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Breville Blender Reviews: 3 Top Rated Models

Best Overall

Breville Super Q

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  • Powerful 1800W Motor
  • Noise Suppression System

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Best Price

Breville BBL620

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  • Smart Technology
  • Quiet Operation

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breville blender reviewsYes, Breville blenders are some of the most expensive blending units that money can buy. They are also some of the best. In my Breville blender reviews, I am going to dig deep and breakdown the top three blenders from Breville, discovering which is the best fit for you.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys experimenting with healthy smoothies, if you like making iced drinks in the summertime, or if you like hosting get-togethers and providing delicious, homemade beverages with a bit of an extra “punch”, every blender on my list is going to work wonders.

These machines come with special speed settings, special blending programs, personalized attachments, and most even come with a recipe book to help improve your day to day blending.

For maximum power and superior blending performance, the best choice is a Breville. These blenders simply work.

Top Rated Breville Blenders Of 2021

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Best Overall Breville Super Q

Best Overall

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Best Budget Breville BBL620

Best Budget

breville bbl620 thumbnail view prices

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Breville Boss To-Go breville boss to go thumbnail view prices

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Breville Super Q Blender

breville super qLet me introduce you to the Breville Super Q Blender. This baby has a base made from brushed stainless steel, making it look extremely clean and minimalistic, especially in a modern kitchen. It comes equipped with 12 speeds, 5 easy programs, and a convenient 24-ounce to-go cup.

Also included is a recipe book, a tamper, and a spatula.

Money for Power

This is probably the most expensive blender that I have ever seen in all my years of blending. The number one question asked is whether or not the Breville Super Q is worth it. Sure, it has enough speed settings to see you through all your blending situations. It has five programs for making soups and smoothies, crushing ice and making frozen desserts. It includes some basic accessories. But does that warrant the massive price tag?

In short, yes. You could waste your time with cheap and unreliable blenders, having to replace every six months to a year. Or, you can pony up once and get the best blender ever. You never have to worry about the Super Q breaking, malfunctioning, or being unable to blend something.

1800 Watts

The powerful 1800-Watt motor works in sync with a specialized noise suppression system. This means that the Super Q blends not only at an astounding rate, but it does so in near silence.

The motor also works to give you the best texture optimization at any of its 12 speeds. Plus, there is an additional blade system that mixes drinks and food straight into your personal cup for those in a hurry.

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender

breville bbl620A common theme with Breville machines is their versatility, and the Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender has enough versatility to go around. You can blend literally any organic material with this blender. I don’t care if you’re blending pork bones to make into a soup or leafy spinach to make into a smoothie – the powerful motor and smart design of the blades will chop up everything.

And it chops it up silently!

A Silent Partner

Breville makes quiet machines. They also make effective machines. Even with a motor that delivers incredibly high torque, blending an entire pitcher of ice into water in a matter of seconds on the highest setting, it is still very hushed.

This is a combination of functionality and power. The Breville does not only have hard blades, but it also has heavy-duty blades that are engineered from surgical-grade steel. With a surgeon’s precision, you can expect shakes and smoothies to be made quickly and quietly, which is excellent for keeping people undisturbed during early morning kitchen activities.

Electronic Display

This may not seem important, but it is certainly a nice touch to an already perfect machine. The LCD display shows you exactly what your settings are currently and what your preprogrammed options are. It also warns you in the event of an overload and tells you what to do.

You also have easy-touch buttons for mixing, liquifying, chopping, green smoothie or normal smoothie, ice crushing, blending, and more. With easy display technology, you are always in control when blending. It pays to have a smart machine.

Breville Boss To-Go Sport Blender

breville boss to goThe Breville Boss To-Go Sport Blender is a super small machine for personal blending at home. It comes with a slim silver body and a team of serrated blades and wide-sweeping blades. Even though this is a small personal unit, it has incredible power to make an immediate smoothie drink with any ingredients.

Smoothies To-Go

This is a premium blender designed specifically for people with busy schedules who love smoothies. You can now make a nutritious fruit smoothie in under 5 minutes and with literally zero mess.

The blender comes included with a pair of to-go tumbler cups that are just the right size for a full serving of a nutritional fruit or veggie smoothie. Alternatively, you can also use the machine to make sports drinks and protein shakes.

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Because the tumblers attach directly to the blending unit, all you need is to fill the cup with your ingredients, hit the blend button, then walk away with your drink. The unique travel lids make it easier than ever to take your favorite beverages on a walk, with you shopping, or even to work in the morning.

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Small & Discreet

This is not a giant glass blender or a big fancy blender/processor. The Breville Boss To-Go Sport Blender is tiny for personal drinks. You can easily wash the tumblers and put them away just like any other cups, while the main body of the blender is super tiny and can easily be stuffed into a cupboard after use. You do not need to keep another appliance cluttering up your countertop.

Breville Blender Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide

What do we look for in a Breville blender? You and I both know these models are expensive, and because of that, we should be looking to get premium features with every purchase. Whether it is the lowest end Breville or the ultra-expensive Super Q, we demand quality.

But what is quality? Quality means variable speeds, preprogrammed options, efficiency, versatility, quick blending, and longevity. You deserve a machine that is going to last.

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All About the Hardware

When we talk durability, what we’re really talking about is the internal hardware. Mainly, the motor. While budget units may brag about their supercharged motors, how are they wired? Are they built to withstand those “super speeds” for more than a few months? With Breville, you know a lot of attention goes into the design of each motor.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and check the reviews. There is no arguing with thousands of satisfied customers. Breville machines have the hardware to keep you blending much longer than the competition.

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Noise Suppression

Noise suppression is huge. There is nothing worse than turning on your blender and starting an earthquake. If every time you make a milkshake or smoothie it sounds like World War III just started, you may want to take that machine back to the store.

Breville creates all its machines with the newest and best technology. And that generally means noise suppression technology. Before you splurge on a big fancy unit from this company, make sure you are buying one that is super quiet. If they don’t advertise noise suppression with a particular machine, it probably doesn’t have it.

Price Breakdown

Because we are talking about blenders from the exact same company, you may be wondering why one unit, which looks strikingly like another, also costs over double. I’m talking hundreds of dollars more. You may also be wondering if such a drastic increase in price is warranted and if you need to spend so much extra money just to do a bit of blending.

Quite simply, you don’t. Because Breville is so great, you know all of their blenders are going to work. They come smartly designed, complete with features, equipped with the strongest blender blades in the business, and are generally backed up by a pretty solid warranty.

Unless you are a chef or opening up a restaurant, or you have 17 kids who all demand milkshakes at the same time, you can probably get away with a less expensive unit. Do not let the price scare you because you are probably only missing a few extra watts in the motor and maybe one or two extra speeds.

Breville Blender Reviews: Final Thoughts

breville super q is my top pickTime to find out which Breville blender reigns supreme. But first, let me congratulate the best personal blender ever created. The Breville Boss To-Go Sport Blender is not the most powerful unit, it is not the most versatile unit, and it is definitely not the most expensive unit, but for personal blending, you cannot find a better machine.

That said, the Breville Super Q Blender is without a doubt the strongest and most reliable blender from the Breville family. The Fresh & Furious Blender is also a very impressive unit. It has specialized blending kinetics to easily and effectively crush and chop food and liquid. But it does not have the same power as the Super Q.

The Super Q offers 12 speeds for blending, easy 1-touch programs, a handy personal to-go cup, a recipe book, spatula, and tamper, and one of the strongest motors in the business. If you want a blender that is going to last for many years, the Super Q is your best option. This thing is built to withstand all of the blending punishment you can throw at it.