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Can a Vitamix Chop Nuts: 4 Reasons and Amazing Benefits

can a vitamix chop nutsNuts are a popular addition to many dishes, but sometimes they can be difficult to chop up. This is where the Vitamix blender comes in! Can a Vitamix chop nuts? Yes, a Vitamix blender can chop nuts quickly and efficiently, it also does so without heating them up or damaging their fats or oils.

Nuts need to be chopped before they can be used in recipes so that all of the pieces are uniform in size, which will help with food preparation later on. They also have a longer shelf-life when chopped because they stop being exposed to oxygen which causes them to go rancid faster than whole nuts would otherwise.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using a Vitamix for chopping nuts as well as reasons why you should consider buying one if you don’t already have one.

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Can a Vitamix Chop Nuts?

Can a Vitamix blender chop nuts? It definitely can. You can use your Vitamix blender to chop up all sorts of things like fruits, vegetables, meats, and even nuts. The Vitamix has such powerful blades that they will cut through anything (including ice cubes) in seconds which makes this kitchen appliance very versatile indeed.

The benefits of using a Vitamix for chopping nuts are many but here I will only mention the top four reasons why you should consider using your Vitamix blender to chop nuts.

Speed – Some blenders on the market take longer to do what’s requested of them, while others work quickly. The Vitamix is one of the quickest blenders available today, so if you want a blender that can chop everything in a matter of seconds, the Vitamix is worth considering!

Versatility – There isn’t anything that a vitamix can’t do, and chopping nuts is not an exception. If you want to make your own delicious walnut bread or almond butter at home but don’t know how to, getting yourself a Vitamix will allow you to do so without any problems.

Time Saver – It might seem like it would take more time than usual when using the Vitamix to chop something but when you compare it to chopping nuts by hand, using a Vitamix is much faster.

Cost-Efficient – The Vitamix is not the cheapest kitchen appliance on the market today but if you compare its price with what it can do, then buying one will definitely pay off in no time. Vitamix blenders come with a long warranty period which only adds up to its value and makes this machine worth every penny you have spent on it.

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The Health Benefits of Eating Nuts

health benefits of nutsNuts are a delicious snack that have amazing health benefits. They contain healthy fats, protein, fiber, and minerals which can help your body to become healthier overall.

An ounce of nuts is only 130-160 calories so you don’t need to feel guilty about eating them as long as you eat in moderation. Here are some nutrients found in one ounce of various types of nuts:

  • Cashews – 95mg Vitamin C (18% DV), 30g carbs, 14g fat & 19g protein
  • Almonds – 20mcg Copper (25%DV), 28g carbs, 18g fat & 21g protein
  • Pistachios – 300mg Potassium (13%DV), 43g Carbs, 15g fat & 14g protein
  • Walnuts -13 gm Protein, 16.30mg Iron (11% DV), 20g carbs & 19g fat
  • Pecans -60mg Vitamin C(12%DV), 13g carbs, 19g fat & 3g protein
  • Hazelnuts -14g Protein, 32mg Iron (18%DV), 12g carbs & 20g fat
  • Brazil nuts- 60mcg Selenium(21% DV) 13.30 Carbs & 18g fat
  • Peanuts -25g protein, 30mg Vit C (12% DV), 23g carbs & 28g fat

Why Can’t I use a Food Processor to Chop Nuts?

You can use a food processor to chop nuts, and if you already have one then that is what you should use. The purpose of this article is to show you that your Vitamix blender can be used to chop nuts if you don’t have a food processor.

A food processor does not have the same power that a Vitamix blender has and it will take longer to chop nuts in a food processor than with a Vitamix. Food processors do have sharper blades though, which enables them to chop through hard ingredients with ease.

The main difference between using your Vitamix to chop nuts versus using another blender is power. The Vitamix has a lot of power and can chop nuts quickly while other blenders with less power may struggle.

The blade speed in the Vitamix is what makes it better for chopping up any ingredient, especially harder ones like ice or nuts because whatever you put into your blender will be chopped up very finely. For this reason, using your Vitamix to make homemade nut butter (like almond butter) at home is much easier than doing it with another type of blender.

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How to Chop Nuts in a Vitamix Blender

I know I would rather spend my time doing something else than chopping nuts all day long so here’s what you do: put raw whole nuts into your Vitamix blender. You don’t need to add any water to the nuts.

Then use the pulse feature to blend on high for 30 seconds or until the nuts are chopped fine enough for your liking. You may need to open the lid and use a silicone or rubber spatula to rotate the mixture for an even chop.

If you would like smaller pieces then pulse several times more until the desired consistency is achieved.

You can use this same method when chopping other types of nuts, seeds, or even vegetables. I would recommend soaking the nuts overnight first to help break down enzyme inhibitors found in raw almonds and other types of nuts before using them so they are easier on your digestive system; just be sure to rinse well afterward!

Tips for Chopping Nuts in your Vitamix Blender

Here are some suggestions for getting great results when chopping nuts in a blender.

  • Make sure the blender is completely dry before adding any nuts.
  • To prevent spills or messes, cover the blender with a towel.
  • Adding one cup at a time, pulse the ingredients until they are finely chopped.
  • When all of the nuts have been chopped, stop blending.

Can a Vitamix Chop Nuts – Final Thoughts

Nuts are used in a variety of meals, but they might be tough to chop up at times. This is where the Vitamix blender comes in handy! Is it possible for a Vitamix to chop nuts? Yes, a Vitamix blender can chop nuts rapidly and effectively while also avoiding heating them or damaging their fats or oils.

Chopping nuts before use is necessary for uniform size of all pieces, which will assist with food preparation later. They also have a longer shelf life when chopped because they are no longer exposed to oxygen, which speeds up the process of going rancid.

I hope this article has given you an idea of how to chop nuts in a Vitamix. Just remember to follow the tips above and also follow the recommended chopping procedures of your Vitamix blender.

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