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Grinding Meat in a Vitamix Blender: 3 Step Practical Guide

grinding meat in a vitamix blenderA Vitamix blender is a multi-purpose kitchen tool, and it can also be used as a meat grinder. If you’ve ever wanted to grind your own meat but don’t want to spend money on a grinding attachment for your stand mixer or food processor, then grinding in a Vitamix blender is the perfect solution.

Grinding meat in a Vitamix blender is an excellent idea and will help you avoid unhealthy processed meat. A Vitamix blender is powerful enough to grind meat and once you know how it’s done, you will never go back to pre-packed ground meat again.

In this article, we’ll show you how to grind meat in a Vitamix blender and offer some tips that will help make grinding easier. Find out how to grind meat in your Vitamix blender to save time and money!

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Why Should I Grind Meat in My Vitamix?

Grinding your own meat means that you can cut down on processed meat. Processed meat contains high amounts of sodium, nitrates, and other chemicals that aren’t good for you. When grinding your own meat you can use the freshest lean cuts of beef or pork which also means less fat in your meat.

Grinding meat in a Vitamix blender is perfect for someone who doesn’t have access to an industrial grinding machine or food processor. A Vitamix blender is cheaper and easier to clean. This grinding method also allows you to enjoy all of the flavor found within your meat while grinding it without any of the fat.

Another benefit of grinding meat in a Vitamix blender is that it saves time when making sausage or hamburgers. A grinding machine for your stand mixer takes longer to grind the meat than a Vitamix blender does, and you don’t need any grinding attachments or equipment to do it in a Vitamix because all of its parts are completely safe to use when grinding meat.

How to Grind Meat in a Vitamix Blender

prepare the meat before grindingGrinding meat in a Vitamix blender is easy to do with the following steps.

Chill the Meat Before Grinding

Chilling the meat for 30 minutes before grinding it in a Vitamix blender will help to keep its shape while grinding, so don’t skip this step. Chilling will also ensure that the meat won’t stick to the container as much, and will help to distribute the fat evenly.

Cut the meat into 1-inch chunks to ensure an even grind, and ensure any bones are removed.

Add the First Batch of Meat to the Blender

Start by adding a few chunks at a time to the container. If you add too much meat at once, the blades won’t be able to break it down properly.

Once the first batch of chunks have been added to the blender container, set the blender to the lowest possible speed and press “Pulse” on your Vitamix blender for a few seconds before stopping and checking that everything has broken down into small pieces.

Once the meat starts breaking up, you can increase the speed. If smaller pieces aren’t present, then continue grinding until they are formed. You may need to scrape or stop grinding occasionally and use the tamper to push the meat towards the blade.

Add More Meat to the Blender

Once the first batch of meat has been broken down, add in more and continue grinding until all of the meat has been added to the container. If your container gets half-full, remove the ground meat and start fresh with a new batch. This will ensure that your Vitamix won’t overheat.

Once you’ve ground everything into small pieces, press “Pulse” one last time before stopping your Vitamix blender completely so that no large chunks are left behind.

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What Type of Meat can I Grind in my Vitamix?

Grinding meat in a Vitamix blender is perfect for grinding meats such as beef, pork, and chicken. You can also use your Vitamix to grind turkey or venison if you like the taste of these meats better than traditional red meats.

You could even mix different types of ground meat together before grinding it so that you have more flavor options when making sausages or hamburgers!

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Can I Grind Raw Meat in my Vitamix?

Grinding raw meat in your Vitamix blender will give the best results. This method is ideal for making ground beef, sausages, or hamburgers.

If grinding raw meat in your Vitamix blender, then there are a few things that you’ll need to consider.

By grinding meat in a Vitamix blender yourself, it will be much fresher than the pre-packaged ground meats available at most grocery stores. This means better flavor and less fat!

Grinding your own meat also allows you to have more freedom when preparing meals. You can alter how lean or fatty you want the finished product to be by adding both leaner cuts of beef as well as fattier ones such as pork shoulder together for greater depth of flavor and higher nutritional content.

Grinding your own meat with a Vitamix blender instead of purchasing store-bought products gives you more freedom and control over the finished product that you’re grinding.

Can I Grind Cooked Meat in my Vitamix?

grind cooked meat in a vitamix blenderYou can also grind cooked meat in your Vitamix blender.

If grinding pre-cooked meats, then it is best to use the shredded or pulled type that you would normally find at a deli counter because these are much easier for grinding than solid pieces of meat.

One possible disadvantage with grinding already cooked food items is that they have lost some nutritional value. Grinding them doesn’t help to increase their nutrient content as well as fresh ingredients do when using a Vitamix blender.

Grinding cooked meat will result in more of a shredded appearance, which may be what you are looking for depending on the recipe.

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What Kind of Blades Work Best for Grinding Meat?

The standard blades that come with your Vitamix blender will be fine for grinding meat.

If grinding a lot of meat in your Vitamix blender, then it may be worth investing in a “Professional Series” model. These have been designed specifically for grinding and will perform even better than standard blades when grinding tough meats such as beef or venison because they can handle both hard and soft ingredients without heating up during use.

How do I Store my Ground Meat?

Once grinding is complete, use a spoon to carefully scoop the ground meat out of your Vitamix blender. If you plan on using it right away you can add it to your recipe.

If you would like to store some for later, then place it in an airtight container and refrigerate it until needed. Use within three days while fresh, or freeze it for longer storage. Make sure to label all food before putting it in the freezer so you know what it is.

Grinding Meat in a Vitamix Blender – Final Thoughts

There are many reasons grinding your own meat in a Vitamix blender is better than buying pre-ground.

First, grinding your own meat is more economical. Second, grinding in a Vitamix blender allows you to avoid any possible health risks involved with ground meats at the grocery store. Lastly, grinding your own meat makes it possible to know exactly what is going into the food you feed yourself and your family.

We hope you found the information we shared useful and that it will help make grinding meat easier for you. If not, feel free to reach out so we can brainstorm some ideas together!