Can a Ninja Blender be Used as a Food Processor?

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You can use a Ninja blender for basically anything. These are some of the highest quality blending machines out there available for purchase right now. But even though these machines are extremely versatile, many people still wonder about food processing, asking questions like, ‘can a Ninja blender be used as a food processor?’ Well, today … Read more

Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive?

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People are always complaining about Vitamix blenders. And everybody wants to know why are Vitamix blenders so expensive? The truth makes more sense than you might be happy about. You see, Vitamix makes the most powerful and expensive blenders in the universe of the blender. And there is a reason for it. Anyone who has … Read more

What Are Immersion Blenders Used for: 15+ Simple Tips

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If you’ve been eyeing a hand blender, or immersion blender, and wondering if it’s worth it, let me be the first to tell you it absolutely is. But what are immersion blenders used for? This is the main question everyone always asks. They understand the concept of the hand blender but don’t quite get what … Read more

How to Make Meringue in a Vitamix: 6 Simple Steps

can i whisk eggs with a hand blender

If you’re like me, you probably never heard of meringue until you purchased a Vitamix blender. Even if you knew what it was before, you are probably unsure how to make meringue in a Vitamix blender. But I have learned, and today I am here to teach you this awesome recipe. But what is meringue? … Read more

DIY Blender Sound Enclosure: 6 Simple Ideas

vitamix quiet one for juice bar

Have you ever wondered how to make a DIY blender sound enclosure? It isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s also not that hard to soundproof your blender using a few different types of methods. It doesn’t matter what kind of blender you have, they can all be improved. If you take a bit … Read more

How Many Calories Does a Banana Smoothie Have?

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It is hard to think of something tastier than a cold banana smoothie. You can make a banana smoothie with literally anything, from chocolate to strawberries, and it will always be delicious. You can have a banana smoothie as a healthy breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or as a healthy treat after your workout. When … Read more

White Russian Blender Recipe: 3 Delicious Ideas

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The white Russian is one of the most simplistic yet satisfying alcoholic beverages in the world. There are also countless variations of the white Russian floating around, and not too many people know the correct way to make a white Russian. In fact, many people believe a white Russian is simply milk and vodka. But … Read more

How to Make Wheatgrass Juice in a Blender: 3 Simple Ideas

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Wheatgrass is a fantastic ingredient. This is something almost nobody uses in their blender to make juice with, but it is growing gradually in popularity. If you don’t know what wheatgrass is, it is literally grass grown from wheat plant grains. You can grow wheatgrass at home to save yourself some money, and you can … Read more

Green Smoothie Calorie Count: Are They Really Good For You?

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Everybody loves a good green smoothie. Whether you’re trying to stay healthy, boost your immune system, lose some weight, or detox your system, green smoothies are ideal. You can drink a green smoothie every day to dramatically improve your diet, boost the power of your immune system, and stay in shape. Green smoothies are incredibly … Read more

How to Do the Smoothie Challenge: 7 Fun Steps

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You might remember the smoothie challenge from a few years ago that was extremely popular. Well, it’s making a comeback! With the world going absolutely bananas for smoothies, more and more people are partaking in the smoothie challenge. But what exactly is the smoothie challenge? The smoothie challenge should not be confused with one of … Read more

How to Make Beet Juice in a Vitamix: 3 Delicious Recipes

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Beets are definitely not the most popular vegetables on the planet. In fact, even I don’t really like the taste of beets. However, there is absolutely no denying the magical healing properties of beets. It’s definitely worth investing a bit of time to make some beet juice with your Vitamix blender. If you’re unnerved at … Read more

How to Make Cashew Milk in a Vitamix: 5 Simple Steps

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Today we are talking about how to make cashew milk in your Vitamix blender. We’re also going to talk a little bit about cashew milk, what the story is, and why I highly recommend adding it to your diet. Everyone is going crazy today about almond milk, but cashew milk is also gaining in popularity. … Read more

How to Make V8 Juice in a Vitamix: Healthy And Cheap

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V8 juice is great for you. It’s full of vegetables that are super healthy, it doesn’t taste nearly as disgusting as you might think, and it delivers a huge serving of nutrients straight into your body in a single can. And while V8 is awesome, it does have some downsides. For example, it is full … Read more

How to Make Lemon Sorbet with a Vitamix: 3 Simple Steps

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There’s nothing better than an icy lemon sorbet on a hot summer day. And that’s why today we’re going to learn how to make lemon sorbet with a Vitamix blender. Vitamix blenders are extremely powerful, they are relatively affordable, and they can make you an unlimited supply of frozen desserts using just a handful of … Read more

Best Things to Make in a Vitamix: 4 Simple Ideas

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If you have a Vitamix blender, and if you are new to blending, you are probably extremely excited thinking about all the possible recipes you can make. Luckily for you, today we are going to talk about the best things to make in a Vitamix blender. It should be no surprise that the capabilities of … Read more

Ninja Blender Not Working: Troubleshooting Problems & Fixes

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Ninja blenders are some of the most effective blending devices in the world. However, sometimes malfunctions do happen. Whether because of an internal problem, a mistake on your part, or something altogether different, your device might not be turning on. But if your Ninja blender won’t turn on, I have the answers for you. Today … Read more

How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream in a Ninja Blender

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Everyone knows you can make smoothies, milkshakes, and juices with your Ninja blender. But did you know you can make the best ice cream in the world by simply putting the right ingredients into your blender? Today we will look at how to make chocolate ice cream in a Ninja blender. There are lots of … Read more

Best Way to Clean Blender Bottle: 3 Simple Tips

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Blender Bottles are great. These excellent shaker cups can make you the tastiest smoothie you have ever tried. If you aren’t sure how they work, it is actually pretty simple. You drop the BlenderBall wire whisk inside of your Blender Bottle, you pour in the ingredients, screw on the lid, snap shut the flip cap, … Read more

How Does a Blender Motor Work?

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If you are curious about how your blender operates, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk all about how your blender functions, and what the motor really does. So, how does a blender motor work? Well, the motor of your blender is extremely basic. It is one of the … Read more

How to Make Baby Food with a Vitamix: 3 Simple Tips

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Making baby food at home using a blender is getting more and more popular. People are sick of paying outrageous amounts of money for processed baby food from the grocery store and are moving towards making it themselves. And so, today we will talk about how to make baby food with a Vitamix blender. Vitamix … Read more

Best Morning Smoothie with Vitamix: 2 Simple Recipes

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Who doesn’t want a delicious smoothie for breakfast every morning? This may seem like a big hassle to people who don’t have a lot of experience with smoothies, but it is in fact very simple. In truth, blending yourself a delicious and healthy breakfast using your Vitamix blender is quicker than making bacon and eggs. … Read more

Vitamix Tortilla Soup Demo Recipe: Simple And Delicious

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Have you ever wanted to make tortilla soup in your Vitamix blender? Well, now you can with this awesome Vitamix tortilla soup demo recipe! This is one of the most popular blender soup recipes floating around right now. It’s delicious, it is easy to make, and you can complete the entire recipe in under 10 … Read more

Should I Add Protein Powder to My Smoothie?

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Are you a smoothie fanatic? If you love smoothies and drink them on a regular basis, you have probably asked yourself the question, should I add protein powder to my smoothie? And the truth is that it definitely can’t hurt. However, there are a few important things to know about protein and smoothies. If you … Read more

Ninja Blender Blade Not Spinning: 4 Simple Solutions

ninja bl642 blender blade

Are your Ninja blender blades not spinning? This is an incredibly frustrating problem that is slightly more common than you might think. If your Ninja blender blades are not spinning, you are going to need to do some investigating. Out of all the problems that can occur with a blender, this might be the most … Read more

How Much Sugar is in Tropical Smoothie: The Best Option

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Tropical smoothie cafe has been around for more than 20 years, providing smoothies, salads, and additional healthy options for you to enjoy. The company started as a specialty hut for smoothie beverages but quickly expanded, and there are now over 700 locations across the nation to help with your diet and lifestyle. However, many questions … Read more

Cherry Pits in Smoothies: Is It Best To Avoid Them?

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Today we are going to learn all about how to use cherry pits in a smoothie. The first lesson is to never put cherry pits in a smoothie. While some seeds are totally fine for putting inside of a smoothie, you definitely do not want to use cherry pits. Why? Because they are poisonous! A … Read more

Can You Make Shakeology Without a Blender?

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You may have heard the term Shakeology thrown around a lot lately. But what is this health sensation? Well, Shakeology is basically a superfood protein shake full of the best nutrients from all over the globe, including healthy phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. And while most Shakeology is made using a … Read more

Can Blenders Make Milkshakes? + 2 Bonus Recipes

can blenders make milkshakes featured

Today we are answering the question, can blenders make milkshakes? The obvious answer is yes, blenders can absolutely make milkshakes. Blenders can make smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes, iced coffee drinks, and everything in between. If your blender cannot make a milkshake, you better take it back to where you got it and get a new … Read more

Can Blenders Do Dry Grinding – Top Tips And Tricks

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This is a pretty common conundrum many people face. Can blenders do dry grinding? Everybody wants to know the answer to this question, and it is actually a little more complicated than it may seem. Almost every blender on earth advertises the ability to grind dry ingredients, but can it actually be done? The truth … Read more

Can Blenders Crush Avocado Seeds – 3 Best Tips

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Is there anything more annoying than wasting a perfectly good seed? If you are a smoothie junkie, and you love avocados, you’re probably sick and tired of throwing away half your avocado just because you can’t eat the seed. And you have probably found yourself wondering, “Can blenders crush avocado seeds?” By incorporating the seed … Read more

Can Blenders Crush Almonds? 3 Of The Best Tips

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If you have started your blender journey to healthier living, you have probably started experimenting with lots of different ingredients. While we all know blenders can crush ice, mix fruit and vegetables, and even make hot soup, can blenders crush almonds and other nuts? Today we will be talking all about blenders and almonds, and … Read more

How To Make Carrot Juice In A Blender

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If you have just recently started experimenting with different foods in your blender, you have probably started to wonder what exactly your options are. And this has probably led you to wonder which fruits and which vegetables you can take out of your crisper and stuff into your blender. Today we are answering the question: … Read more

Can Blenders be Used as Juicers – Ultimate Guide

equipment for smoothie juice bar

If you own a powerful blender and love making smoothies and other drinks at home, you have probably wondered at some point if you can use it as a juicer. If you love smoothies and healthy beverages, chances are you love healthy juices as well. And so today I will answer the question, can blenders … Read more

Can Blenders and Food Processors be Recycled?

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your old and outdated small appliances, specifically your blender or food processor? This is a problem many people struggle with. What do you do when your blender doesn’t work, when your food processor needs to be replaced, and you don’t want to throw electrical appliances in the … Read more