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Best Liquid For Smoothies: 10 Delicious Smoothie Bases

best liquid for smoothiesI was always afraid of adding liquids other than water or milk to my smoothies. Most of you could still be struggling with this option.

I discovered that there are plenty of alternatives to play with when it comes to the choice of the best liquid for smoothies.

Wondering which liquids I have in store for you and which one will be best for your smoothie? Read on!

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What is the Best Liquid For Smoothies?

Get out of your ice-cubes, ordinary water, or dairy milk comfort zone when making your smoothies. Make use of other options that will surprisingly add more flavor and nutrition to your smoothie. Fresh juices, plant-based milk, fruit water are among the best liquids for smoothies worth a try.

For an exciting list of the best liquids for smoothies you probably never would have imagined, keep reading!

List Of Best Liquids For Smoothies

Achieving the perfect smoothie in terms of flavor, consistency, and nutrition is highly dependent on the type of liquid base used.

You already know that you have more options than just ice cubes or water. Here is a detailed list of the best liquids for your smoothies;

Fresh Juice

orange juice for smoothiesFresh juices are naturally sweet, colorful, and are rich in nutrients. Whether orange, grape, or pineapple juice, fresh fruit juices make the best liquid for your smoothies.

This could be an ‘ah’ moment for most of you. Here is the catch, choose a fruit that will blend/balance with the smoothie you are preparing. Juice it and use the liquid for your smoothie.

Oranges can go with almost anything. When preparing a fruit smoothie, grab some freshly made orange juice instead of water. You will have added more flavor and nutrition to your smoothie.

Additionally, fresh orange juice is a bit tacky compared to water. You will get a slightly thicker consistency than you would have with water. Perfect for a smoothie.

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Coconut Water

coconut water is great for smoothiesDon’t just use coconut water for your salads or beauty routines. Coconut water is not only sweet but also rich in sodium, potassium, and fiber, giving your smoothie a nutritional boost.

Coconut water will blend with almost any vegetable and fruit smoothies. Go ahead and add it to your blender as a liquid base. Enjoy the decently sweet flavor hugging your taste buds.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a suitable liquid for a nutritiously rich and tasty smoothie. It is extracted from the white ‘meat’ of the coconut.

Coconut milk works best with all types of smoothies. Everyone that loves coconut knows about the sweet aftertaste that is left in your mouth.

Furthermore, coconut milk has a thick consistency and a brilliant white color. This will give your smoothie a playful color and the perfect consistency.

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Watermelon Water

watermelon is a good liquid for smoothiesThis is one of my favorite liquid bases for my smoothies. With an extra juicy and sweet watermelon, you only need to cut the fruit a little and let the water pour in a jug.

Watermelon water will blend well with all smoothies. It may contain some light watermelon meat which is easy to blend hence adding thickness to your smoothie.

Additionally, watermelon water is naturally sweet. No need to add artificial sweeteners. It’s, therefore, the best smoothie base liquid for people with diabetes.

Watermelon water is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium found in watermelon water are good for hair, nails, joints, and bone development.

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Almond Milk

Not only is almond milk sweet, but it is a dose of nutrients that will enrich your smoothie with both flavor and nutritional value.

Almond milk is rich in Vitamins A and E, suitable for a strong immune system and normal cell growth. Vitamin D will help with strong bone development.

When used as a smoothie liquid, almond milk will make your beverage creamy and thicker compared to plain water.

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Rice Milk

Rice milk is nutritionally packed with carbohydrates if you are looking to add some carbs to your diet.

When used as a smoothie liquid, it enriches your beverage with its creaminess and unique taste. It can balance with almost all fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Soy Milk

This might be a good smoothie liquid option for vegans looking for a way out of dairy milk. It goes well with all smoothies.

Soy milk is packed with nutrients such as protein, iron, and calcium, giving you an added nutritional advantage when used as a smoothie base.

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Dairy Milk

Dairy milk is thick hence adding creaminess and thick consistency to your smoothie when used as a base.

Dairy milk is rich in animal proteins that will help repair and maintain body tissues when taken in moderation. Calcium will help with the development of strong bones.

Additionally, use dairy milk as your liquid base when preparing vegetable smoothies to filter out the leafy taste.

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Plain Water

The most common smoothie base of all time is plain water. Water is good for your smoothies. However, it is very neutral and adds no flavor or nutritional value to your smoothie.

Use water when you have no alternative. It will blend with every smoothie. However, you will need a lot of additives for flavor and consistency.

The only thing to celebrate about using water as your smoothie liquid is adding zero calories to your body if you watch your weight.


Before arguing that ice-cubes are not liquids, they are water that is frozen. They are perfect for adding a thick consistency and foamy effect to your smoothie.

As a precaution, only use ice cubes when using a high-powered blender with strong blades such as Vitamix 5200, Ninja Professional Plus, or any other blender.

Best Liquid For Smoothies: Final Thoughts

If you had no idea of what liquids to use for your smoothie, go through each of the listed fluids. They are packed with nutritional value and additional flavors for your smoothie.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Use a new liquid base every time you are making a smoothie. All the liquids in this article are best for smoothies.

Choose the smoothie liquid that works best for you, depending on your health, flavor, and consistency goals.