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Best Commercial Blender For Restaurants: 4 Powerful Models

Best Overall

Blendtec Pro 800

blendtec 800 thumbnail
  • Powerful 3.8HP Motor
  • Quiet Operation

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Best Price

Waring Commercial

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  • Powerful 3.5HP Motor
  • Cheaper Price

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best commercial blenderThe use of a commercial blender is not only restricted to restaurants, cafes, and bistros but can actually make a welcome addition to a busy kitchen. In fact, the best commercial blenders are often marketed as high-performance, multipurpose units that cater to both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

But why consider a commercial model if you already have a working blender in your kitchen? Well, for one, commercial blenders are designed with heavy and repeated use in mind, so they are a huge step up from the personal-use variety.

Then, they also surpass regular blenders in terms of durability, longevity, and capacity. This means that they use stronger materials in construction, provide longer warranties, and even though they look similar to their non-commercial counterparts, they are designed to handle larger volumes of use.

So, if you’re someone looking for professional results at home, then you would be much happier with what a commercial blender has to offer. Here are some excellent choices to consider.

Top Rated Commercial Blenders Of 2021

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Best Overall Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Best Overall

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Best Budget Waring Commercial MX1100XTX Blender

Best Budget

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Vitamix The Quiet One Commercial Blender vitamix the quiet one thumbnail view prices

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Vitamix Touch And Go Blender vitamix touch and go blender thumbnail view prices

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Blendtec Professional 800 Blender: Best Overall

blendtec 800 blenderBelonging to the brand’s Professional Series, the Blendtec 800 is a robust blender that performs with an 1800-watt, 3.8 HP motor.

The Blendtec Professional 800 Blender is tailored specifically for tough industrial jobs, like working in a restaurant or kitchen. The blender comes either in black or red, it uses a special sound-dampening enclosure to work silently in any setting, and it has a special WildSide Jar for the best blending.

Unique Design Elements

With power comes noise, and noisy blenders can be a huge inconvenience. But despite having a very powerful motor, the Blendtec 800 is marketed as one of the quietest blenders around. The brand credit’s this feature to a 360-degree sealed sound enclosure around the unit.

The container on the blender is encased within a second enclosure engineered to prevent the noise from escaping. Then, the Blendtec 800 also features an advanced sound dampening airflow technology. Together, these design elements help prevent the typical loudness associated with other commercial blenders.

A Truly Professional Blender

This blender truly is professional. Everything about the blender is designed and crafted with excellence in mind. It has 6 preprogrammed blending cycles so that you can craft any recipe behind the counter. It can make anything from smoothies to cappuccinos, salad dressings to sauces, and so much more.

This unit offers a unique touch slider for precision control over your speed, and it has an LCD countdown timer that gives you consistent results with each blend. It even comes with an incredibly powerful 3.8-horsepower engine that makes it unstoppable. Its blades are 80% thicker and 10x stronger than others, and so you know this blender delivers professional power.

Goes the Extra Mile

Quiet performance is just the beginning for this innovative blender. In fact, the Blendtec 800 stops at nothing to satisfy its users.

It comes with 11 incremental speeds, 6 pre-programmed settings, and a toggle key to use when you wish to switch between your programmed and manual speeds. All this and more comes on an illuminated digital interface that allows users to see blending times and cycles, so they always know what’s going on.

The container with this unit is interchangeable across different Blendtec models and features the exclusive Blendtec WildSide+ Jar with a massive 90-oz capacity.

With all that this blender can do, you may worry about the effort involved in the cleanup, but Blendtec has got you covered for that too.

The unit comes with a self-clean feature that involves some dish soap, warm water, and the push of a button.

Tough Jar

The main jar that comes with the 800 Blender is BPA-free and totally resistant to impacts. It will not shatter if you drop it. Also, this is a WildSide Jar, and so it has an extra-wide base and a specialized fifth side that optimizes blending to give you a smoother and quicker blend every time. The jar is approximately 90 ounces in volume.

But that’s not all. The blender also comes equipped with a sound-resistant enclosure that the blending jar hides inside of, drastically lowering the noise. This is critical for prepping drinks quietly in a restaurant or bar.

Waring Commercial MX1100XTX Blender: Budget Pick

waring pro blenderWaring Commercial specializes in manufacturing industrial-grade blenders which are high-powered models. Among these, the Waring MX1100XTX is one such blender that comes with a much more comfortable price point than other commercial blenders.

The Waring Commercial MX1100XTX Blender is an extremely powerful blender with a 3.5-peak horsepower motor, a stackable container, very aggressive blades for blending, and an overall design for smoother consistencies with your beverages and easier controls. This is definitely not the prettiest machine, but it sure gets the job done.

Great Value for The Money

This Waring model features a 1500-watt, 3.5 HP motor paired with aggressive stainless-steel blades and a uniquely designed jar to get the job done professionally. The Raptor blades will tear through anything you feed the blender and give you professional blending and mixing results right in the comfort of your kitchen.

The control panel features intuitive controls and an easy-to-use keypad for user convenience letting you work with Low and High speeds and a Pulse feature. There is also a 30-second countdown timer which is an upgrade from the MX1100XTX’s predecessor, the MX1050XTX.

Price-wise, this blender does not cost an arm and a leg but still offers the perks of a professional blender.

Standard Blender

This is a pretty standard blender. It has all the normal features you would expect, only with a massive boost from the motor. It still has a standard 64oz main container, which is constructed from the toughest BPA-free materials – and it still has an electronic keypad for your different speed settings, giving you total freedom with your blends.

If you are looking for a basic blender model that offers incredible speed with tough blades, this is a good option. It doesn’t come with all the fancy bells and whistles of some extremely expensive machines, but this unit does have everything to keep you blending in a restaurant situation.

Jar Performance

From a safety standpoint, the MX1100TXT is equipped with a snug jar pad that attaches to the blender’s base to hold it in place. At the same time, the lid on the jar creates a seal to stop any liquid from escaping during use.

The removable pour cap allows the user to add in extra ingredients while the blender is running. The 64-oz, copolyester, BPA-free jar is stackable and unbreakable and attaches to the base through a stainless-steel coupling system.

The gradations on either side of the jar are clearly marked making it easy to add precision to your recipes. Large batch preparation becomes a snap as you can now blend drinks in bulk quantity easily.

Quick Blending

While this blender may be lacking in some main features, it is incredibly quick. The 3.5-horsepower motor works to chop, blend, and grind all your ingredients very quickly. For an entire smoothie or milkshake, you are looking at less than 30 seconds for a full blend. That is less time blending and more time taking care of restaurant customers.

Plus, this is not a very loud blender. It may not come with a sound-dampening enclosure, but it is still very silent. It may not look like much, but this blender does come with all the necessary requirements to make excellent beverages in your restaurant.

Vitamix The Quiet One Commercial Blender

vitamix the quiet one blenderAnother commercial blender that contends for the quiet blender category, the Vitamix Quiet One passes with flying colors. This is a blender that showcases a built-in vibration dampening technology earning it the name “Quiet One”.

This is one impressive blender, and it comes with all the utilities you need for working in a restaurant. It has a sound-dampening enclosure, it has program buttons, it looks great sitting on any bar counter, and it comes included with a smaller 48oz container for making quick smoothies and shakes.

Blender Specs

Like the Blendtec 800, this Vitamix model also takes some help from a plastic, secure sound enclose that surrounds the blending container. This traps the noise, so it doesn’t escape the enclosure. The sound enclosure on the Vitamix is magnetic so it lifts right off and goes right back on.

But the quiet performance doesn’t take anything away from the unit’s powerful motor. It is still powered by a robust 3 HP motor that has no problem blending smoothies, nut butter, and frozen ingredients or working through coffee, seeds, and ice.

Featuring 93 variable speeds, 6 optimized programs, 34 available settings, and an auto-shutoff function, there isn’t a whole lot that this blender can’t handle.

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Programmable Controls and Capacity

Given the number of speeds, programs, and settings on the Quiet One makes it one of the most versatile blenders on the market.

You can access these settings through a user-friendly touchscreen interface. With multiple preset options, you can significantly cut down on having to change settings for different recipes all the time.

Staying true to commercial blending needs, the Vitamix Quiet One is able to handle a large volume of orders with its 48-oz polycarbonate container. The pitcher has a built-in, no-drip spout and widens at the base to minimize cavitation.

Variable Speeds

This blender comes with the most variable speeds. Along with its six program buttons, it has 34 optimized programs and 93 variable speeds. This allows you to make any kind of beverage quickly and efficiently. You can make frappes, nut butter, smoothies, and even frozen drinks like margaritas. Anything on the menu can easily be blended quickly with this Vitamix.

Ease of Use

The blender is also extremely easy to use, making it perfect for restaurants and bars. Anyone can start operating the machine day one with no training. The blender container even comes with measurements to make measuring ingredients for recipes easy. The container has a strong seal, and it has a smart design for foolproof pouring.

But the big bonus comes in the distinct lack of noise. This blender almost doesn’t make a sound. It uses vibration-dampening technology with its plastic enclosure to contain the noise of the motor. This means you can operate the machine and talk to customers at the same time without hurting anyone’s ears.

Vitamix Touch And Go Blender

vitamix touch and go blender reviewThe Vitamix Touch and Go Blender is a fantastic unit, and definitely one of the best in terms of quiet operation and reliable power. Anyone looking for a solid commercial blender to use in their restaurant, bar, or café should take a closer look at the Tough and Go from Vitamix.

This unit has everything you love about Vitamix blenders. It’s extremely reliable, everything is built using premium components, and the overall design is simplistic. The blender comes with a sound-dampening enclosure to promote a peaceful work environment. It also has six program buttons with a whopping 34 optimized settings to give you consistent and easier blending at all times.

This is the ideal blender for smoothies, shakes, iced drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Any type of beverage you might need to make for your business can be blended in seconds using this blender. It’s easy to clean, the blades are super durable, and your employees will have a fun time learning how to master the Touch and Go blender.

Vitamix Touch and Go Blender Review: Overview

The Touch and Go Blender from Vitamix is a fully equipped blending station, unlike anything you’ve ever had in the kitchen before. And you better bet it performs better than what you’re used to given its super high price. This model is less popular than the ultra-expensive Quiet One Blender, but it still has lots of great features and near-silent operation.

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You can expect perfect blending 100% of the time when you use this blender. It has heaps of settings, strong blades, a robust motor, and a smartly designed sound enclosure for minimum noise.

Full Blending Station

The really great thing about the Vitamix Touch and Go Blender is that it comes as a full counter blending station. This is going to be your go-to appliance in the kitchen for all things blending. And while that will primarily mean smoothies, milkshakes, blended fruit drinks, frappuccinos, iced coffees, etc., you will also use it for a variety of other tasks.

Shakes and smoothies aren’t the only things you will find yourself blending in the kitchen. When you need to make a sauce, blend a few ingredients into a creamy mushroom soup, or even mix together a quick batch of dough for some cookies, you will find yourself at your blending station.

The Touch and Go blender is designed to stay in one place. You set this station up on your counter and use it for all your complicated blending tasks. If you are using it at home, this will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. You will use it for basically everything. It will replace your expensive mixing machine, your dry grinder, and even your juicer!

Peace of Mind with no Noise

Nothing is worse than a noisy blender. This is true when using the blender in your home or in the workplace. The last thing you want is listening to the constant rumbling and vibrating of cheap blenders all day long. Your customers will be upset, your staff will be annoyed, and it will create a generally chaotic atmosphere in your business.

But when you use the Touch and Go blender, you don’t have to worry about all that excess noise. The sound-dampening enclosure works with anti-vibration technology to keep the sound at a bare minimum. This means absolute peace and tranquility in your workplace. Nobody will even notice the blenders constantly blending throughout the entire day.

And when it comes to using this blender at home, feel free to make your six AM shake with no guilt since you won’t be waking anyone up with all the noise. This is one of the most discreet blenders Vitamix has ever made. It’s also very easy to clean. The sound enclosure very rarely gets dirty thanks to the sealable lid on the large jar.

Speed Settings

Speed settings are important. They are important on every blending machine out there, Vitamix or not. And when it comes to the Touch and Go Blender, you get more speed settings than you will know what to do with. Not only does the machine come with six program buttons, but it also has 34 optimized settings. This allows for consistent and precise blending with every mixture.

Most blenders only have 2 settings. They have high mode and low mode. But Vitamix does not mess around, especially not with their commercial units. This machine is designed for smoothies, frozen cocktails, and frappes. You must be able to maintain a certain standard of texture in all your drinks.

And your drinks need to be uniform. This is why you have the program buttons. If someone orders a mocha frappuccino and loves it one day, then complains it’s too watery the next day, it’s a blender problem. You either blended too long or too short. But when you use the Touch and Go and learn how to master the programs and optimized settings, all your drinks will be consistent and delicious.

Vitamix Touch and Go Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Yes, there are more expensive commercial blenders from Vitamix. There are also drastically cheaper blenders from Vitamix. But if you want all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price, the Vitamix Touch and Go is your best option.

This blender comes equipped with everything you need for a reliable kitchen appliance at your bar or café. Complex recipes can be finished in seconds, the machine takes no time at all to clean, and you have 34 optimized settings to span a large variety of different types of drinks.

Basically, this is the best blender for commercial use at this price. You can get better Vitamix blenders, but they are going to cost a lot more. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to throw away on a blender, and if you want one for under 900 that still has premium features and the reliability to last the next 10 years, this is a very smart choice.

Best Commercial Blender: A Complete Buying Guide

Ever since gourmet-style beverages and recipes have entered the home kitchen, so have the machines that help create them. A commercial blender in the kitchen makes the ideal upgrade to a regular blender that often takes a beating when engaging in tougher blending and mixing tasks.

If you’ve never owned a commercial blender before, but are looking for one, then here are a few things to keep in mind.

Blending Capacity

The one feature that all commercial blenders share is they have a large volume capacity container. Typically, these will start off at the 48-oz mark and go up to a generous 90 ounces.

You can go with something that you feel adequate for your serving sizes.


To add to your commercial blender’s versatility, look for a unit that comes with a powerful motor. The benchmark for testing a blender’s power is to see how well it works when cutting through leafy greens or how it deals with ice.

Motors that are powered with 3HP and above will provide plenty of speed and be able to cruise through even the toughest blending jobs.

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Operating Volume

When using a commercial blender at home, you want the power but not the noise that accompanies a robust motor. Here, you have the option to look for special features such as a sound enclosure or other built-in sound dampening technology to muffle the ruckus.

Sound enclosures seem to be the preferred technique used by many commercial brands and serve well enough to dampen the noise.

If your blender is still too noisy, you can apply a few DIY tips to reduce the commotion. Simply change the location of your blender if you have placed it in close proximity to the wall or in a corner.

This placement can amplify the noise by bouncing it off the wall/s making it more boisterous than it actually is. Another quick fix is to get a silicone or rubber mat to place under the unit to reduce and absorb vibration which will also achieve noise reduction.

Self-Clean Function

You probably don’t want to spend a chunk of your day cleaning your ever-busy blender, so look for one that comes with a self-clean function. Otherwise, you can go with units that have removable shafts, blade assemblies, and pads.

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Size & Sound

There are two big aspects to what makes a professional blender great in a restaurant kitchen. First, you need to consider the sound your blender makes. If your blender is set up behind the counter in a restaurant where customers can hear it, you better hope it doesn’t sound like a jackhammer.

Any modern restaurant blender should come with a sound-dampening enclosure that makes the blender quieter. This is critical for creating a calm environment without lots of annoying blending sounds like you find in many cafes.

Then there is the size to consider. A standard restaurant blender is going to come with a jar that has roughly a 90-ounce volume. However, depending on your business, you may want a larger container. There are some powerful blenders with strong motors that offer 1.5-gallon containers for blending beverages. These are ideal for bars or restaurants with high-volume orders.

Easy to Use

When shopping for a restaurant blender, you definitely want one that is easy to use. This is not just for yourself, but also for your employees. Everyone should be able to make all the drinks on the menu without any complications or certifications.

For this, you want a blender that has simplistic touchscreen controls. You also want pre-programmed blending cycles so that you only need to push a button to make a drink. With pre-programmed blending cycles, anyone can push the button on the machine to make a smoothie, a shake, a hot soup, or even just to clean the blender.

Plus, if you get a unit that operates with many different speeds, it is easier for you to crush ice, turn your blender into a juicer, and to use it for making ice cream. The more presets and the more speed control you have, the more versatility you have when it comes to making drinks – and the easier they are to make!

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Do Restaurants Need A Powerful Commercial Blender?

Every restaurant needs a good blender. A quality, industrial-strength blender comes in very handy when you’re running a restaurant or a café. This is an important piece of equipment used for making beverages of all kinds. You will undoubtedly be using your powerful blender for making huge batches of smoothies and milkshakes, iced treats, margaritas and cocktails, and so much more.

By purchasing a powerful blender designed for use in a restaurant, you take away the hassle and the annoyance of having to use a small blender designed only for being used at home. These blenders may cost more money, but they will save you pain and stress in the future because they are so powerful and versatile.

Restaurant blenders offer quiet operation, they have massive jars to make large servings, they give you lots of variable speed controls, and they even clean themselves. You absolutely need one of these powerful blenders for your staff to make quality drinks for your customers.

A Commercial Blender is Essential for a Busy Restaurant

Restaurant blenders have to be serious quality. When you are working in a restaurant, you are dealing with constant requests for different beverages, and there is absolutely no room for mistakes. If you have an impressive menu full of smoothies, fruit drinks, blended alcoholic beverages, and an entire cafe section, you need blenders that can handle everything.

For this reason, you are definitely going to be spending a fair chunk of change on your new blender. Most professional blenders found in restaurants cost upwards of $1000. However, it is important to keep in mind that these blenders are the most professional, and they are built from the very best components and designed to work for a lifetime.

Best Commercial Blender: Final Thoughts

blendtec 800 blender is my top pickOverall, the choice of a commercial blender should be made on what you want from it and also how much you’re willing to dish out for one.

For a high performing commercial blender, the Blendtec 800 comes out as the best overall option. This industry-leading brand lets you do so much more than mere blending and does it all minus the noise. It is a heavy-duty appliance that is engineered to work well in any high-volume kitchen.

The low price and high performance of the Waring Commercial MX1100XTX make it very appealing to users. It offers a comprehensive choice of features that makes it a great bargain for any home kitchen.

But if the price isn’t a concern, then the Vitamix Quiet One won’t fail to make you happy. It’s outstanding noise-dampening features make it an ideal choice for homes where you may want to make early morning smoothies without waking everyone up.

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