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Extractor Vs Blender: Main Differences

extractor vs blenderLet me start off by saying juicing and blending are not the same things. When it comes to an extractor vs blender, these are two completely different machines. Yes, they are both used to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and yes, both are a good way to make delicious drinks out of fruits and vegetables. But a blender and an extractor are two totally different things.

The difference between these two machines is obvious just by their names. A blender blends and an extractor extracts. Basically, an extractor will squeeze all of the liquid from a fruit or vegetable to make a juice, just like any normal juice you would buy in the store.

A blender takes everything you put in it and blends ingredients into a smooth beverage for you to drink. It may seem the same as an extractor, but there are some pretty major differences in the finished product. It is really the difference between a juice and a smoothie. But what does that mean?

The Bonuses of a Blender

blendtec total classic blenderBlenders are great for a whole heap of reasons. The first of which is that when you blend ingredients, you waste literally nothing. The pulp, the seeds, the skins – it all goes into your body. There is absolutely no waste or leftover trash.

Smoothies are a great meal replacement. When you use a blender to make a smoothie using your favorite ingredients, you get enough nutrients and calories to skip breakfast or brunch. Sometimes a hearty smoothie is enough to substitute a light lunch.

The thing with blending is that your drinks will very gradually release the energy inside of them thanks to the fiber. This means you will not get the same bipolar highs and lows you do when drinking a sudden blast of sugar from a juice. You will feel better when blending, and you will feel better for longer.

Finally, blending is great for people with digestive problems. There is so much fiber going into your body when you blend the proper fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and this works to clean your digestive system. Rid yourself of toxins, revamp your digestive tract, and feel like a whole new person.

The Bonuses of an Extractor

extractorExtractors work a little bit differently than blenders. One of the big things is that when you extract juice from either fruit or vegetables, you miss all of the indigestible fibers. Because of this, all of the juice you now having your cup is absorbed easily by your body, delivering nutrients and minerals straight to where you need them now.

The second bonus of using an extractor is that you can pack more into a cup. There is no bulk in your beverage, and because there is no pulp, you only get the juice. You can fit way more vegetables into a single glass than you can with blending, which means a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

Because there is nothing in your cup except nutrient-rich juice, your digestive system does not have to work very hard. For people who truly suffer from digestive issues, an extractor is a great way to fill up on essential nutrients without stressing your digestive system.

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Extractor vs Blender: Main Differences

While each machine offers you a lot of options for beverages, there are some pretty huge differences separating an extractor from a blender. To better understand which one will suit your lifestyle better, let’s take a look at the two main differences.


An extractor has fewer options than a blender. An extractor pushes the juice out of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. It leaves you with a drink that has no pulp and no chunks. There is excess waste that must be thrown away when using an extractor, and you can’t exactly extract juice from superfoods like almonds and bee pollen.

With a blender, you have all the options. A very powerful blender will blend hard seeds, tree nuts, frozen fruit, ice, liquids, and leafy greens into one extremely healthy beverage. There is no waste, there is no limitation on what you can create, and you can be more creative with your recipes.

The Machines

A blender and an extractor can’t do the same things.  A high-quality extractor machine will only work to get the nutritious juices out of foods. You can’t really use an extractor for anything else, which kind of sucks considering how much money they cost.

With a great blending unit, you can not only blend smoothies that are healthy, but you can also make milkshakes, ice cream, salsas, sauces, and so much more. You can grind coffee beans, you can mix pancake batter, and you can even knead pizza dough if you have the right blender.

Plus, blenders are easier to clean, and most of them even clean themselves. There is no leftover organic matter that needs to be dealt with when using a blender. Everything gets scooped into a cup and consumed by you.

Blenders also come in small personal units that can be used for single-serving beverages.

Blender vs Extractor: The Verdict

There is really no proper answer to which one is better, a blender, or an extractor. The bare truth is that each one offers something positive, and each one offers it in their own unique way. An extractor is the best way to get a super blast of nutrients, and a blender is the best way to have a smoothie full of different fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.

It really comes down to preference. There seems to be a rivalry between juice enthusiasts and smoothie fanatics. But there is no reason for this. If you like juice more than smoothies, go ahead and buy an extractor. If you want the freedom to make all kinds of different drinks with an endless assortment of ingredients, then buy a blender.

Better yet, buy both! If you truly want to live a healthy lifestyle, both machines are excellent tools. For me personally, I prefer the blender because I can make more types of beverages and use more ingredients. To me, there is more freedom with a blender.