Dash Blender Review: Powerful DPB500 Model

dash blender reviewThis Dash Blender Review will give you a few reasons why Dash DPB500BK Blender, although fairly expensive, is one of the best blenders out there.

This blender not only does a wonderful job when it comes to blending smoothies and other ingredients but also pulverizes ice like it’s nothing. It is also super easy to clean.

It comes with a 2.25 horsepower motor that has 1400 watts. This sleek-looking blender comes in six vibrant colors to choose from. It stands tall at 22 inches in height.

The Dash Chef Series Digital blender comes with an 8.5 cup capacity BPA-free plastic pitcher. This blender comes with a recipe book. There’s also a rinse setting for easy cleaning.

Moreover, it possesses a digital point-and-click interface with six pre-set functions and a BPA-free 2-liter Tritan jug. This blender is not only highly sought but also the top of the line.

It is a worthy rival for Vitamix blenders. If you love high-quality, it is not only worth it to give the Dash blender a shot, but it’s a perfect fit for you.

Dash Blender Review: Overview

This well-known blender that’s highly sought is relatively new on the market.

If you want to make smoothies with tough ingredients like carrot, etc. and have them turn out completely smooth, take a look at this blender.

The Dash Blender is suitable for protein shakes and green smoothies.

Whether you want to make the dough, nut butter or milk, soups, frozen ingredients and desserts, whole juices, etc. you now can without breaking a sweat.

The Containers and Blades

The Dash DPB500BK Blender is of premium quality, and it comes with Tritan co-polyester 64 oz. 2-liter (8.5 cups) jar.

When it comes to the shape design of the container, the Dash looks really similar to Vitamix jar.

However, even though the container is a copy of Vitamix and made from the same material, there is one small difference in the lip/rim.

It is something that is present in the Vitamix, and the Dash blender doesn’t have it.

The Dash Blender container has a rubber grip for comfortable handling as well.

This container also has a rubber vented 2-parts lid with a close cap located in the center of the lid.

This design allows for releasing pressure from hot blended liquids and to use tamper during processing without stopping the machine.

The cap doubles as a measuring cup, the lid securely sits on the container as well.

This blender is equipped with 6-prong stainless steel blade construction that is built into the container for good.

The gears shaft that meshes with the motor drive socket at the bottom of the retainer nuts and pitcher is also all metal.

The Motor Power and Base Unit

The base unit is equipped with the auto shut off system that stops the machine when it overloaded for the safety of the motor.

It also contains the very convenient cord storage underneath of the base unit.

This blender has a very big and heavy base unit which is equipped with a powerful 1400 motor.

It rotates the blade with a speed of 240MPH or 35,000 RPM. This blender’s motor is well-built with a durable all-metal drive socket.

Easy Cleaning and Operating

When it comes to the kitchen appliances with the inbuilt blade assembly, the Dash blender is very easy to use.

All you really need to do is place the jar on the base unit. Then, there will be a beep that indicates the pitcher was fitted like it was supposed to be.

Afterward, the jar requires to be filled with ingredients and a rubber lid must be securely fitted in place.

Once you’ve done all that, the Dash blender is ready to run after the pressing of the START/STOP button. This blender can operate using manual settings or pre-set programs.

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The package is equipped with a tamper that’s great for removing air pockets and processing thick mixtures.

When it comes to the design of the tamper, it looks similar to Vitamix, which is a plus.

Keep in mind, this blender is not dishwasher safe. On a happier note, this type of blenders with irremovable blades are super easy to clean using the self-cleaning procedure.

All you have to do is fill the jar halfway with warm water and a few drops of soap.

Then, simply run a rinse pre-set program or manually set for 40-60 seconds cycle at a high speed.

Once the pitcher is rinsed thoroughly, dry it with a cloth.

Programs and Speed Settings

The Dash Blender control panel possesses six pre-sets, a pulse function, ten speeds to choose from, and a digital interface.

Because there are various options, you will need to spend some time operating the blender to get a hang of it.

For that purpose, the user manual contains all the necessary instructions for using this machine.

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Dash Blender Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this blender is a match made in heaven if you’re always opting for high-quality products. In that regard, the Dash blender will never disappoint.

When it comes to the Dash DPB500BK Blender, noise is not the problem. The controls are relatively easy to use and have a manual pulse.

This blender is excellent at making smoothies and margaritas.

There is a one-year warranty that covers all of the blender’s parts and a seven-year motor warranty.

However, there is an option of a warranty extending to two years if a user registers the product with the manufacturer using their website.

They also provide reachable customer service and replace your faulty units and parts without a problem.

There is a reason the Dash DPB500BK Blender has so many favorable reviews and overall pleased customers.

This blender not only lives up to the hype but is widely compared to high-end gadgets.

If you opt for getting your hands on this blender, you will not regret it. When it comes to this blender a variety of options and the good results are guaranteed.

See for yourself why the Dash DPB500BK Blender is a worthy opponent for the Vitamix blenders.

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