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Best Spatula For Vitamix: 3 Top Rated Models

Best Overall

Vitamix Accessory

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  • Strong & Flexible
  • Great for Under Blades

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Best Price

Tovolo Spatula

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  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Extra Long Length

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best spatula for vitamixVitamix is a cult favorite for a reason. The brand offers exceptionally well-made blenders that you can’t really go wrong with. And when you pair these up with the correct accessories such as the best spatula for Vitamix, it takes your blending experience up a level.

Spatulas are multipurpose, convenient little devices that help scrape food from the sides of pots, bowls, or in this case, the blending jar. Typically made from flexible silicone plastic, these kitchen tools are easily maneuverable within the blending jar and help you work with certain types of mixes. They come in handy when you blend thick ingredients like hummus or nut butter and need to scrape them out of the blending jar.

Spatulas are also useful mid-blending when ingredients stick to the jar and the blade doesn’t reach them. In this case, stop the blender, loosen ingredients with the spatula, and blend once more. Here are my top three Vitamix spatula recommendations.

Top Rated Spatula For Vitamix Of 2021

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Best Overall Vitamix Blade Scraper Accessory

Best Overall

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Best Budget Tovolo Spatula

Best Budget

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Vitamix 11.2 Inch Spatula vitamix 11.2 inch spatula thumbnail view prices

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Vitamix Blade Scraper Accessory: Best Overall

vitamix blade scraper accessoryKnown aptly as the Vitamix Under Blade Scraper, this tool will let you reach every nook and corner of your blending jar including the surface under the blade.

Handy Tool

Although there is no rocket science behind the Vitamix Under Blade Scraper, this tool is truly ingenious. Designed to access hard-to-reach spots such as under the blade, this scraper makes getting thick sauces and purees out of the blender as easy as can be.

Specifically designed for Vitamix blenders, the scraping tool is tall enough to fit inside large Vitamix blending jars reaching easily under the blades to scrape off food residue. The shape of this scraper contours well to the grooves of Vitamix pitchers for thorough scraping. And it is the best thing you can use for getting foods that are trapped under the blade without risking injury.


The Vitamix scraper uses a nylon material for its construction that makes it scratch resistant when using against the blending jar’s surface. It also has a bit of flexibility to it to maneuver it around the blending jar. Given that the Vitamix only uses thick, blunt blades, there is very little chance of the scraping tool getting damaged or cut up by the blades.

Users who use their Vitamix frequently appreciate this useful accessory and find that the scraping tool is very efficient at not wasting any of the mixture left behind after blending. A useful little tool to maximize the amount of product you get out of your blender.

Tovolo Spatula: Budget Pick

tovolo spatulaA great tool to ensure that nothing gets left behind, the Tovolo Spatula will work its way around all crevices of the blending jar leaving it as clean as can be.

Versatile Uses

Although basically a silicone spatula, this kitchen tool is a versatile device and can handle all kitchen tasks from mixing and stirring to flipping and scraping.

Featuring a firm, broad, yet thin enough construction to do some nifty folding and mixing, you can just as easily use this spatula to scrape all remains of your blended mixtures from the blending container. With its sturdy construction, the Tovolo spatula makes scraping a simple and fast process and the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness of this tool adds to its ease-of-use. Although on the longer side of spatulas, this Tovolo model is suitable for use in high profile blending jars without feeling too big or unwieldy.

Ergonomic Design

The flexible edge, extra-long handle, and angled head make it easy to reach otherwise hard to reach crevices of the blending jar to scrape/scoop remains of thick and tough mixes. The slim head is easy to fit in most types of blending jars, avoiding sharp blades yet is flexible enough to glide easily around the edges of the pitcher.

The angle of the head also helps in accessing the base of the jar and scraping it clean. In addition, the long, ergonomic handle of the spatula provides a better grip than tools with a slimmer or thinner handle. The straight sides of this spatula also allow for thorough scraping.

Vitamix 11.2 Inch Spatula

vitamix 11.2 inch spatulaThe Vitamix 11.2-Inch Spatula comes in a set of three, ready to take on all the scraping, mixing, folding, and stirring your kitchen requires.

Set of Three

Because busy kitchens have busy needs, a set of three spatulas makes perfect sense. This set of three silicone spatulas from Vitamix combines functionality, reliability, and versatility in one handy package. This model features a smooth, non-stick surface that will glide smoothly along the sides of the blending jar as you scrape off thick mixes. It is also slim enough in design to reach in between blender blades and long enough to go past the blades to reach the base of the blending jar. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and feels solid to touch making it a good bargain.

Seamless Design

Featuring a seamless, one-piece design, this Vitamix spatula set remains sturdy to use without the risk of breaking or gunk collecting within the seams. The single-piece construction makes this unit easy to clean with no seams or cracks where food or bacteria could collect. The handle also features holes to hang the spatula when you’re done using it.

The spatula’s slim profile gives it the perfect shape for getting the last bits out of tight spaces. The edge is also suitable for scraping out thicker mixes and won’t fray or snap with repeated use. The clever design and inclusion of three pieces in one set mean you won’t have to invest in spatulas repeatedly.

Best Spatula for Vitamix: A Complete Buying Guide

A spatula is a kitchen staple that helps with a number of culinary tasks. It is a busy tool that can make working in the kitchen easier, so finding a good one is important. However, when you use your spatula to scrape out food from your blender, not any spatula will do.

Blender jars have tighter openings as compared to regular kitchen utensils and then there are blades to contend with as well. So, for your spatula to do its job, you will have to keep certain considerations in mind. Here are the most important of these.

Spatula Head

Spatula heads can come in all different shapes and sizes, but for one to work with your blender it needs to have a slim profile. Models with smaller heads can easily maneuver in between blender blades and are easier for hard-to-reach blender contours. Angled heads can also make it easier to reach difficult corners and scoop/scrape out food residue from there.

Along with the shape and angle, the rigidity and thickness also matter. Too thin and the head risks the chance of breakage or damage by the blades. Too soft and the head will likely curl up without scraping food remains from the blending jar. The best option should feature a straight top edge that is thick enough to handle dense mixtures.

Spatula Handle

The handle is another consideration to look at if you’re going to use your spatula in a blender. First off, the handle should be long enough to easily reach the base of the blending jar as that is where most of the vigorous scraping will be required. Too short a handle and you’ll have issues with grip and maneuvering.

The handle should also have a comfortable width for easy grip for narrower handles can be uncomfortable while trying to scrape food from your blender. The best kinds will have an even width without being too hefty or too narrow.

Vitamix Spatula Design

Spatulas can come as one-piece items or others where the head is removable for easy cleaning. One-piece spatulas are convenient as they don’t have any crevices in between and will have a stiffer construction given that they are made with a single piece.

Typically, spatulas with removable heads have a stiff handle and a soft, removable head which can work well for certain other tasks but may not be the best solution if you want to use it with your blender.

Best Spatula for Vitamix: Final Thoughts

So, after looking at what type of scraping tool can work best with blenders, the Vitamix Blade Scraper Accessory comes out as the best overall Vitamix spatula. This is a handy tool that will help you scrape your blender clean after a tough blending job without wasting any food.

The Tovolo Spatula is an excellent budget pick that anyone can afford. It is a multipurpose tool that has the right bit of flexibility and strength for any kind of kitchen job and works as a great non-stick option that won’t scratch.

And finally, the Vitamix 11.2-Inch Spatula comes in a set of three for more convenience. You get a number of these to use in a busy kitchen and since these are single piece tools, there are no grooves to trap food remains which also simplifies the cleaning process.