Can A NutriBullet Grind Coffee? Ultimate 6 Step Guide

can you grind coffee beans in a ninja

Grinding is a simple process – all you need is a good machine and some quality beans. This being said, you’re probably well aware of how expensive coffee grinders can be and, if you’re like me, have decided that spending that kind of cash on a single-purpose machine is something that you aren’t going to … Read more

Ninja Blender Smoothie Recipes: 6 Simple & Delicious Ideas

ninja blender smoothie recipes

Unless there’s something wrong with you, you probably like your smoothies to be, you know, smooth! Unfortunately, though, most regular blenders just won’t get the job done properly. That’s not the case with ninja blender smoothies, though, because they’re made with the ninja blender, which ensures a smooth, creamy consistency every time. If you’ve never … Read more

Advantages of Using a Wok in Your Cooking

cooking with a wok

Imagine cooking your favorite food only to find that it didn’t turn out as it should? Reason being that you used the wrong cooking appliance, resulting in either overcooked or undercooked food. What if you can avoid such misfortune? Welcome to the use of wok. A Chinese invented cooking utensil with users all over the … Read more

Smoothie King Recipes: 4 Delicious Copycat Recipes

smoothie king recipes

Ranking as the leading premium smoothie destination, Smoothie King aims at helping people live their best lives, healthy and active by offering tasty and nutritious Smoothie King smoothies. Smoothie King recipes fill the diverse health requirements of consumers by using organic vegetables, whole fruits, and organic preservatives, colors, and flavors. Additionally, Smoothie King provides consumers … Read more

Ninja Blender Soup Recipe: 4 Simple & Delicious Ideas

ninja blender soup recipe

Preparing healthy homemade soups can be time-consuming. However, using a Ninja blender for my homemade soups has proven to be fast and effective. Ninja blenders are the best companion when it comes to preparing healthy soups with a long shelf life. Wondering whether you can make soup using a Ninja blender and which Ninja blender … Read more

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad? Fresh & Bottled Best Practices

does lemon juice go bad

Lemon juice is something everyone has in their kitchen, whether it’s to add it to other foods, use in certain recipes, or simply have it on its own. Many people resort to purchasing commercial lemon juice with preservatives, as this lasts longer after opening, but others choose to squeeze their own lemons to avoid juices … Read more

How Long Does Orange Juice Last?

orange juice for smoothies

Orange juice is a beverage best had with a healthy breakfast, or as a complement to a light snack. It’s healthy, rich in flavor, and refreshing. Many people happily include orange juice in their daily diet, and for more benefits, some even go the length of juicing their own orange juice. But orange juice, just … Read more

Best Vegetables to Juice: 7 Healthy & Tasty Ingredients

ninja blender for juicing

Lots of people consider juicing to be a health cheat code that’s convenient, easy, and beneficial. Juicing fruits and vegetables allows to you easily consume the many vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy and fight off disease. Today we are going to look at the best vegetables to juice so you … Read more

Can You Freeze Smoothies: 2 Simple & Quick Methods

can you freeze smoothies

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways you can give yourself a nutritional boost throughout the day. They are a blend of fruits and/or vegetables made into an easy-to-drink beverage. They give you vitamins and minerals in their richest state for your benefit and delight. Smoothies are typically morning beverages, perfect for breakfast or an … Read more

How To Make A Smoothie Thicker: 7 Simple Ideas

healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies are a delightful snack and beverage you can have at any time of day. Smoothies fill you up and are a healthier choice over other beverages. Lots of people tend to prefer to have their smoothies thicker, smoother, and richer in texture, though not everyone knows how exactly to make them this way. A … Read more

Lemon Peel Benefits: 9 Amazing Ways To Improve Health

lemon peel benefits

Lemons are known for possessing a truckload of benefits with everything from boosting the immune system and aiding weight loss, to maintaining a healthy complexion, but what about their peels? Lemon peel benefits often get sidelined because people simply don’t know they exist or don’t consider them important enough to make a difference. This is … Read more

Pumpkin Juice Recipe: 6 Delicious Ideas & Benefits

pumpkin juice recipe

Not just for pumpkin pie, this orange-hued fruit also enjoys a reputation in the juice market. Thanks to its appearance in the wildly popular Harry Potter wizarding world, a newer and varied pumpkin juice recipe keeps cropping up every now and then. Packing the flavors of fall in one drink, pumpkin juice is a smooth … Read more

Best Greens for Smoothies: 9 Delicious & Healthy Ingredients

best greens for smoothies

The best greens for smoothies cover a wide spectrum of leafy greens with everything from staples like spinach and kale to less orthodox choices like dandelion greens and collard greens. Using greens in smoothies also packs a power punch of nutrients that squeamish eaters may otherwise completely miss out on. But when you blend them … Read more

Colon Cleanse Smoothies: 5 Easy & Delicious Recipes

how to blend without a blender

They say a clean gut is the key to strong immunity. And also a guarantee of vitality, excellent health, youth, beauty, and a good mood! That is why scientists have devoted more than one scientific publication to the methods of a colon cleanse, describing the causes and consequences of such a phenomenon. Meanwhile, nutritionists assure … Read more

How To Make Crushed Ice: 5 Quick & Easy Ideas

making crushed ice is easy in a vitamix

Having your favorite cocktail poured on top of a heap of crushed ice makes your drink instantly cool, refreshing, and satisfying. Not having any on hand may send you on a Google search to look for ways on how to make crushed ice. So, to save you the trouble of finding different ways, I have … Read more

Liver Detox Smoothie: 6 Liver Cleansing Recipes

liver detox smoothie cleanse

Your liver is one of your most important organs and it works non-stop. With our Western way of life, environmental factors, and diet, it is more the rule than the exception that the liver is working overtime. Impaired liver function is not what you want: you will notice this in your energy levels, mood, and … Read more

Healthiest Berries: The 13 Best Berries To Eat

healthiest berries

Did you know that all those little berries which you might see while shopping are very healthy? This is due to the large number of antioxidants that ensure a good metabolism and neutralize all harmful substances. Whether you eat them fresh, dried, or straight from the freezer, you will do your body a big favor … Read more

5 Alcoholic Smoothies: Refreshing & Delicious Recipes

alcoholic smoothies recipes

During sunny weather, most of us like our favorite tropical drink mixed with a touch of our favorite liquor and combined with ice. You may have just unlocked the secret to the ideal summertime day by adding a sunshade and serving it beachside. Alcoholic smoothies are a step up when it comes to refreshing and … Read more

Simple Juice Recipes: 23 Easy & Delicious Ideas

simple juice recipes

Making homemade vegetable juice may seem daunting, but it is actually very simple. Vegetable juice is an easy way to quickly get a lot of vegetables into your diet, which is a great way to stay fit and healthy. In this article, I’ll share some tasty and simple juice recipes you can make yourself. The … Read more

How Much Juice Is In One Orange? Let’s Find Out

homemade orange juice is fresher

Citrus is often a fan favorite when it comes to adding a refreshing flavor to your daily life. Any citrus fruit is a great source of vitamin C, which is a vital part of any nutritious and well-balanced diet. Personally, I have always encountered recipes while cooking that require you to provide a certain amount … Read more

Can You Make Smoothies In A Food Processor?

can you make smoothies in a food processor

A healthy, colorful smoothie: who doesn’t love one? By combining different types of fruit and vegetables in one smoothie, you not only enjoy a real taste sensation, but you also immediately receive your daily amount of vitamins. Smoothies are a great way for you to stay healthy! The usual way to make a smoothie is … Read more

Vegetable Smoothie Recipes: 5 Ideas, Benefits, & Tips

vegetable smoothie recipes

Nowadays, you can buy smoothies in restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. These are water or dairy-based drinks containing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and even nuts. If you think it’s important to get enough nutrients and want to keep actively working on your health, drinking vegetable smoothies regularly is a fantastic way to achieve this. And … Read more

How Long Does Celery Last? + 3 Celery Smoothie Recipes

celery juice nutribullet

Green celery or white celery, when you eat it fresh it is delicious. Celery is a healthy and fresh vegetable that contains a lot of potassium, calcium, and vitamins. It is a versatile vegetable, and many recipes can be made with celery. Cooking can make celery bitter, but celery can be steamed or stir-fried briefly. … Read more

The Benefits of Copper Tea Kettles

benefits of copper tea kettle

Copper tea kettles may seem a bit old school and old-fashioned for kitchens of this generation but they have different merits in their category as well. You may think that people who love antique pieces and want to gather them go for copper tea kettles only. Well, that fact is true. Copper tea kettles come … Read more

Vegan Smoothie Recipes: 12 Healthy & Delicious Ideas

healthy smoothie recipes

Nowadays, eating vegan food several times a week or even all the time is no longer strange. People are more accepting of this lifestyle choice, and more restaurants offer a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Smoothies are also very easy to add to a vegan diet. Smoothies are almost exclusively made from fruit, … Read more

How to Peel Ginger: Also Grate, Chop, And Store It

how to peel ginger root

Fresh ginger has something addictive with its refreshing and warming effect at the same time. In addition, ginger is very healthy and is also good for your immune system.  That’s why we like to always have some on hand. But what is the best way to peel ginger? And how do you prevent hard pieces … Read more

Celery Juice Benefits & 3 Celery Juice Recipes

ninja blender green juice recipe

We’ve been seeing it everywhere for a few months now; on Instagram, health blogs & in the juice shops: celery juice. Despite the critics, many swear by the wonders of this juice. We have listed the benefits of celery juice, criticisms, and three upgraded recipes of this power juice for you! When did celery get … Read more

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes: 14 Simple Ideas

healthy smoothie recipes

If you are looking for a way to start the day well, then these healthy breakfast smoothie recipes will be right up your street. Even if you don’t have much time, a breakfast smoothie is easy and quick to prepare. It gives you the opportunity to get important nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. … Read more

11 Surprisingly Fresh Summer Smoothie Recipes

homemade vegetable smoothies

Summer is here, the best season with the tastiest smoothies! Delicious exotic fruit, real home-grown strawberries, and fresh vegetable smoothies, everything is possible in the summer! Smoothies are ideal for the summer because you usually have less appetite for an extensive lunch or breakfast. You can easily replace or supplement these meals with a delicious … Read more

What Kitchen Knives Do You Really Need?

use correct tools for making smoothies

A knife is a must-have tool in a kitchen. A reliable kitchen knife can change the cooking experience dramatically in a moment. In fact, to make your work smoother and faster, you need a knife which you can count on. So, what kitchen knives do you really need to do that? To find that answer, … Read more

Vegan Pantry Staples: Must Have Food For Your Vegan Kitchen

vegan pantry staples

If you are a starting vegan, you will likely spend the first few months researching many labels, testing dozens of new recipes and purchasing unknown products, and rediscovering well-known products. I have these vegan pantry staples in my kitchen cupboards as standard. They always come in handy. I have not included fresh fruit and vegetables … Read more

Vacuum Blending: Benefits, Method, And Best Practices

vacuum blending benefits

Blending is a fantastic method to quickly and easily blend vegetables and fruits while retaining nutrients and a beautiful texture. You hardly throw anything away, because you can simply blend most peels. The problem with traditional blending is that the smoothie does not last long. This is due to the natural oxidization process that quickly … Read more

Acai Bowl Recipe – Quick, Easy, & Super Delicious!

acai bowl recipe

Have you heard of acai berries? And acai bowls? If you have Instagram, you have certainly seen perfect images of bowls full of color, fruit, and grain. Without a doubt, these superfoods are the latest trend in healthy eating. The best thing is, acai berries are full of nutrients and vitamins and full of color, … Read more

How to Fry Tofu: Perfectly Crispy Tofu Every Time

how to fry tofu

Tofu has to be one of the world’s most versatile foods. When it’s fried correctly with a golden and crispy coating on the outside and a firm, satisfying texture on the inside, tofu is a tasty addition to any dish. Chewy yet crispy tofu is a great way to add vegan protein to stir-fries, stews, … Read more

10 Coffee Brewing Tips: Make Barista Style Coffee At Home

difference between beans and instant

Many people spend significant time and money getting that daily gourmet coffee fix. However, what if you could enjoy a beautifully-crafted brew in your own home? If you want to make your own top-quality coffee at home, you can. Here are our best tips curated by experts to help you enjoy the finest brew possible … Read more

15 Essential Vegan Kitchen Tools

essential tools for your vegan kitchen

You won’t believe it, but it turns out that vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters use pretty much the same kitchen appliances! Who would have thought that? Below I’ve listed 15 vegan kitchen tools and equipment that are essential in any vegan kitchen. Actually, you will hardly have to buy anything new when you make the switch … Read more

Can a Ninja Blender be Used as a Food Processor?

ninja blender ketosis

You can use a Ninja blender for basically anything. These are some of the highest quality blending machines out there available for purchase right now. But even though these machines are extremely versatile, many people still wonder about food processing, asking questions like, ‘can a Ninja blender be used as a food processor?’ Well, today … Read more