There are also more nutritional benefits to grinding your own flour. This is because you get to control what type of grind or milling process you use when creating it. You can create flours that are more finely ground (if desired) and therefore, release the nutrients contained in them faster than coarser grains would.

Store-bought flours typically have fewer nutrients because they have been refined and contain additives like preservatives and other chemicals to extend the shelf-life. This is why grinding your own flour is more beneficial to you!

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Are Wheat Berries More Expensive than Store-Bought Flour?

Wheat berries are slightly more expensive than store-bought flour when bought in smaller quantities. Consider buying in bulk when possible to save money. However, when you grind your own flour from whole grains in a Vitamix blender, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Grinding your own flour may seem like a lot of extra work, but the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience or added time it takes to do so! You’ll feel satisfied knowing that you have control over what goes into your food and you can save money by purchasing in bulk when possible.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Grinding Your Own Flour?

When buying wheat berries for grinding in a Vitamix blender, consider where they came from and if there are any additives added before purchasing them. It takes some time to clean off all of the dirt that clings to these berries but it’s worth having healthier, more pure ingredients for baking.

There are also some disadvantages to grinding your own flour. For example, it may take a bit more time than you are willing to spend each week if you do not enjoy baking or cooking very often. If that is the case, then purchasing store-bought flours would be the better choice for you!

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How to Grind Wheat Berries in a Vitamix Blender

vusing a vitamix to grind wheat berriesBegin by picking out the wheat berries. Look for whole, uniform grains that are free of debris and broken pieces before placing them into a Vitamix blender. Putting them in the freezer for 1 hour will help to keep them from heating up when you begin the grinding process.

Next, place your wheat berries into a Vitamix blender fitted with either a dry grains container or a standard 64-ounce container. Turn your Vitamix machine on variable speed one and increase slowly up to ten before switching over to high for another 20 seconds until all of the wheat berries are crushed thoroughly.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Grind

  • Do not add more than 2 cups of wheat berries at a time to ensure that they do not heat up when grinding.
  • Do not try and grind them for longer than 30 seconds in order to avoid heating the berries and burning them.
  • If you want more finely grounded flour, add another ten seconds of processing before checking on it again.
  • You will get 1.5 cups of flour from 1 cup of wheat berries.

Can I use the Vitamix Dry Grains Container to Grind Wheat?

Yes, you can use your Vitamix Dry Grains container to grind wheat. The Dry Grains container is designed to make the process of grinding grains easier and faster.

The dry grains container is specifically designed to grind wheat berries and other dry grains, so you can use the grain mill attachment on your machine for this purpose.

The Dry Grains container allows you to control how much flour or other ground ingredients are produced by adjusting its settings accordingly. This means that it will work with whatever ingredients you choose and produce an appropriate amount of flour each time without over-processing them.

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Do I Need the Dry Grains Container to Grind Flour?

No, you do not need to use the Dry Grains container to grind flour. You can also do it in your standard Vitamix 64-ounce container for any models by using the flat blade and processing on high speed for 20 seconds or until desired consistency is reached.

The Vitamix Dry Grains container is a great add on and if you have it then use it, but you don’t need to purchase it specifically for grinding wheat berries, or any other grains.

Grinding Wheat Berries in a Vitamix – Final Thoughts

Grinding your own flour in a Vitamix blender is easy and quick. There are more nutritional benefits to grinding your own flour as well, and there is a satisfying feeling when you create something from scratch.

Grinding wheat berries in a Vitamix blender is an easy way to create healthier baking ingredients for you and your family. It’s also more beneficial than buying store-bought flours because it allows you to have control over what goes into them. You can save money by purchasing in bulk when possible and clean off any extra dirt from the wheat berries before grinding them up at home.

I hope this article will help you on your journey to grinding your own flour, and if you have any tips or recipes, let me know!

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