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Best Blender Under 50: 3 Top Rated Models

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Magic Bullet | Best Overall Choice: Ninja BL456

best blender under 50Common belief may dictate that bigger and pricy blenders are invariably better and more efficient, but that isn’t always the case. Granted that premium models do come with a host of impressive features, but if your blending needs are simple then even the best blenders under $50 will make you happy.

But choosing a budget-friendly blender doesn’t mean that you compromise on all frontiers of performance. In fact, if you look closely and carefully enough, some really affordable options outdo their overly expensive counterparts. And if you’re new to blending or only blend for one, then it makes sense to invest in an inexpensive blender first. If you get the most out of your experience, you can then upgrade to a more expensive and powerful model.

So, here are three cost-effective blenders to consider that deliver the goods and will easily fit into your financial budget.

Top Rated Blenders Under $50 Of 2020

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Best Overall Ninja BL456

Best Overall

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Best Budget Magic Bullet

Best Budget

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher hamilton beach wave crusher thumbnail view prices

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Ninja BL456: Best Overall

ninja bl456The Ninja BL456 is a top-notch blender with a luxurious look. With its mighty 900-watt motor, it will let you blend, puree, and crush with its simple push-and-blend mechanism.

Premium Performance

The BL456 lets you transform all sorts of ingredients into delicious smoothies. Its 900-watt motor is powerful enough to crush ice into snow to take your smoothie drinking experience to a new level. The power wattage can also blend through frozen ingredients with little to no difficulty.

The immense motor power is paired with an auto shut system that turns the machine off when overloaded to prevent motor damage. It is suitable for every day busy kitchens where it won’t wear out too easily and for smaller ones where storage space is an issue.

A Steal at This Price

With the Ninja BL456, you get the quality of a professional blender, the size of a personal blender, and a price tag that makes it an absolute steal.

The BL456 comes with an 18-oz and a 24-oz cup for on-the-go access and two sip and seal lids for the ideal travel experience. All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. On the flip side, none of the cups come with a handle which would’ve been a welcome addition.

You can make beverages up to 24 oz with this nifty blender, pulverizing your way through whole fruits and vegetables with its powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction. Its stainless-steel, precision-cut 4-piece blade packs a powerful punch giving it the performance level of higher-end blenders.

Magic Bullet: Budget Pick

magic bulletIf you want to make quick-serve smoothies for one person, then the Magic Bullet is a great choice. Boasting a tiny footprint, this bullet blender is ideal for cramped kitchens or the office. Plus, it’s fast and easy.

Easy to Use

Magic Bullet works with a push and activate feature making it very simple to use. Without the hassle of using dials, knobs, or buttons, this inversion blender works by locking the jar in place and letting the blender do its magic.

Magic Bullet comes in three different variations with 11, 15, and 17-piece sets. There is a nice assortment of accessories included that gives you the choice between blending smoothies for one and smoothies for a few. The blender runs on two different modes of operation from one-touch pulse to press and twist to lock the blending jar in place for a longer blend. So even with one speed, you get to choose a blending mode that will suit your recipe best.

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Conveniently Portable

One obvious reason why users prefer Magic Bullet over other blenders is that its lightweight. This means it’s easy to take along and makes an excellent travel partner.

Designed to fit anywhere in your kitchen, you can also feel good knowing that the Magic Bullet is safe using only BPA-free containers. The accompanying cups and mugs are made of clear plastic while the lip rings, vented lids, sealed lids, and to-go lids give you plenty of choice to either drink right away from the cup, take it with you, or store it in the fridge for later use.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher

hamilton beach wave crusherIf you have your heart set on a glass container, then the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is an excellent machine to consider.

Wide Range of Functions

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is a robust machine with its 700-watt motor. It features 14 different blending functions that give you a lot of choices. Higher settings include Grind/Icy Drink, Smoothie/Grate, and Puree/Whip while lower settings work with Stir, Milkshake, and Chop/Salsa.  Plus, its Hi/Low-speed Pulse function will certainly add to the versatility of how you blend. The buttons are arranged from small to large indicating the increase in speed.

The “Wave Action” blending system of the Wave Crusher creates a vortex to pull ingredients down and ensure thorough blending. This blending mechanism eliminates the need to turn the blender off and on repeatedly to catch all pieces of the ingredients inside.

Quiet Blending Performance

User reviews of the Wave Crusher will tell you that it’s popularly hailed as one of the most silent tabletop blenders around. This translates into a quiet blender with a pocket-friendly price tag. What’s not to love about that?

The blender comes with a substantial 40-oz glass pitcher that fits nicely on top of the base. The heat-resistant, thermal shock tested container is elegant and sturdy at the same time. The container capacity is adequate for small and large batch blending and the jar is marked clearly for greater precision. The easy pour spout on the container’s lid eliminates the risk of unwanted drips.

Best Blender Under 50: A Complete Buying Guide

When shopping for the best blender under $50, you will come across a lot of models that are either personal blenders or others that just don’t live up to the task of doing what heavy-duty benders are known for doing.

But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to choose from. With a little research and the right tips, you can find some great steals that will blend, chop, and mix for you, all under $50.


Blenders in this price range are not going to have very powerful motors. But you can expect to get something up to a respectable 700-watts or so. This power output is sufficient for basic blending tasks such as making smoothies and shakes, chopping some fruit and vegetables, or pureeing ingredients.

Many will struggle to handle hard ice cubes and may need the addition of extra liquid when dealing with frozen ingredients. So, think carefully about what you hope to do with your blender before shopping. If you’re going for green smoothies, you may need to pay a little extra to get something with more torque. But if you want to whip up a morning smoothie with fresh or frozen fruit, then the recommended models will do just fine.

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You can’t expect to get an all-metal drive here, but at least look for high-quality plastic components. Blades should only be stainless steel so that what the model may lack in power, its blade construction can make up in performance.

There is also the option to choose from glass or plastic containers. Among these, glass will be heavier, more stable, and odor resistant. Yet, these are more prone to shattering if mishandled. Also, keep in mind that bullet-style blenders don’t usually come with glass containers.

Plastic containers, on the other hand, are lighter weight and less expensive of the two. These are popular and readily available with budget-friendly models but scratch more easily.

Once again, take into account how you’ll be using your blender to decide which type of container will work better for you.

Size and Capacity

Your lifestyle and your kitchen size will both help determine the size of blender you should buy. So, if you’re a foodie, feed a family, or entertain often, then look at a countertop blender with a standard blending jar. But, if you’re a party of one, then a personal blender will serve you better.

Space considerations should also look at the height of the blender to see if it will fit under your kitchen cabinets.

Best Blender Under $50: Final Thoughts

ninja bl456 is my top pickThe BL456 made by Ninja takes the top spot in the best blender under $50 selection with its strong 900-watt motor. This power is hard to beat in this price range category. This blender is great for making smoothies and shakes on the go, compact enough for easy storage, and its low price point makes it hard to resist.

Magic Bullet is how all blenders should be- affordable and easy to use. Not only is it great for smoothies and basic blending, it’s but its simple design holds a lot of appeal. This means the Bullet has a lot going for itself given its excellent price point.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher crushes pricy competitors with its 14 speeds and a two-speed Pulse feature. Its 700-watt motor certainly places it on par with other superior blenders in this category and the price is absolutely delicious.