Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender Review: 17 Piece Set

elite cuisine personal drink blender reviewThe Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender is an amazing product. This is a small personal blender that you can use while traveling, that you can use at home, or that you can even use at the office. It’s incredibly affordable, it has a very strong motor for its size, and it offers you lots of interesting accessories.

This blender comes as an entire personal drink set. This could very well be the product you’re looking for to satisfy your everyday smoothie needs. This blender is definitely not very large, so it is not ideal for food processing, other than small portions of baby food, purees, and sauces. However, it does an amazing job of making personal drinks.

This is a newer blender on the market, and the company is really trying to make a splash in the world of blending. Because of the intense competition, you know these guys have designed their machine to be the best, with extremely unique accessories unlike anything found on other blenders.

Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender Review

If you have been searching for a great travel blender under $50, this is your lucky day. The Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender is not very widely known, but it is definitely a good option for anyone who enjoys quality products with quality features.

When you purchase this blender, you get 17 pieces to make drinking healthy smoothies easier. That is what this blender is all about. If you enjoy healthy drinks, living an active lifestyle, and you need a blender that is always there for you, don’t look any further.

The Perfect Size

This Elite Cuisine blender really is a perfect size. It is excellent for making your own healthy smoothies and healthy shakes anywhere you might be. It’s an excellent travel companion, as it stores very easily and can be set up in just a few seconds. The travel cups are also excellent quality, and you can make your drink and then take it on the go with you.

The blender does not take up much room on your counter, it can easily be tucked out of the way so that you don’t have to look at it, and it is not difficult to handle. It works only using one button, and this takes away some of the stress of having to fuss with settings and blending options.

As for the actual drinking cups themselves, they are also the perfect size. You can carry them with you on a walk, you can take them with you to work, or you can just keep them on the table at home while you work in your own office. You can make the perfect smoothie using just the right of amount ingredients thanks to the Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender. No more waste!

The Complete Set

The Elite Cuisine blender comes as a complete set. What I mean by a complete set is that you get everything you could possibly need when you purchase the blender. You get four travel cups, all of which are excellent quality and safe to put in the dishwasher. The cups are big enough to handle 16 ounces of your favorite smoothie. You also get four snap-on lids for portable drinking without making a mess. And finally, you get two sets of very strong stainless-steel blades.

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The different blades allow you to blend or chop depending on what your particular recipe calls for. This is critical in differentiating between making smoothies and grinding dry ingredients like oats and coffee beans. By switching between blades, you will never dull your blender blades by using them to chop hard ingredients.

Also included with the blender is of course it’s main motor, which offers 300 watts of incredible power. The blender motor is durable, it lasts a very long time, and it spins the blades quick enough to chop apart any tough ingredients.

The Best Gift

If you are looking for a gift to get either yourself or a close friend or relative, this is one of my biggest recommendations. Because of its extremely low price, coming in at less than $50, the Elite Cuisine Drink Blender makes the ideal gift. Either for the holidays, for a special occasion, or just as a way to say thank you to somebody.

The reason it makes such a quality gift is that you are not only giving a premium blender to yourself or to someone you know, but you are also giving the gift of living healthy. That is what this blender is all about. Rather than wasting time and money on caffeinated beverages or smoothie-shop drinks that contain way too much sugar, you can now make your own healthy drinks with this machine.

More than that, this easy-to-use blender can motivate you to start living a healthy lifestyle thanks to its small size, simple controls, and fun accessories. This is the ultimate gift for anyone seeking a healthier living.

Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender Review: Final Thoughts

There are a lot of personal blenders out there on the market, lots of them offering their own unique spin on the classic blender. With the Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender, you get something new and fresh, with fantastic accessories, superb power, and lots of portability. This is one of the better blenders to take with you traveling, as it fits easily in your suitcase and can be set up in any hotel.

The blender does not make a lot of noise, the travel cups are ergonomic and easy to take with you anywhere, and the whole machine just generally works great. You can wash everything in the dishwasher on the top shelf, it can chop nuts and grind seeds, and it can crush all your frozen ingredients. The blender works with a single push of a button.

I can’t recommend this unit enough. It is not a well-known brand, but that doesn’t make it less effective or less useful. You can definitely get all your kitchen blending done using the Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender!

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