Glantop Blender Review: Compact Budget Model

glantop blender reviewWith hundreds of blender brands out there, you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a blender that suits you the most, which is a good thing. You have options, and if you don’t like a particular brand or you find it expensive, you can always go for cheaper blenders such as Glantop Shake N Take Juice Machine.

However, all these options can be quite overwhelming, and if you are not careful, you might end getting ripped off instead of getting the best out of the choices. That’s why it is always essential to do some research before deciding to buy a particular blender from whichever brand.

Some people find it boring or time-wasting to conduct research and just buy what their friends use. A recommendation from a friend can be great, but sometimes it can be a miss as we all have different usage and tastes. You don’t have to do research all by yourself, though.

I have reviewed tons of blenders, and from my reviews, you can know what a blender has to offer. You can go through these reviews, and I guarantee you that you won’t fail to find a fantastic blender within your budget that suits your demand. Today, I will review the Glantop Shake N Take Blender.

Glantop Blender Review: Overview

If you have been searching for a cheap and easy-to-use blender for yourself or a gift, this is the right blender for you. It is a new blender in the market as it was first listed on Amazon in January 2020.

It is a lightweight blender that you can carry around when you are going out for a weekend. Its capacity is between half a liter and a liter, meaning it is designed mostly for single people.

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It is made of BPA-free plastic, so you have nothing to worry about harmful toxins on your drinks. It is also easy to use. That’s not all; its blades are made of stainless steel, meaning they are strong enough to crush anything you throw in it, and they won’t be rusting any time soon.

Its durability is still not guaranteed since it is a new product, but from the reviews, it has received, most people are confident that it will last for quite some time. It comes with some exciting features, which is a major reason why a lot of people are going for it.

Glantop Blender: Features

Its features are the reason why most people are going for this product since it hasn’t been around long enough to judge it on durability. Also, most people are impressed that it comes at a price under $100 despite having these exciting features. The features include:

Stainless Steel Blades

Most blenders come with stainless steel blades, but it’s their design that makes the difference. Some come with very sharp blades while others such as Blendtec comes with dull blades but powered with very powerful motors that they can still crush anything thrown into them.

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This Glantop blender comes with sharp blades that are capable of cutting and crushing most of the things you throw into it. However, it comes with a much smaller motor, so if you are looking for a commercial blender, you might want to reconsider. Its motor is just 200 watts, but it does not mean that it does not get the job done.

Such power plus the sharp blades it comes with is enough to make you some wonderful smoothies and juice. It will also conserve a lot of power since it doesn’t use much power to make smoothies or juice.

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Most blenders have plastic components, and but not all plastics are BPA-free. Those toxic elements from the plastic can be hazardous to your health, but if a product is made of BPA-free plastic, you have nothing to worry about. Satoshi Dun has ensured that their blenders are made of BPA-free plastics to make sure you and your family are safe. Such plastics are also easy to clean, which is a plus.

Speeds and Settings

The Glantop Shake N Take blender is quite easy to use, thanks to its manual speed adjustments. This means you get to make a smoothie or juice the way you want it since you are in control. Its RPM is 48, which is enough to serve one person. Most people find it easy to use, and I am convinced you will too.

What People Like about the Glantop Shake N Take Blender

This blender may not be the best blender in the world, but there is a lot to like about it. In my research, the following are some of the points that kept on repeating.

  • Easy to use. One thing that most people are happy with the Glantop Shake N Take Blender is it is quite easy to use. It performs basic blending functions such as making smoothies, juice and mixing. Anyone even an amateur can use it since it doesn’t come with many complicated buttons to confuse you.
  • I don’t think there are many blenders as convenient as this Glantop blender. Its container allows you to use it once your smoothie is ready and as it comes with a sip straw.
  • One thing that many people look for before buying a product online is its price. If it is quite expensive, most people are discouraged, but if it is affordable, then it gets lots of customers. Well, it turns out, the Glantop Shake N Take is quite affordable.

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Even though it has a lot to like, it also has a few limitations. One of the major ones is the manufacturer has not disclosed the information about the product’s warranty. Also, they have not given a money-back guarantee, which can raise a red flag to many people. They should at least address these two problems.

Glantop Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Glantop may not be as popular as the likes of Blendtec, Ninja, and Vitamix, but it doesn’t mean that they are not worth a shot. They have provided us with an affordable and fantastic blender that is getting some positive reviews from its users. They have also manufactured other mixers in the past, in case you are wondering.

The Glantop Shake N Take is quite new, so there is not much to judge it on it. However, from the information I have gathered through my research, I can say that it is a fantastic blender for single people. It is quite easy to use, convenient, and it is one of the most affordable mixers out there.

Satoshi Dun (the manufacturer) still needs to address the warranty and money-back guarantee, though. All in all, it is a great blender that anyone looking for an affordable and easy to use blender should consider buying.

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