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Dishwasher Care Guide: Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

dishwasher maintenanceThe first dishwasher was used way back in 1850. It was then made of wood and had to be cranked by hand. Since then, it has revolutionized household keeping for everyone. It gave everyone more time and energy to take on other household and personal tasks. It was a game-changer. Where would we be without our dependable dishwashers?

This is why we understand how a broken dishwasher can be so stressful. To help you, we prepared this guide that will share information on:

  • Dishwasher maintenance
  • Proper dishwasher DIY repair
  • Signs that will tell you that it’s time for a dishwasher replacement

Read carefully to ensure that you effectively prolong the life of your kitchen’s dependable workhorse!

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DIY Repair

You don’t always need to call the repairman whenever something seems off with your dishwasher. Do the following first before contacting your local repairman:

Detergent Check

Sometimes the problem could simply be with your detergent. Your dishwasher could seem to malfunction if you’re not using the right amount and kind of detergent. Using too much can harm your dishwasher. To check if the problem is in your detergent, try running a cycle without soap. Open the dishwasher while it’s in the middle of a cycle to check the water. If the water is soapy then that means that your machine simply needs to be cleaned.

Use Rinse Aid

Use it to remove dingy film and food spots on your dishes and glasses. Everything will look sparkling and clean if you use rinse aid.

Water Flow Check

Check if your dishwasher is properly filled with water. Check if your water supply is blocked. You should also check if your spray jets and filter are clogged.

Water Temperature Check

Check if the water from your kitchen sink is hot enough. Do this before starting your dishwasher.

Breaker Check

You may also simply be having problems with power. Check if your breaker is functioning well. Check if power can easily reach your dishwasher.

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Get a Repairman When

  1. You can no longer properly open and close your dishwasher’s door.
  2. Your dishwasher is no longer draining properly.
  3. Your dishwasher is no longer filling properly.
  4. You hear odd noises whenever it’s on.
  5. Your dishwasher is no longer heating.

Signs that it’s time for a dishwasher replacement

replace your dishwasherSeeing the following signs mean that you need to replace your dishwasher already:

  1. Your dishwasher’s control board is no longer responding. This is a big one. It’s hard to recover when the control board is no longer working because it’s the very thing that commands your dishwasher to wash, drain, and dry. If you’re certain that it’s your control board that’s already malfunctioning, then you should seriously consider having your dishwasher replaced. You could also opt for a new control board if you have the patience to look for one that exactly matches your current dishwasher.
  2. Your dishwasher’s spray arms no longer turn. You could choose to have your spray arms replaced if the malfunction is not severe. But if the damage is so much more than your spray arms, it’s best to look for a replacement already.
  3. If you know that you’ve been using the right amount and type of detergent and your dishwasher still fails to effectively wash dishes.
  4. If you’ve used rinse aid and your dishwasher still fails to wash dishes effectively.
  5. If you ensure the flow of hot temperature, it still fails to effectively wash your dishes.
  6. If your dishwasher regularly stops working while in the middle of a cycle.
  7. If your dishwasher has been with you for more than ten years.
  8. If it would cost you more to have it repaired than to buy a new one. This is the case if your repair fees would total more than 50% of the price of a new dishwasher.

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Dishwasher Maintenance

Be vigilant in doing the following to ensure the long life of your dishwasher:

Always check your dishwasher’s filter

Your dishwasher will last you for years if you’d always clean its filter. You would know that your filter already needs cleaning if you notice food particles being left behind. This is one sign that your filter may already be clogged. This is never good because a clogged filter will limit the good flow of water.

Always check your dishwasher’s food drains

Check for food debris in your food drains. While at it, make it a point to also check your spray arms. If your spray arms already have mineral deposits, you can easily clean them with warm white vinegar. You simply need to remove them and have them soaked in warm white vinegar. Strictly follow your manufacturer’s manual when removing the spray arms.

Always clean the frame gaskets and door with a sponge or a soft brush

It’s important for your dishwasher’s door seal to always be intact. It can loosen if there’s a build-up of food debris. A loose seal is never good because it will allow water to leak out every wash cycle. You must always check for cracks or gaps. Have your gasket replaced if it is damaged.